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  1. The ocean. The service. The interesting places we go to. Tonight I should be on the Summit on my way to Greenland. 😢
  2. I should be in the PH on the Summit right now on my way to Iceland and Greenland. If we get to go next year, I vow to enjoy every moment!
  3. Make sure they're hot off off the waffle iron and try the orange butter. Delicious!
  4. If you are unable to get an answer from Celebrity, I would use your FCC to book a cruise in January, February, or March. If that cruise is then cancelled, you should be able to get a reissued FCC with a longer expiration date.
  5. Rant all you want. It will not change the situation. The cruise lines are at the mercy of the governments which control the cruise ports. Until the governments agree to open the ports, the cruise lines cannot make any useful plans or communicate them to you. TUI cruises to nowhere have started in Germany. Open only to residents of Schengen countries. MSC is starting up in Europe. With two ships. Probably also only open to residents of Schengen countries. All those cruises are with reduced capacity. MSC has published its plan which appears quite reasonable to me, but I'm not part of the government bureaucracy. That's all that is known for certain at this time. People holding US passports are not currently welcome in Europe or Canada, so you can forget any cruises which involve those countries if you're an American. Who knows when that will change? Perhaps there could be some cruising from US ports to the Caribbean. That depends on the CDC giving its "blessing" to whatever plans the cruiselines come up with.
  6. How about we allow people to make their own decisions about what they should do? This is allegedly a free country, after all.
  7. And your position is not backed up by the science, so let us agree to disagree.
  8. There is plenty which is silly about the masks. They are not capable of stopping aerosolized vitus particles, for openers. The HEPA filters are.
  9. Thanks for sharing your cruise with the rest of us cruise-deprived!
  10. The airlines are using hospital-grade HEPA filters on their planes. Far more effective than those silly masks we're forced to wear. Which are absolutely incapable of stopping an aerosolized virus. My flights connected in DFW, one of the busiest airports in the world. I never saw any queues anywhere. People taking the train from terminal to terminal maintained physical distancing.
  11. Me too! They can skip Nassau as far as I'm concerned. I never get off there any more.
  12. My Chrome browser offered a German and an English version. I simply clicked on the English button.
  13. I just flew from SW Florida to Salt Lake City to see my grandchildren. I flew American and all the flights were full except for my first one. I suffered no ill effects except having to wear a mask for such a long time.
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