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  1. Oville


    What’s real is all Florida bars closed today for 30 days and restaurants must reduce capacity to 50% percent for now. Also Broward and Dade Counties have the largest levels of the Coronavirus and last week spring breakers over ran the beaches as always causing chaos and now the beaches are closed. Not sure if you are sailing out of Florida but it is about to get really tough down here.
  2. It’s not in our favor. The 30 day date should be 4/13, our cruise is 4/12.
  3. Rumor has it and you will only get 100% FCC. Call your TA to make sure this is true.
  4. Ours is totally great, she canceled 3 cruises for us and was a gem.
  5. I’m not in my 70s but do have controlled asthma. I am very fit, probably more so than most on any cruise. There seems to be some discrimination (age, health) going on here.
  6. I believe they have done this to appease the US Coronavirus Task Force so that cruising will not be shut out of the US market. To me it is silly as anyone could contract the virus not just those over 70. Maybe it’s a way to keep the death rate count down.
  7. We’ve received numerous payments from Celebrity for canceling our June Summit cruise. Our cancellation was before final payment and we haven’t been fully reimbursed. I think J was told it would come in pieces.
  8. Disneyland just announced its closing. Personally I find the coverage (over-coverage) depressing and I’m probably not alone but I get your point.
  9. Today the MBL suspended Spring Training, the NCAA canceled March Madness, the NFL and ATP suspended games and matches, and NASCAR announced no fans at this weekend’s events. Facts not frenzy.
  10. Sbt518, once you transfer a booking to a TA, the TA has full financial responsibility of your cruise fare, Celebrity will not talk to you and refer you to your travel agent (or at least that has been how it works).
  11. Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Switzerland... Check out those numbers. Though agree the UK is odd and a place where people on a cruise in the US might come from.
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