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  1. First Royal cruise was 2001, Explorer of the Seas, the LARGEST ship in the world! LOL!
  2. When I missed the ship on the Allure, the cabin steward and security were in my room OPENING THE SAFE to see if I left my passport or credit cards in there. My wife walked in when they were going thru the stuff. So yes, they can open the safes.
  3. Our last cruise was our first time on NCL (approx 20 cruises)... We loved the late night dance parties! And, the bars open all night! We too have noticed that the bands have disappeared on CCL.. I hope we're not disappointed in May when we go on the Symphony... If we are, then I think we found our new go-to cruise line, NCL!
  4. I'm not thin skinned either... I guess this is just the way people speak to one another these days and it's become the norm... 'Say as you please' instead of 'think before you speak'... I'll get off my high horse, lol.... 😉 Any move to another thread.
  5. I'm not going to go thru each posting, but if you feel that 32, 34 and 37 are not 'flaming', then IDK what to say... I guess rude/mean has a different meaning to you... I agree with you 100% on having a RESPECTABLE convo/disagreement. But that's not always the case here on CC.
  6. Yuuup..... I guess users can just update the prices to their drink of choice... Or there might be a NCL spreadsheet out there...
  7. Someone on Royal board shared this, it works great...! 1944813945_BeverageProgramCalculation.xls
  8. So sad that as to what CC has become (not CC in general, but some of the people on CC)... Fellow cruisers go out of there way to report issues for the sake of others... and then they get flamed! If you don't like what's being posted, move on to another thread! No need to flame someone that has taken the time to help fellow cruisers! How many of us have seen something that isn't right and never said anything?! I know I'm guilty of this! Anyhow, thanks Op for the heads up! I'll be on SOS in May and I'll definitely be looking out! Glad that your mother is feeling better. My mom is 71 and she has another 20/30 years of cruising left in her! Cruise on!
  9. I thought the same thing about X, however my wife and I loved it! Food is very good, entertainment was good. Plenty to do but not as 'loud' as Royal. Nightlife was good, pool scene good. I say go for it! Oh, the service is great!! I've done a few reviews comparing X to Princess to NCL. I'd say stay away from Princess, IMHO. FYI, we have done Royal several times. Doing Symphony in May and will post a review comparing them all.
  10. NICE!!!!! I won't stretch it and ask for 2 shots and one beer, lol! I need to cruise with you guys! 😉
  11. MDR's serve crappy food so people will upgrade to specialty dining.. Food use to be the bomb, no matter which cruise line you sailed on. From my PERSONAL experience, Royal starting making crappy food first.....! Coincidence that this is about the same time that specialty dining started coming out?! Hmmmmmmmmmmmm.
  12. boys...! 😉 jk..!!!!!!
  13. Lol, thanks Tom! My ordeal can be found here on CC... It was quite an adventure!
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