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  1. Once upon a time there was a lovely vanity area off the master bath. Kelly Hoppen decided nobody needed that and stuck yet more closets there. The suite already had more than enough closets. HUGE mistake.
  2. I have sailed in 6148 prior to the upgrade. Sadly, our cruises in 6148 for this year were cancelled, so I cannot comment on the current state. Pretty much everything is included when you're in the PH. One of the great features of these cabins is a separate butler's entry into the kitchen, so your butler can drop off coffee and croissants or whatever for you in the morning without waking anyone up. And, of course, that wonderful veranda.
  3. Good luck with that. I watched the recorded Apex session (I had registered and been approved, but was unable to enter the session when it was broadcast). I never got those points. I don't expect to get points for watching this replay either.
  4. I was locked out of the original Apex presentation. Watched the re-run. Did not get the points.
  5. I never got the points from the last one, so I'm not holding my breath.
  6. I second the motion! I've been to Tuscan three times, on different ships, all times a disappointment. Three times and out as far as I'm concerned.
  7. In my view, no. On my last Equinox cruise, my tablemates came back after spending $100 to dine in Murano to celebrate their anniversary and pronounced it a waste of money. Not that it was bad, but it wasn't any better than the excellent food and service they were already getting in Luminae as part of the fare they had already paid. When I cruise in a suite, I skip the specialty restaurants. I mostly skip them even if not cruising in a suite. Used to like going to Qsine with friends, but that is no more. Le Petit Chef holds no attraction for me. As I said, Murano is great. Been there, d
  8. At one point, it was mentioned that YC had poached an F&B guy from Celebrity to fix its restaurant operations. Of course, then came the great shutdown, so who knows what is actually happening. In my view, if they fix the restaurant operations and come up with some decent itineraries out of the US besides 7-night Caribbeans, they will be unstoppable. Everything else about the YC product is clearly superior to what Celebrity is currently offering in their suites. They really get the ship within a ship concept. Love those daily free newspapers! And the snax at no charge in the room. I
  9. If you're comparing a sky suite to the cabins on YC, then no, they are not much larger. I would say they are about the same. Higher level suites on Celebrity are larger.
  10. I've sailed suites on both, although my MSC YC experience is on the Seaside. Not sure how it's structured on Divina. Hopefully someone will come along who has firsthand experience with Divina. That being said, the suite dining room on Equinox blows the YC dining room out of the water, both for food and service. This is YC's weak point. Not that their food is bad, but it's inconsistent as is the service. Food and service on Equinox is over the top, particularly service. My tablemates came back after their specialty restaurant experience on the Equinox and said they felt they h
  11. It's not the colors I object to, it's her nonfunctional design of furniture and no storage space.
  12. It had new carpeting, drapes, a new bed and bedding, and new balcony furniture. It was lovely. I don't care for how Hoppen designed the suites. Not at all functional. None of that had been done. I was grateful that it hadn't been.
  13. No, they aren't allowed in the Top Sail lounge or the YC resident. YC passengers, however, are allowed to use the Aurea spa. If your whirlpool is on deck in the Aurea suite, please be aware that outdoor whirlpools have a tendency not to work properly on ships. Being on deck is a very hostile environment for them. You're probably better off using the one in the spa.
  14. I loved that the Equinox didn't get totally trashed during the last "upgrade." Things got refreshed, but they didn't put in all the Hoppencrap. If you're booking a suite, be aware that there is no elevator access to the Retreat sun deck. The staff in Luminae was beyond awesome.
  15. I'm glad you found my reports helpful. Please note that they only apply to Yacht Club on MSC. I would not cruise on MSC not in the Yacht Club. Too many people and screaming children. Yacht Club is an oasis of peace and civility.
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