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  1. That wouldn't work as the Yacht Club area on Ocean Cay is restricted access just like the YC on the ship. No locked doors, but there were staff checking wristbands at the bridge. But I agree, one should get to choose the cabana location when booking.
  2. Webster & Google are apparently not yet up to speed with these words I've coined. 😁 I hate to tell you this, but the Hoppenization and HoppenCrap is spreading to all the ships, it's not just limited to Edge. As for the libraries and the average cruiser, Celebrity is not pitching its offering to the clients it actually has. It is pitching to the clients it wishes it had. So a definite disconnect between those cruising with them and the offerings. Just off one of MSC's newer ships. I was pleased to see it had several library areas. The library always used to be the first place I visited on a Celebrity ship. Now I just load up my iPad and read from that. I prefer actual books.
  3. No footstools, and the cabins haven't been redone except for the beds and the bedding. Will not happen until next dry dock.
  4. Feel free. Along with the other term I coined, Hoppenized. For the ships that have endured her "special" touch. Hoppenized ships are full of HoppenCrap. Like vases that you can't put water in and chairs that don't slide under desks.
  5. The Yacht Club is currently not offering dinner ashore in Ocean Cay, so you don't have to choose. I actually hope that changes in the future. It would be magical to sit in that lovely building and watch the sunset.
  6. I have no problem with contemporary interior design. I like it if it is well done. Good design considers form AND function. Chairs are meant to be sat in and must be comfortable. Same for sofas or couches. A chair by a desk needs to be able to slide under the desk, particularly in a small space like a cruise ship stateroom. If you're going to offer room service, you need to offer a table of a height and size sufficient to consume said room service. A bedside light that you need to climb out of bed to turn off? Crazy. The ships used to have these features. So how is it an improvement to take them away? Not, in my view. Celebrity hired a designer who proudly stated that she had no experience of cruise ships. Really? Again, in my opinion, this wasn't very bright.
  7. I've only sailed in Yacht Club and only on Seaside. MSC really gets the ship within a ship concept. Love the complete daily newspaper of my choice. Love the snacks at no charge in the mini bar. Love the live music in the Topsail Lounge. Breakfast and lunch up on the pool deck. All the butlers work together like a well-oiled machine and they remember you from previous cruises. I asked for a lounger on my balcony and it arrived within a few minutes. Try that on Celebrity. They'll tell you it's a fire hazard or some such nonsense. Even on a balcony that's three times the size of the one I had on Seaside. MSC seems to be in the business of saying yes to customers. And they seem to be interested in what customers want. It's a very refreshing experience.
  8. No air conditioning. There were also many ceiling fans on the lovely verandah.
  9. In my view, the revolution is all about form over function. Look at that last picture with all that HoppenCrap on the table. Where is one supposed to put a drink or some food???
  10. The butlers organize transport to the YC beach in the Top Sail Lounge. They only take off as many people as will fit in the extended golf cart at a time. Just show up in Top Sail and let the butlers know you're ready to go.
  11. The second photo is taken from the Yacht Club clubhouse. The OV cabanas are located as indicated on the map.
  12. Sorry, not at those prices. I just sailed in a suite on Seaside which would be comparable to a sky suite on Edge, except that it has functional furniture. And lots of closet space. And a lounger and comfortable chairs on the balcony. A beautiful new private island with an absolutely gorgeous Yacht Club clubhouse. $280/night. A comparable sky suite on the Edge for the same 7-night cruise would be $1,008/night. For a solo. I have no idea why LLP thinks her less than ideal suite experience justifies such prices.
  13. Theoretically. I was one of the first at the YC tent. My bag arrived in my cabin at 5:30 p.m. The whole embarcation process was a complete cluster this time. Many, many groups from the general population were allowed to board while we languished in the YC lounge. Not their shining hour. Rest of the cruise was great.
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