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  1. Well, I got one once, several years ago. It had to have been on the Delta AmEx as I have not had a regular AmEx for at least 20 years and I wasn't cruising then. Yes, I am loving the restaurant deal, although I think it started in January. I'd have to go back and look at my bills.
  2. I'm assuming spell check got in here and changed completing to complaining.
  3. Really? I've had a Delta AmEx card forever and have previously received such an offer from Celebrity and/or Delta.
  4. It's annoying that it is not available for the platinum card. I think this happened once before. Guess I need to get an ordinary blue card. Is there a fee for those?
  5. I only use Flights by Celebrity for one-way tickets to or from Europe. For domestic tickets, I prefer to deal directly with the airlines.
  6. I did a B2B2B once and moved from a royal suite to one of those corner afts. Liked the corner aft much more and it was definitely larger. This was prior to the suite dining room and all the suite benefits. By all means, take the corner aft.
  7. We used Alla. Were very happy with them. Set up a private group of 10. Skipped the line at the Hermitage--watched the Celebrity tour group standing in line! Alla also booked ballet tickets for us, not the usual tourist one but a regular one that we asked for. Awesome seats. Highly recommend them.
  8. Jim, what is that building with the orange top? I used to spend a lot of time in San Francisco, and I don't remember a building like that.
  9. There is a difference between perks and amenities. We've had this discussion before, but nobody seems to listen. The amenities are attached to the suite, no matter at what rate you book it. The perks are rate dependent. For a royal suite booked at the resident rate (I have done this before), you will get the wi-fi, the drinks, etc. that come with the suite. Gratuities are not part of the amenity package. Travel agents don't even understand this distinction. The TA I booked that RS with tried to get me to book it with the perks included. I pointed out that I didn't need them because of the amenities included with the suite.
  10. Or just use some of your OBC to buy a sweatshirt. First time I came to Florida from Minnesota I came with summer clothes. Cold front. Who knew? Bought a Sanibel sweatshirt which I wore for most of the rest of the trip.
  11. I think semi-solo (cruising solo in a cabin with another solo in another cabin) works right now. As a frequent solo cruiser, I don't think straight solo cruising works right now. People seem to be staying in their own pods and avoiding those they don't know. That's not my idea of fun or why I cruise. I love meeting new people at dinner. Most of my cruising buddies are people I've met on prior cruises. I'm hoping we can soon get over the idea of looking at other people as disease vectors and instead resume seeing them as potential new friends. Looking forward to your report.
  12. If your cruise is making a port stop in San Juan, you will be at the dock in Old Town. If your cruise originates in San Juan, you will be at the Pan Am Pier.
  13. Well, I generally close the door when I'm in the bathroom, so not an issue. The bath of the RS was pretty much the same prior to the revolution. Yeah, it's a bit tricky getting in the shower, but at least there's a separate shower & tub. Looks as if just the sinks got redone. Not a fan of those silly raised bowl sinks. And I absolutely agree that function seems to have been tossed overboard in the revolution. Not all that crazy about the form either!
  14. You'll be lucky if your refunds are only two separate transactions. I agree with Jim--it was a pain tracking all my cancelled cruises and the bits and pieces refunds!
  15. If the shelves behind the door are full of HoppenCrap, make them remove it. I've found that area to be very useful.
  16. I miss the furniture and the service. In my view, the new Retreats are not an improvement. Perhaps that is why they are mostly empty.
  17. That's what happens when you look at form only and not form and function. Really good designers consider both. I'll let you draw your own conclusion from that.
  18. The new pier in San Francisco is very nice. Sailed out of there for an Alaska cruise.
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