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  1. I would definitely give the edge to Celebrity for the total ship experience! No comparison. Celebrity wins hands down.
  2. Well I've never sailed with NCL. There have been many posts comparing the suite experience on Celebrity with the Yacht Club. I did one after my first cruise on the Seaside. So, been there, done that.
  3. Guess it depends on the captain, George. Captain Kate spends a lot of time in the suite lounge on Celebrity. Sometimes she even brings Bug along.
  4. Your chart neglects to mention that guests in upper level suites on Celebrity get unlimited specialty dining at no extra charge. I also think that MSC's Yacht Club should be included in this comparison. Based on my experience with MSC's YC, those who had previously cruised in Haven found YC's offering to be superior. It would take a lot to get me to consider boarding an NCL ship. Based on my experience in suites on Celebrity and MSC's Yacht Club, I offer the following: Celebrity wins hands down for food and service in the restaurants. That is YC's weak point. YC wins hands down for their suite lounge and pool deck. YC wins for the standard suite cabins--I've not experienced the upgraded version on MSC. Celebrity's higher-end suites are hard to beat. For the rest of the ship experience, in my view Celebrity is better. MSC and NCL are just too large. Too many screaming children.
  5. Yes, one of the TAs can link all the reservations. He/she will just need all the booking numbers.
  6. If you book with a TA, it is a breeze to link them. Let the TA do the work.
  7. Oooh, Caribelle Batik! Love that place. Thanks for sharing your journey with us land-bound folks!
  8. I'm booked on that itinerary in May 2022. Third time trying to do that one. Maybe third time is the charm?
  9. Joanie, the Cork O'Connor books by William Kent Krueger are a series. He also has some standalone books which are also excellent.
  10. Your cabin steward is a specific individual. Your butler is a specific individual. The tips are pooled in Luminae and Blu anyhow, so that doesn't matter. The only person you couldn't tip specifically would be your waiter in the MDR. I have done this before on B2Bs and know that the individuals received their extra tips. Others have reported the same experience.
  11. Not sure what's in it. I assume whole wheat. Brown bread is what they call it. It's really quite delicious.
  12. The one time I sailed in AQ I was told by the maitre d' that they did pool their tips. Same thing in that dining room--there are lots of people serving you.
  13. I have been told this by the maitre d' and the waiters in Luminae many times over the years. If you watch the group at work in there, you will see it makes sense. Another way to recognize individuals in there (or elsewhere on the ship) is to mention them by name on your comment card or (my preferred method) by letter to the hotel director. Only takes a few minutes to dash off a note to the HD. Stationery & envelopes are available at Guest Relations. One year I mentioned to the bread guy in Luminae that I was disappointed that I wasn't seeing any brown bread in the bread basket. He made a special trip to the MDR every night after that to get us a separate basket of brown bread (which is delicious, if you haven't tried it yet). That kind of service was above and beyond and earned him a mention to the hotel director. These special mentions help them get promoted, more time off, etc.
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