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  1. I don’t think Celebrity cares whether the governor is suing the CDC or not. Celebrity doesn’t want to sail with unvaccinated people whatever the CDC says. He is suing the CDC for his own reasons. If Celebrity wanted to sail without any restrictions they wouldn’t be looking for a work around. One large outbreak and that is it for cruising.
  2. Ahh but not here in Florida. The governor is in everybody’s business telling us what is best for us. I hope the cruise lines pick another state to cruise from. I don’t mind the drive, it just adds to the vacation!
  3. Medical yes but hopefully not for religious reasons. Every non vaxed person will use that excuse.
  4. Booked B2B 11/20 and 27.
  5. I’m far from a GenX but can guarantee I spend more money on shoes and clothes than they do. That last one is just bizarre! Oh and I frequently cruise on Celebrity with Jeff and Angelina SMH.
  6. The last year or so it was unlimited drinks 5-7pm for elite happy hour on your sea pass. The best is we get a discount on the upgrade. That has been a perk for years!!
  7. Ah... Lisa Lisa Lisa. Discounts on photo packages for Elite Plus who already have thousands of cruise pictures. Discounts at the spa. Both photos and the spa are so over priced that even with the discounts it is still way over priced.
  8. Yes I was! I did 9 Mercury cruises in 14 months. I really miss Jim and MaryLou. I’m a Florida girl now but miss Rhode Island very much. Happy Thanksgiving and can’t wait to get on the Apex!
  9. I’m glad we did the Lift&Shift for that Apex cruise! Patti told me you did also. Hopefully see you in 2022!
  10. I feel they will have to shrink the amount of ships they have. They will be able to fill some of their ships but not all with what the new pricing will be. I couldn’t decide to lift and shift for my Jan Connie cruise or take the FCC. This has helped me decide to L&S because I will never get that price again in the Retreat.
  11. Definitely true! It’s like the Wild West here in Florida when it comes to masks.
  12. Thank you MiamiNice for taking me on such a wonderful adventure! I hope to cruise in January but not too hopeful. Thanks again for an excellent live from report!!
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