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  1. Usually quiet, with no visits from the Entertainment staff.
  2. Yes, I took a half litre of Gin, half litre of Bacardi,and then 4x 250ml little bottles of Proseco.
  3. I have only used the Retreat on the Azura. The Britannia, is nicer. We booked for the entire cruise , at the spa desk on our embarkation day. Yes it is massively discounted for entire cruise. You cannot book pre-cruise, however should you pre-book a Spa Package, then the day of your treatments, includes the Retreat for that day. As the previous poster stated, it can also be booked day by day, but it is subject to availability, and only on the morning of the day you wish to book. We did enjoy it, very much. On a sea day, if you book, you wont be searching round for a free sunbed, amongst the crowds. Enjoy 🙂
  4. Many thanks for explaining . It's not a great amount but good to know
  5. Do you have 10% Spanish tax added, when in port in Spain and or Spanish waters? C an someone confirm please. Based on a round trip from Southampton. Many thanks
  6. Yes totally agree about the Retreat. We used it for the entire cruise and it was, as you say, relaxed and a real away from the crowd experience.
  7. Only once on board. We went straight to the Spa reception, as soon as we got on. We booked the entire cruise. However should you only want to book on a daily basis, its turn up on the day and take a chance they have availability. If you happen to book a spa package on your cruise personaliser, before you set sail, then retreat passes for the treatment day, you've booked, are included. Booking the entire cruise, is heavily discounted. Of course your butler can make the reservation also.
  8. We got fab OBC, much more than the parking, hence our choice this time. Have had the free parking in the past or paid for CPS. Parking4 for us this time.
  9. We'd always used CPS, but when I too compared prices...same as you have quoted, it is a no brainer.
  10. We took just a few cans of pre-mixed G&T. Nowhere near a litre each. Anyway, I happened to mention it, on a FB page, and some people had a right go at me. no one was in the least bit bothered at Southampton though.
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