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  1. Interesting that Canada is welcomed back to the EU but not Americans.
  2. Well Americans and everyone else are blocked from the State of Maine unless they arrive with a COVID-19 test within 72 hours of arrival showing a negative result. Maybe countries and cruise lines need to do the same. I think Vermont has done the same.
  3. Thank you for this post. We were scheduled on the March 6th Silhouette Cruise and had to cancel for unexpected health reasons a few weeks earlier. It ended up being a less than pleasant sailing for those onboard with 2 stops back in FL the first 3 days for sick passengers. After it returned there were a number of COVID-19 cases reported. We hated to cancel, luckily had insurance and were fully reimbursed and so glad we missed being on that sailing as it would not have been relaxing. Finally the health issue has been resolved but my recommendation, always take the insurance.
  4. Actually the governor of Florida attributes it to young people hanging out in bars not socially distancing.
  5. Bo, try looking at the comparison between when the governor opened up the the state to today, it’s staggering.
  6. Stayed in a hotel in VA on Tuesday night, it was fully booked and less than half of the guess were wearing masks. They offered continental breakfast the next morning. That chain will never see our business again.
  7. But of course the Governor of Florida opened up the state to social activity many weeks ago vs NY. I fear things will only get worse down there, glad we are gone.
  8. Have you talked with the airline? These are crazy times and perhaps they will refund you.
  9. Oh no, I didn’t mean to upset you. August is a bit of a way off and hope things improve. We are leaving FL Monday back to our home on Cape Cod (a month late) but have been concerned here in Naples since the numbers have gone up. I doubt you will lose your money, can you do a Lift and Shift?
  10. Texted, the best meal we have had on any Celebrity ship was Eden in mid-January 2020.
  11. Our January ‘21 Connie cruise has long been canceled and deposit refund received in less than two weeks. So disappointed but have no regrets.
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