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  1. A good TA will respond to your requests promptly. There are lots of good TAs out there, you just need to find one.
  2. Yacht Club on Seaside out of Miami is fabulous. Itinerary a bit same old, same old, but most 7-night Caribbean cruises suffer from this. Going for the next time in November when their private island should be open. Food is not as good as Celebrity, but it is not bad.
  3. Well, if there's no elevator access, I won't be going up there.
  4. Yeah! Glad to see they've added Labadee back into the mix. Key West is ho hum to me, I live in Florida and have been there many times.
  5. It doesn't, however, state upgraded tote bag. I believe all cabins get the cheapie ones. Concierge class and above used to get upgraded ones. I was in concierge class on Solstice to Alaska in May and we got one of the upgraded bags. Going on Equinox later this month in a suite, will see what shows up.
  6. Or it could also attract a bunch of women or men traveling together. My friends and I would LOVE this concept!
  7. I'm boarding August 31. Will check it out and report back. Previous reports have been less than positive, so I don't have high expectations.
  8. Celebrity's IT Department is not exactly famous for being state of the art or using best practices or even being accurate.
  9. There is no difference in the cabins. The difference is in the balconies. Do not rely on deck plans to show this. You must see it. The balconies on the slant are larger. I would definitely move.
  10. Depends on your balconies. Book 3 in a row on the slant off the hump, and you can all easily gather on one of the larger ones. You can slide the chairs back and forth between the balconies.
  11. You will need to ask your cabin steward to open them. He/she will require consent of the cabins on both sides. The partitions do not open all the way. The end is hinged and can be folded back and locked against the rest of the wall.
  12. I think I know what ship I'm booked on.
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