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  1. What is wrong with you people? Negative negative negative. I need and want something positive in my life right now and this picture made me smile. It made me think of my future cruises and how much I am looking forward to them. Calm seas everyone...
  2. Thank you! I will try this.
  3. The World Class Bar is pretty much the only bar we drink at. I have had some amazing ‘special’ drinks they make with the liquor I want. Santos once made me the best Bloody Mary I ever had (besides mine) but it has to be ordered a few days ahead. My husband now drinks Brambles because he made one for him a few years ago. I only go to the martini bar for a martini.. gee I wish I were sailing now!
  4. I did a tour with Terry on Samana twice. The locals couldn’t have been nicer. We went horseback riding and dropped school and sports supplies off at the local school. We also brought baby clothes and donated them as we were driving around. I loved the Island and the people who were so grateful.
  5. I have been searching for a TA for MSC (my regular TA won’t deal with them) and the one I used didn’t give any incentive and getting info from them is like pulling teeth!
  6. I have been trying for over 2 months (every other day) to have them delete my website information so I can start over again. I didn’t put my middle name in (no place to so I was suppose to put it after my first name I guess). Without my middle name which my passport and all my bookings plus voyager number are under they say it is not me. Unbelievable a billion dollar company cannot hire competent web people. To be fair Celebrity must hire the same people. I am on hold again, been 20 minutes so far today.
  7. When I made the Bulliet infusion from the World Class Bar I used the recipe from their menu and it called for Carpano Antica so I believe they might have it there.
  8. Unfortunately I think they ruined the food experience in an attempt to ‘Americanize’ it. The European food service should have been kept so that we can experience something different as opposed to the other US based ships. Still looking forward to my Sept cruises!
  9. I hate thinking this but I want to see the bottle they are making my drink with. Who knows what brand they are using. I feel bad even thinking that but I saw this when I asked for a wine list and they said I will just pick one.
  10. Thank you! Good to hear! So looking forward to our cruises.
  11. Hi, first time MSC cruiser after 37 Celebrity cruises. How is the smoking at the pool and the outdoor YC grill? Are you able to get away from it? We are doing B2B in Sept on the Seaside. Did a suite on the Celebrity Edge and loved it but have always wanted to try the MSC YC!
  12. Ha ha it was the 70’s and my grandmother told me I looked a little to familiar with that hookah! Ah the good old days..
  13. It was a hookah smoking caterpillar! I played that part in our high school play! Looong time ago.
  14. They have been saying they can change my name. I have called 5 times and it still isn’t done. Maybe someday.
  15. This might work if they ever change my name to match my bookings. Celebrity website is just as bad. I always wonder why these billion dollar companies can't or won’t hire competent web people.
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