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  1. Well that makes it more complicated. Hopefully the last couple will understand the rest of you should have a number of dinners in Blu and you can work out a few nights to dine together. Hope you all have a great cruise and everything works out.
  2. There’s the shore excursion option, Specialty Dining and other non “crap” shop purchases. We were on the Silhouette last week and had $465 non refundable OBC, some very nice presents will be under our Christmas tree this year.😉
  3. If 1 couple can’t dine in Blu so you’ll be eating in the MDR, why don’t you all save some money and book non AQ cabins for the other 3. Seems like couple 4 are making you change your plans, odd.
  4. Never, last cruise November 8th Silhouette in an RS, $500 deposit for two.
  5. Interesting topic. We took our first cruise on Celebrity in November 2008. Thirty seven cruises later and the basic brown extension cords (6ft and 12 ft) we always take have never been questioned.
  6. Vt, what a great topic. Last week on the Silhouette we loved Sushi on Five for lunch, especially the appetizers. The Porch lunch did not offer the burger, shrimp cocktail or steamed mussels but had an enjoyable time. Instead the shrimp was replaced by Pil Pil Shrimp and the steamed mussels by a mussel/pasta dish. Our two lunches in Luminae were both very good. On the Edge the Eden Cafe brownies are indeed something to “die for” and the chocolate chip cookies aren’t bad either. Thanks for putting this together.
  7. Hcat, thanks so much for the great reporting. I’m glad to hear you are liking the SV cabin. Are you noticing any motion due to the windy weather? Hope you and hubby have a wonderful cruise and looking forward to your restaurant reporting. Katie P.S. Just want to let you know today didn’t get out of the 60s here.
  8. Booked AQ IV last Friday, got cabin assignment shortly there after.
  9. Got off Silhouette today, I’m not sure Celebrity has the latest onboard. We did buy a pencil generation 1 but they did not have gen 2.
  10. Thanks GP51 on including us on your trip and all your insight.
  11. Jim, thanks for taking us on your travels, feels like we were with you on your journey all the way. Katie
  12. The spy video was alive and well on the Silhouette last Friday, November 8th.
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