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  1. They have been saying they can change my name. I have called 5 times and it still isn’t done. Maybe someday.
  2. This might work if they ever change my name to match my bookings. Celebrity website is just as bad. I always wonder why these billion dollar companies can't or won’t hire competent web people.
  3. Is there a way to put both my cruises on the website at the same time? Or the MSC and Me site? I would call but they can’t even change my name on the website to include my middle name which is what my passport has. They are unable to link my Voyager Club number on the website because they say it isn’t the same name.
  4. Drive to a park n cruise. They drive you to the port and pick you up. No driving into the port.
  5. The crew talent show! And the pig roast on deck that had the officers doing the serving!
  6. Unfortunately dishonest people ruin it for the rest of us. I will just pay the difference as it will be cheaper than upgrading both of us when my husband drinks only beer, rum and Hendricks gin...
  7. Do both passengers have to upgrade? My husband is fine with the premium but I like the better champagne, scotch and wine.
  8. I have been trying to fix mine for months. I have all the correct info on my MSC & Me app but the regular website said my voyagers club number didn’t match. This was because when I first set up my account there isn’t a place for a middle name. I should have put my first name and middle name in the space for first name. This is because it has to match your passport information. There is no way for them to change it so they are deleting it all and I will have to resubmit it. After 5 tries for them to fix it they said this is the only solution.
  9. There was never a plan to put a pool in on any revolutionized ship. It can’t be done. This is what an officer on the Edge told me.
  10. Please tell Oleksi and Santos hello from Jill andJoe! We just got off on 1/31. Have known Santos for a long time. They were both so much fun.
  11. I just got the same answer over the phone about not being able to upgrade to the premium plus package anymore. I too was looking for the good champagne and JWB.
  12. Thank you everyone. I will wait to book my second YC onboard for the $200 and have it sent to my TA for their perks too. I can always find a way to spend it!
  13. Are there any advantages to booking on board? We are taking our first MSC in September and want to book another but will wait if there are benefits for booking onboard. Thank you, Jill
  14. When I first did the match I was Black level but now that I booked I’m Gold level. I still appreciate the fact they have a loyalty match at all and can’t wait for my first MSC cruise!
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