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  1. I'm sure you can find plenty of hangers onboard.
  2. Out of those 3, CABO.... Some nice parts in PV also. Mazatlan snorkeling sucks.
  3. Double and triple check and confirm that the ship is expecting you!!! I missed the ship once (you can read my story here on CC) and was told that they were expecting me at the next port. Let's just say that I almost didn't get on! I'm not trying to make you more nervous, I'm just trying to prepare you for the worse case scenario. You should call CCL, your TA should call CCL, get names and a name of someone on the ship that can confirm your arrival. Trust me on this!
  4. I an assure you that it's a quick walk. I left my truck there by the grass, close to Dark Harbor on the map, and walked my moms stuff to the porter area (white canopy's/tents?). Just a couple minutes away. Anyhow, I'll be there tomorrow, I'll provide an update if it's still an option or not. Using the image that Agent provided, I did what's in green. The x is where I parked and the rest is where I walked too.
  5. Was there at about 10:45 am. When you drive into the Port of Long Beach area, you can go straight for cruise ships or go left for Queen Mary parking. Lines not different for different types of cars, just long line for people being dropped off for Panorama. Because the line was long and I had to use the restroom, I went to QM side because there was no line! If I was you, if the line is long, have the Uber driver go to the QM parking. After entering left, you'll make a right along the shops and you'll end up right next to the dome, the QM will be on your left side. I met several people that found this spot by accident also! They too said that they'll be picked up here also and that they would use this as a drop off spot moving forward. Also, saw many people that stayed overnight at the QM that were walking straight to the ship.
  6. We're towards the middle/front. So glad we switched now!!!
  7. Not at all. When we first booked, coves were cheaper. I did some research and watched some videos and loved how close to the water they are. Now, they are $30 more than what I paid for deck 8.
  8. Are we going to regret it?!?!!! We were very nervous and hesitant doing it, but we did it last night. Cruise is end of April beginning of May. On Panorama.
  9. I have FTTF for April cruise. Online, it says 12:00 PM check in. We plan on arriving at approx 11 AM.
  10. I'm kind of hesitant posting my secret, but here it is: I dropped off my parent on Saturday for their Panorama cruise. The car line to drop people off was SUPER long! I had to go to the restroom, lol. So I went to the left where it said Queen Mary parking, instead of Cruise Terminal. Guess what? When you go in, drift left then right and there is the Spruce Goose dome! Super quick walk to the porters. So I left my parents there! That's also where I'll be picking them up! So no long car lines anymore! And, parking is free for the first 30 minutes. You can actually park along the grass and wait, it's hard to explain, but trust me on this!
  11. Banana Hammock required if sleeping on deck.
  12. I'll find out in April. If they don't open them, I'll carry around my backpack, stock up and take a few back to the fridge in my room!
  13. Wow, I think I should've gotten one when we had the chance! So close to the water!
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