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  1. We have been on 37 Celebrity cruises and my husband said the Edge Luminae is the best restaurant of any cruise he’s been on. The retreat deck is wonderful too with a pool and a bar. Also can have a lite lunch out there.
  2. I have just about every pair of Keno sandals they make!
  3. Am I missing something? Is Robert Mondavi not a Napa wine?
  4. Our Celebrity TA (big online) won’t do MSC bookings so we are looking for one that does for our B2B YC in Nov 2021. The first one we called said Seashore is not sailing from Florida. We just booked it directly with MSC and wanted to transfer it to an agent but no luck so far.
  5. Just booked B2B in November 2021. Our Seaside was cancelled for September.
  6. I finally was able to book the 5+5% today. It just showed up on the website so I booked a B2B Seashore to make up for my cancelled Seasides. And I got the same room which I didn’t have on the Seaside. Both my Seashore cruises are Voyager Selection. Now just the 500 day wait!!
  7. Just booked the Nov 20th and 27th on the Seashore a few minutes ago. My Sept Seaside B2B was cancelled so I booked this instead. I also got the same room which I didn’t have on the Seaside.
  8. I am a Gold Voyager Club member as I did the loyalty match.
  9. Thank you all for the information. I want to book the same cruise I had (B2B) on the Seaside or some other ship, what’s ever going to be around next year, for a comparable one next September in YC. I will call my TA and tell them to find me a Voyager Cruise for the same time frame in 2021. This was my first MSC and I was so looking forward to it. I will get there eventually!
  10. It won’t allow me to book the 5+5 and double points on the US sight. It keeps sending me to the UK site and then won’t let me book because I’m not on the US sight. Every once in a while it will let me look at the Voyager selection cruises on the US sight (but not book) and then in an hour there’s an error message. I called and two different reps had no idea what I was talking about. They said you can’t get double points with YC Voyager selection cruises. It does say you do on the website.
  11. I just got off the phone with MSC and the rep said there is no such thing as 15% + 5% off of Voyager Club departures. We had booked this because in YC that also gave us double points. Does anyone know if this was a temporary promotion? Two reps had no idea what I was talking about. This is a screenshot from the MSC website the rep said never existed.
  12. Same here! Though our 21 days are split between Jan and March! The price for a SS is amazing (was). The price has more than doubled now. One extra martini and I won’t care the ship is not revolutionized. Actually I am looking forward to the old ocean liner look in Michaels Club.
  13. Is anyone else having trouble searching Voyager Club cruises?
  14. The S3 is 292 and the S2 and S1 are 319. That’s OK the Retreat areas are all the same!
  15. Our first Celebrity ship too. Went to Bermuda in 2001. It was my husbands first cruise and it rained every day but 2 out of 7. Very rough seas over and back. Well he loved it anyways and we haven’t stopped yet!
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