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  1. Your welcome. I don’t know if things have changed since our January and April Edge cruises, but we opted not to do a dining package as we wanted to eat at the Specialty Restaurants on our own time table and knew getting into a place like Fine Cuts was limited onboard. Maybe someone else can address the availability of Fine Cuts now for packages but of course Caribbean cruises are different from the current itineraries.
  2. Have you checked your cruise planner for the menu? Here is the menu showing up for Eden on our upcoming January cruise:
  3. Check out the menu in Eden, we’ve booked for our upcoming January cruise and thought the menu was interesting. Also we had a nice meal at Fine Cuts and thought the food was good at the Rooftop Grill but way to windy. If you are in port for a late departure I give the Rooftop a try.
  4. We did the second seating and it was long and the start time was changed to 8:30 or 8:45. The first two courses were great, our beef was really tough. Our plans had us going to the Eden show so we passed on dessert.
  5. It would indeed be cool, we can only hope. Alas, we arrived home around 5:00 pm. Maine was wonderful.
  6. Thanks for this information. My fingers are crossed that ABT will be onboard our June 6, 2020 cruise on Summit to Newport, Charleston and Bermuda.
  7. It would be a change and ballet can be quite beautiful and it is very athletic. Two short numbers would a great introduce to those on Celebrity who have never seen ballot and a nice show for those who really love it.
  8. Whatever, I get it, you don’t support the arts.
  9. You’ve totally missed my point. Your original quote: “But I'm not sure how long the Russian Ballet is in Boston or even if the market in Boston can support the ballet more than a few weeks a year.” Boston supports the Fine Arts including ballet year round and fortunately that includes donors contributions.
  10. My guess is the Boston Ballet Company, its members and the paying customers would probably disagree with you.
  11. We are booked in Eden in January, will cancel in a heartbeat if it is 15 courses. Five small courses is fine, ten more to go not for us. Celebrity I hope you are reading this, 15 courses never. Now if they are considering adding another column to their 5 course meal giving greater variety that would be great.
  12. Hope you get the ballet, what a treat that would be.
  13. We’ve been through a couple of biggies, Wilma and Irma. Wilma took down our pool cage but minor damage elsewhere. Lady Luck was with us for Irma, just a few roof tiles and one screen panel ripped on the cage. Now we need to keep Dorian away from Maine. Presto, we had the opposite problem with LPC, service was so slow that we left before dessert. There were a lot of families and long periods between courses. Katie
  14. Hi, so glad to read you fell in love with the Edge and had a great cruise. I agree with you about those veranda chairs, they were quite comfy. Katie
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