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  1. I was recently on the Equinox for two 7-night B2B cruises. I was amazed at the number of young children on board. Nothing to do with the school calendar--most of the kids I saw were not school age.
  2. Recently diverting the Equinox to Freeport instead of Nassau to deliver water and food to those without after the hurricane. The crew and the passengers all worked together to make this happen. Money and clothes were also donated.
  3. I like that they are using things made by Bahamas people instead of bringing in cheap crap from China. Looking forward to seeing it in November!
  4. I'll jump in here. I don't think it's appropriate to name people that you didn't feel provided good service on Cruise Critic. That issue should be addressed on the ship where there is the possibility of the cruiseline's doing something about it. That being said, praise for good service is always appropriate.
  5. Just off Equinox, sailing solo in a suite. Staff was very attentive when I sat by myself. Was placed at a table the second night next to a young couple and we hit it off and generally dined together for the rest of the cruise.
  6. There are shades or some sort of pull down thing. They were usually down.
  7. Best bridge tour I ever attended! She explains things very clearly.
  8. I agree. That's been a pet peeve of mine for a long time. And the reason I don't book with perks. Cheaper to pay as I go.
  9. In other words, we're sticking with our decision and don't care what our customers think.
  10. I've sailed in both classes and prefer Luminae. They used to have tableside muesli in Blu which was fabulous and a reason to have breakfast there instead of Luminae, but that is long gone.
  11. The wraparound outside deck is very much there on the Seaside, which is one of the newer ships. I have not experienced the Edge and don't plan to unless the prices retreat from the stratosphere. I still say that MSC executes the ship within a ship concept much better than Celebrity. In my opinion, Celebrity wins on food and service in the restaurant. And the rest of the ship is not as crazed. Otherwise, Yacht Club wins.
  12. This is an excellent itinerary. Nice balance between sea days and shore days. I'd do it again.
  13. There is absolutely no comparison between the Yacht Club lounge space and the tiny, cramped Retreat Lounge on Celebrity with no access to the out of doors. The YC lounge is at the front of the ship with a gorgeous wall of windows, absolutely not dark. It has a wraparound outside deck. At least 10 times the size of the Retreat Lounge. And butlers falling all over themselves to serve you, unlike the self service version currently operating on Celebrity. No contest. If I were making my choice of lines based on those two lounges, Celebrity would not even be in contention.
  14. That's something Celebrity does exceedingly well, unfortunately. Being inconsistent. Will start with the shoreside concierge and see where it goes from there. I did really like the unmonogrammed version I had on Equinox, but I don't believe they are to take home from a sky suite.
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