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  1. Thanks, looking forward to having lunch there and also your review. Key West sky diving, not so much.😉😮🍷
  2. For sure, it seems to work very well on Edge. We board Silhouette on March 6th and all our Specialty Restaurants are showing up. Now Im bit nervous as it may not work as well as it did on the Edge. Thanks for your response, Katie
  3. Beth, I’ve enjoyed your journey so much. Thanks for including us on your Edge cruise. I have loved your pix and insights. We are doing the same itinerary in April and so glad you pointed out Pancho’s Backyard is now within walking distant of the pier. Eden exceeded our expectation in January can’t wait to go back in April. Wishing you a quick and safe trip home, Katie
  4. It wasn’t a problem in the Sky Suites or IVs. I think it was in a few upper suites.
  5. Do you know what cabins the desk chair didn’t fit on the Edge? The rockers are long gone in the Sky Suites on Edge.
  6. Also the Summit in China and Japan.
  7. No doubt it’s harder too fill the Specialty Restaurants on a 15(?) day TA than a 7 day Caribbean cruise.
  8. It wasn’t an issue on our January 2020 cruise. If I recall correctly the only messages we received were from the Captain’s Club concierge and the Retreat Lounge inviting us to special events.
  9. Good to hear, I was beginning to get worried. Enjoy Grand Cayman and sleep well.😴
  10. They are adding more cabins during the refit so some 3 and 4 guests cabins are being changed due to lifeboat limits.
  11. How many are booked in your cabin, if two it should not be an issue.
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