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  1. DD was 9 month old on her first cruise. We took a whole suitcase full of clothes and everything Else she might need and still had to hit a store along the way as she had a growth spurt. Bring plenty of everything, clothes are easy in warm climate, but prepare to either Hand wash or sent Out some clothes. We went through three outfits a day due to food or other accidents. Diapers might be hard to get so pack your Brand and size. Also bring any medicine your little one might need. And no, you are not crazy to go in a cruise with a Baby. DD is 4 now and we have taken five cruises as a Family. The most relaxing vacation for us.
  2. You don´t say how old your Kids are... For our last cruise, which was dd´s 5th cruise, we did not tell her where we were going until abount one hour before boarding. Just got her out of bed in her p.j., put her in the car for "an excursion" and off we went. At our breakfast stop we gave her a coloring book with the Kids motives from the cruise and told her, where we were going. I believe she could be heard several towns away :)
  3. Europe is quite big and very different depending on where you are going. Maybe you can tell us your Destinations. Pick pockets are a Problem in some big cities, Europe in total is not unsafe.
  4. We have been to Grand Cayman and Cozumel with our than 2.5 year old Girl. In Grand Cayman we took the 3 hour excursion with Captain Marvin, two snorkel stops and the stingray sandbar. At the snorkeling spots one of us stayed onboard with dd, We put her in a lifejacket for the trip and took her into water with us at he sandbar. In Cozumel we took a taxi (no car seat) to Playa Mia, there are bus excursions that go there, too, if you feel more comfy in a bigger vehicle. DD hat a blast in the Aqua playpark and on the beach. In Jamaica our stop was Ochos Rios, where we just went to the beach. Whatever you decide, it´s gonna be a great tour.
  5. We took dd to the caribbean last spring while stil in diapers. As we travelled aboard MSC she was not allowed in the pools. We knew this beforehand and told her so. No biggie. In all the ports we made sure she got to enjoy the beach or pools, we took her to a beach in Jamaica, to a water park in Cozumel, to Stingray Sandbar in Grand Cayman, only Nassau was a water free day as we went to the Aquarium at Atlantis. There was so much to see and do, that she was never sad for not being able to use the pool onboard. If no splash-area seems to be a deal breaker, bring a tiny blowup tub which you can fill from the pool, however, be sure to empty it in a drain.
  6. We took our daughter, aged 2,5 at the time of the cruise, to Stingary City. We´ve been there before kids so were pretty sure, what to expect. We opted to go with Cpt. Marvins, taking us out on a sorkel and Stingray excursion with about 10 other guests. At the snorkel stops one of us stayed on the boat with dd and the other got to snorkel, taking turns. At the sandbar, we took dd with us in the water. DD wearing a lifevest and being on Daddys or my arm all the time. She was pretty shy, but petted a stingray. I´d say it was a great day out for all us.
  7. I did not fuss too much about napping, she Just fell asleep wegen she could No longer Go on, either in a stroller, on daddys arm, a lounge chair or even the floor. Kids can be flexibel.
  8. Hi, I hope to get some help here. We´ll be in Belfast Mid-August on a Sunday, arriving aboard AIDAaura. We thought heading for Giant´s Causeway would be cool, however, we are unable to find a rental car agency open on a Sunday morning Close to port. Are all rental car companies closed? What other options do we have? We are travelling with a 3 year old, so the cruiseship´s excursions don´t appeal to us and a day at the museum is not our cup of tea either... Any help is greatly appreciated.
  9. Just grab a Taxi, Head to Atlantis and you can buy your tickets Fight there .
  10. We took DD in her first Cruise at 9 month, her second at 2,5 years, the third at 3 ans are taking her for her next Cruise this Summer, weeks before her 4th birthday. Our Cruises ranged from 7 days to two weeks, with our problem arising whenever it's time to leave the ship to go home. DD loves Buffet Restaurants and Shows at the theatre...
  11. Our daughter was 2,5 years old when we were in Nassau. We took her to the Aquarium at Atlantis via taxi. She loved the fishes, rays and sharks...
  12. We are taking dd on her 4th cruise this summer. We did the first Family cruise when she was 9 month old, carried a Baby car seat, stroller, carrier, tons of diapers and everything I thought we might need. She suprised us by being super easy. We took her to the dinig romm (on HAL) and just twice did she get fussy, so she and I left early. It has become a habit that on vacation we turn in early, so by nine pm it´s light out for her and me, we are mostly in the stateroom well before that time. Daddy might go to a Show or the gym. On her second cruise she was 2,5 years old, still in diapers, but no pack´n´play for her anymore, we were prepared to put her on an air matress on the floor, however on day 1 we returned to the stateroom after dinner and the Steward had pulled down the pullman bed. No Chance on her not sleeping up there, all went well. We enjoyed the ship even without using the pools, just used the beach on port days and dd loved the softice machines. Cruise 3 and dd just had turned 3 and with the promise of pooltime was potty trained without accidents by then. She loved the pool and buffet. Luggage carried more toys, less other stuff. She tried the Kids Club for the first time. She´s in daycare at home, but did not like the Kids Club as there were some pretty wild Kids there that dominated the Scene. So she was mostly with us, we did a trick or treat Event together, went to the MDR (yeah, we are using a kindle fire to keep her entertained), and spent lots of time as a Family. Cruise 4 is coming up this Summer. We´ll try the Kids Club again and just plan on going with the flow. If she does not like the Club at least one of us will Keep her entertained while the second parent can go to a presentation, the gym or whatever. Port time consists of vistis to playgrounds and more Family time. We love cruising, it´s a relaxed vacation for all 3 of us and dd always asks when we are going on a ship again... My advice for all parents, pack what you need at home for your kids, bring medication and just relax, it´s a vacation.
  13. A European Cruise means a better Chance of more German speaking passengers and therefore also German speaking Crew in the Kidsclub, Too. Just be aware that There is a Chance your Kid won't like the Club regardless of them speaking German or not
  14. Maybe You can add which Cruiseline and or ship as Kidsclub works different on different lines. It May make a Difference If you Cruise in Europe or USA
  15. Which ship are you cruising on? If the 1year old ist still in diapers, the kid won't bei able to Use a pool in most ships, some ships do have splash zones. If diapers are still in Use Bring more than you think. Floating devices for pool and/or Port are a necessity. You can take towels from the ship. Bring medicin
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