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  1. I don't drive an expensive German car. I drive a 20-year-old Lexus. But I like suites on a cruise in the Caribbean when I will rarely get off the ship. Most of mine were booked before the prices headed to the stratosphere. I agree, the experience is variable. Last fall on Equinox, you couldn't get a drink in Michael's/Retreat to save your soul. And there was hardly anyone in there except one bartender who just liked to talk. She was nice enough, but it would take half an hour to get a drink. But Luminae was awesome--best Luminae experience I've ever had. So you never know. I think AQ is OK, but I've had very nice meals in the MDR also. Personally, my sweet spot is 1A cabins on S-class. But I've yet to experience a fully-revolutionized S-class ship, so that could change. I've currently got 52 days booked on Summit this year, some suite, some CC. We'll see after that. She used to be my favorite ship.
  2. Hoppencrap is the stuff that "designer" Kelly Hoppen added to the staterooms. Such as those wood chairs. And thousands of white things. Like vases that don't hold water. It is possible that the wood chairs are gone--there was a great outcry about them. Not sure what they will put on Eclipse. I was in a sky suite last fall on Equinox and we didn't have that Hoppencrap on the balcony. There was new balcony furniture which was pretty normal. But they never finished the revolution of that ship either. So who knows?
  3. Have you looked at the deck plan? If there's a white area it could be some sort of crew access door/stairwell area. Could also be utilities.
  4. Sorry, but it's real. This balcony has been Hoppenized with Hoppencrap for your comfort and convenience. NOT!
  5. Those closets are toast on the refurbed M class ships. Another poor Celebrity design decision.
  6. I've sailed in everything from an inside to the penthouse on Celebrity. The suite experience is very nice, although the price is getting a bit crazy. Give it a try and make your own decision. Don't understand the comment above about Luminae on Equinox. I sailed last fall and it was, hands down, the best Luminae experience I've ever had. Everyone in there was awesome and the food was excellent.
  7. I would never sail MSC except in the Yacht Club. Far too many people. I absolutely hate being in crowds or standing in line or screaming children. Seems like every time I ventured out into the rest of the ship there was a toddler having a screaming meltdown. I love the peacefulness of the Topsail Lounge.
  8. The cabins were re-decorated, not rebuilt. So anything that was present previously (structurally) continues to be present. Including noise from chairs on a deck above. Not a problem on deck 6. And the crew quarters are nowhere near deck 6.
  9. Many tour companies will let you set up a group tour but each person pays the tour company individually. That's the way to go. We had set up a tour in Scotland that way and one couple was a no show the morning of the tour. Aside from the time lost trying to contact them, none of the rest of us lost any money as they had paid in advance.
  10. Have made wonderful friends, gone on awesome tours, snapped up great cabin upgrades, and seen all the kinds of cabins on the ship because of roll calls. A good roll call always makes for a good cruise.
  11. I can think of lots better ways to use OBC than to take that shuttle. You will have to wait for it to fill up. The port is practically on top of the airport, much simpler and cheaper to take a cab.
  12. The better tote bag and fancier bath products are history.
  13. They can absolutely do that. I just don't think the experience will be the same as the current small YC experience.
  14. You're probably overthinking this. Midship is a great location. Be grateful there are lifeboats should you happen to need them. Look past them. Is this your first cruise? Join your roll call and hope there is a cabin crawl. That way, you will have the opportunity to see different cabins and find out what is important to you. The first time I saw an inside cabin I thought I could never cruise that way. Well it turns out I could for short cruises when nothing else was available and I wanted to be on a ship with a group of friends.
  15. MSC crazed customer service strikes again! I just sailed in YC with someone who did indeed upgrade to the premium plus package, so it is possible.
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