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  1. Beer and wine at lunch and dinner are included and the mini bar is not included with all cabins on Viking.
  2. We’ve tried Fine Cut twice (Jan and April). The first time it was good the second time awful. On our upcoming Edge cruise in January Fine Cut’s isn’t on our agenda. We will be trying Eden and perhaps Dinner on the Edge. Our experience at Roof Top was awful as salad and beer flew everywhere.
  3. Oville

    Cuban Cruises

    We were booked on a January cruise with Viking and ended up canceling due to penalties we could possibly be charged after final payment date. So my question had nothing to do with mega ships but many, many weeks later what has Viking done with these cruises. Your response was less than comfy.😕
  4. What happened to these cruises? I know they had to be canceled but what was scheduled. Thanks
  5. Raw On Five is like Sushi On Five with other seafood added. I don’t think the Magic Carpet is opened other than Dinner On Edge evenings. If I’m wrong I’ll welcome a correction.
  6. You are before us, we sail again on Edge January 12th. We so tried to book your cruise, liked the SV cabins that were available but only late seating so we passed. Enjoy your cruise, a great itinerary. We ended up booking a Silhouette cruise in November in a RS, we are happy puppies.
  7. Agree, we’ll try to book once on board. Hoping a Suite will help. Thanks for the correction.
  8. Yes for Eden, we will check out Dinner on the Edge when we board,
  9. We booked Eden within the last 2 weeks, Just checked for our January cruise, $65 is the current price.
  10. We’ll agree to disagree, I’ve sailed on Edge, you haven’t. Pictures don’t tell the whole story. Certainly reviews from those who haven’t sailed on Edge are useless. Enjoy the other ships, your missing the opportunity to sail something unique. My guess is Caroline would agree with me. K
  11. Linda, as you know we liked the IV cabins we sailed in on Edge, never say never😉😀. You are making a decision based on people who never step foot on Edge.
  12. Try deleting app and uploading it again. This has worked for me on a few occasions.
  13. Check out this thread from Vtcruising, our extremely helpful Edge guru.
  14. We recently started to book an Edge cruise and got the same answer. Because of this, the booking wasn’t completed as there is no guarantee a slot will be available in Select Dining. We ended up booking a Silhouette cruise and are quite happy. Good luck.
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