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  1. Refunds at not at the top of my list of concerns either, but I am concerned. Celebrity currently has about $14,000 of my money. Maybe you can afford to lose that much. I'd prefer not to.
  2. And I would suspect that some of those who die HAVE been vaccinated. I don't think these numbers are published anywhere, so this is all just idle speculation.
  3. I'm curious to know why so many believe that cruising will resume once a vaccine against COVID-19 has been developed. We've had a flu vaccine for years, and they come up with a new one every year. People still get the flu. And die from it. Why would this be different? What I think would be more important would be an antibody test to determine if one has antibodies to COVID-19.
  4. Definitely not the credit card companies. JetBlue had to refund my ticket because they changed my flight to a different day. !!! Refund hit my AmEx account right away.
  5. Actually, MSC has horrendous customer service. My long-term TA almost fired me when she had to book two cruises for me on them. I promised her never again. The onboard experience in Yacht Club is excellent, however. In many ways, superior to the suite experience on Celebrity. I wrote a review after my first YC cruise in 2018. I currently have another YC cruise booked for this November. Through another TA who books a lot of MSC. Even she says their customer service is horrible. Will see if that's a go or not. I will wait a bit before filing disputes with AmEx. I do have written confirmation from my TA and her rep at Celebrity that my 3 cruises have been cancelled, the request for a refund is in the works, and that the FCCs I used on those cruises will be re-issued with December 31, 2021 expiration dates. I'm giving Celebrity a chance to make good on their word.
  6. I currently do not have any cruises booked for 2021. Will not be doing any more bookings until things sort themselves out. Also need to recover all my money that Celebrity currently has.
  7. Since I booked with a TA, I had to cancel with her.
  8. Glad your alter ego prevailed. The 125% is tempting, but it is only a piece of paper. That's why we waited for Celebrity to cancel our B2B2B which was already past final payment. Then we had the option of a refund to our credit cards. By the way, I now get mail order from that wonderful deli you took us to, The Preserve Co. I am absolutely addicted to their carmelized red onion chutney. Just received a new shipment. Stay well!
  9. In my view, that price is good for 15 nights. And being able to stay in the same cabin is certainly worth something. While I have booked OVs for port intensive cruises in the Med when I was hardly on the ship at all, I don't think I'd want one for a cruise with all those sea days. And if people think it is too cold on the balcony, there are blankets available!
  10. Your second question should have had the opportunity to answer: will wait and see. Am not convinced we will be cruising in January 2021. I certainly have nothing booked for then. I'm hoping I get to use the pieces of paper called FCCs which will be reissued to me because I used them on some cruises which were cancelled, but I'm not optimistic about that. Celebrity is in a very precarious position. LLP drove them deeply in debt with her new ships and all the refurbishing. She initiated stock buybacks and paid out big dividends to keep the stock price high. Thus no cash reserves. How's that working out for you now, Lisa? They just drew down the last of their credit reserves. I'm just hoping I get the money back from my cancelled cruises before they go belly up. I am exceedingly grateful to all those who are accepting 125% FCCs and not draining their cash reserves. Am cancelling the Iceland/Greenland one today prior to final payment to get my $900 deposit back. And, there's the issue of whether or not they might condescend to let me board one of their ships since I'm over 70.
  11. NBC News has reported that 157 crew members on Apex have tested positive for COVID-19 and that not all crew members have been tested yet. That's pretty sad news. I hope the other ships don't have that many crew members affected.
  12. I'm waiting to see how my refunds shake out. Used substantial FCC for part of my B2B2B April/May cruises that got cancelled, so will have to find some place to use that. Asked for cash back on the cost of the cruises. Have the PH booked B2B for Iceland/Greenland in August, don't see that happening and will cancel prior to final payment in May. Or maybe Celebrity will beat me to the punch and cancel that. Not sure if I will get my deposits back in cash as I would normally do or if they will be FCCs. If so, I will have a lot of FCCs. Then, of course, there's the issue of whether or not Celebrity will even let us oldies but goodies on their ships! So, not even looking right now. I do have an MSC Yacht Club booked for November which may happen.
  13. What online article? Lots of stuff on the internet is made up or false.
  14. I just checked my account. It shows me with 10,000 points, which is what I started with. It shows the two cruises I have taken, the latest being November 2019, but the points were not added to my account. It shows that my expiration date is December 2020 which makes absolutely no sense. I see no way to contact them. You mentioned that you have e-mailed customer service. What address did you use?
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