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  1. DD just turned 5 and is going on her 7th Cruise in february. When she was a baby WE had a pack n play from the cruiseline, took an umbrella stroller that reclined as well as a carrier and did mytime dining, sharing with others. It worked quite well but I had to leave early twice as dd got cranky. We changed our routine and are nowadays cruising on Getman cruiselines, as DD does not speak english yet and, lucky me, she loves Kids Club. The first Cruise she attended club I ended up with lots of unplanned time for myself which took some getting used to. We always do laundry on board or sent clothes out to be cleaned, so that I do not have a ton of laundry once we come back home and we do not need as much luggage.
  2. DD was 9 month old on her first cruise. We took a whole suitcase full of clothes and everything Else she might need and still had to hit a store along the way as she had a growth spurt. Bring plenty of everything, clothes are easy in warm climate, but prepare to either Hand wash or sent Out some clothes. We went through three outfits a day due to food or other accidents. Diapers might be hard to get so pack your Brand and size. Also bring any medicine your little one might need. And no, you are not crazy to go in a cruise with a Baby. DD is 4 now and we have taken five cruises as a Family. The most relaxing vacation for us.
  3. You don´t say how old your Kids are... For our last cruise, which was dd´s 5th cruise, we did not tell her where we were going until abount one hour before boarding. Just got her out of bed in her p.j., put her in the car for "an excursion" and off we went. At our breakfast stop we gave her a coloring book with the Kids motives from the cruise and told her, where we were going. I believe she could be heard several towns away :)
  4. Europe is quite big and very different depending on where you are going. Maybe you can tell us your Destinations. Pick pockets are a Problem in some big cities, Europe in total is not unsafe.
  5. We have been to Grand Cayman and Cozumel with our than 2.5 year old Girl. In Grand Cayman we took the 3 hour excursion with Captain Marvin, two snorkel stops and the stingray sandbar. At the snorkeling spots one of us stayed onboard with dd, We put her in a lifejacket for the trip and took her into water with us at he sandbar. In Cozumel we took a taxi (no car seat) to Playa Mia, there are bus excursions that go there, too, if you feel more comfy in a bigger vehicle. DD hat a blast in the Aqua playpark and on the beach. In Jamaica our stop was Ochos Rios, where we just went to the beach. Whatever you decide, it´s gonna be a great tour.
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