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  1. Why? If it keeps you safe why not? Who would have ever thought that the fashion statement for 2020 would be what mask you wear.😉😀
  2. I’ve stayed in 2 IVs and 2 S1s on the Edge. I wouldn’t comment on an 1A. There is a way to not totally shoput off the a/c in an IV.
  3. This has become such a political hot potato in the US it is mind-boggling.
  4. Good move. We stayed in an S1 aft and loved it. There is a lot of walking but never a problem for us. I also think there is the same amount of walking in the 1As.
  5. All non-suite aft cabins have verandas that are on the large size, not as picture above. I believe that is an 1A cabin and I’d take an IV over that any day.
  6. The same furniture will be found on Sky Suites and Sunset Verandas, not just IVs. Celebrity is trying very hard to discourage in cabin dining.
  7. Actually Florida opened bars at 50% today. They were opened in early June and closed again in late June when cases spiked. Miami/Dade will not be included.
  8. Oops didn’t mean to drag politics into this.
  9. Where did the 99%+ come from? That would mean less than 65,000 people in the US have died from Covid.
  10. Eden, the best meal we’ve had on a cruise, any line ever.
  11. What does this have to do with: “MSC Not Tolerating Violation of New C-19 Health Protocols“, the title of this tread?
  12. Hi, we sailed on the January 12, 2020 trip on Edge. Our dinner in Eden was far and away the best we’ve had on any Celebrity ship. Hoping the changes on Apex do not make it too main stream and boring. What’s so surprising about the Apex change is it was not easy getting an Eden reservation before the sailing date and really difficult once onboard. Katie
  13. Where does one buy a skort these days, a golf club shop? Not my idea of dining wear but we all have our own norms.
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