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  1. We did it early on, and we were able to transfer from an 11 day Iberian to a 12 day Iberian Cruise. No extra charges. Some of the Roll Call members also switched, but later on in the process it seemed as if Celebrity would not make the change. Diane
  2. Looking forward to following your review. We’re on the Reflection for a B2B in September this year and again in October next year. Diane
  3. Well I did get the Celebrity invoices when I asked for them. I will followup on the B2B discount. Thank you for the help. Diane
  4. She got back to me and she did try. Apparently, too many promotions applied to get this discount. Anyone else ever get this response? Diane
  5. Thanks. I have emailed her. I don’t get the Celebrity invoice, just the Agency invoice. Should I be concerned? Diane
  6. The classic package is a great perk. Dependent on what you drink, it may be worth upgrading. I like the specialty coffees, martinis, world class bar and better choice of wines. Better beers are also in the premium. We always upgrade to premium, but it’s a personal choice.
  7. After several cruises, we are doing our first B2B on the Reflection. I thought that we are eligible for dollars off or cruise credit from Celebrity. Does anyone what we get and how to get this? We booked through an agent. Thanks for your help. Diane
  8. We have never been on the Ruby, or any river cruise for that matter. This is our first. I would think water levels is definitely the reason. Once ships get to a certain place and then water makes it impossible for them to pass back, it necessitates changing the schedule. We have go be thankful that at least there are enough ships to do a swap. Diane
  9. We got an email yesterday morning that we will be on the Jade. I think it may be a bit newer than the Ruby, but all ships were refurbished this year, so not sure it really matters. I’m more concerned about not staying in a hotel. Hoping with the little bit of rain that we will be OK. If anything hope there is only one ship swap. Diane
  10. We’re supposed to be on the Ruby, but not sure that will happen. Waiting to hear. I agree about the water levels. Praying for nightly rain! Diane
  11. This is what I’m hoping for. We leave October 7th from Budapest on the Jewels of Europe. Looking forward to some beautiful colors. BTW, thank you for the river level updates. So helpful. Diane
  12. We will be in Amsterdam October 21-24 after a river cruise. I am prebooking the Anne Frank House and museums. Is it really necessary to prebook the Ice Bar and Heineken Experience? I would prefer to do these at our leisure rather than having to make a specific time. Any advice is appreciated.
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