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  1. I was totally disappointed with departure on this cruise. How did anyone get those coveted beige tags?!?! Our flight was at 1030 and we almost missed it ( i realize that i should've booked one after 1130 ). HOWEVER, I have done the 'express departure' in the past and was in the first group off the boat. This time, the name was changed to 'self - carry'' departure and we couldn't get off until 8:30. I was expecting to be able to get off first with the 'self-carry' departure; i was wrong. I guess they changed the way they do this. AND, may I mention that we were all crammed into studio B with our luggage. Nobody wanted to follow rules and just about trampled each other with luggage in hand when they said we could leave. I think that more people chose to do this than what Royal expected. Here's my question: with my flight time, I could've made it easily to the airport with the beige tag. Why didn't they give us these or mention that we could possibly get them? They gave us Orange tags - nearly the last to be called. This is my seventh cruise and I've never had such a crazy departure. I mean, There were people dropping f-bombs at each other because it was so stressful and unorganized.
  2. no, c. diff didn't occur because of 'illegal' drugs. it happened because the person decided they knew when it is best for them to take antibiotics and this was not under the supervision of a doctor. There is a reason antibiotics require an RX here - if not, people would take them for everything! Hence therefore, causing problems. I.e. VRE and MRSA - drug resistant organisms that we can now barely kill. c. diff does happen here when someone is prescribed antibiotics, but guess what: if you're under a docs supervision, you call him when you experience side effects and he brings you in for evaluation. he decides you have c. diff before it gets bad and treats it. And it takes more than one 7 day course for c. diff to get THAT bad. so, this girl must've been taking a lot. And, like the first poster, i'm a registered nurse. yes, we do get charged a lot here for prescriptions. It's not because someone's out to get us, it's because we pay back the research costs. If nobody pays research back, then where do our new meds come from? should other countries pay these costs back too? I think they should. But, they don't.
  3. I was on the exact same sailing as the OP - Indy from Jan 3 - 9. I agree that it's mostsly individual between the staff and the vessel. Please don't let this turn you away from Royal! so much depends on the staff. it's not the worst cruise i've done and not the best (and all my cruises are with royal). Example Pros: The excursions were great this time. Chops staff was awesome. Again, the performers are great, as you said. Windjammer and bar staff were great. The ship itself is beautiful and the cruise director was great. Our stateroom attendent was one of the best we've ever had! my only complaints: 1.) our tv system for booking didn't work until day 2 (and we usually book excursions this way). I think we called about it twice. 2.)The food wasn't as good as we're used to. The variety wasn't there either (in the windjammer). this is why we ate at chops for 2 nights. we loved chops. also, some of the windjammer staff were really helpful and some weren't. 3.)also, the worst was departure day. we did self carry departure and everyone was crammed into studio B and people literally almost trampled others getting out when they said we could leave. So, let me say that we encountered some snafus on this cruise that we didn't experience before. however, one vessel does not represent all of royal caribbean. Also, one sailing may be different than the next. I read a lot of reviews from the december sailings of Indy that were definately different than my sailing. And, all said, the things we found to be less than excellent on this cruise wouldn't keep us from booking again.
  4. I'm not sure of the exact name of the beach, but we did the sea turtle snorkel excursion with royal caribbean to get there. as part of the excursion, they ferry you out to playa del carmen (the mainland) and then, you get on a van to drive about 45 minutes into the mainland. The place we were at is a sea turtle sanctuary. after snorkeling from the beach, you get a 45 minute beach break on that beach (where i took the picture). They feed you lunch and then you go back to cozumel. My only gripe about this excrusion is that the ferry to playa del carmen was about 30 minutes in a smaller vessel that was very bumpy. i definately got motion sick in the ferry along with probably at least 10 other passengers. I am very prone to motion sickness but the Independance of the seas never bothered me (didn't have to take meds on the Indy). Otherwise, perfect excursion. :-)
  5. So, I was on a cruise last week and passed by 2 drug stores that are in very close proximity to the ports. They advertise, on the big signs outside the pharmacy, that they sell...... anabolics cipro ****** ultram etc..... the red flag for me is the advertising that they are selling anabolics (a known abused and therefore illegal drug here). Just didn't seem legit to me.... there could very well be places that are legitimate but these pharmacies in tourist areas don't seem to be it. It was a little scary to me. And of course, I didn't visit the store.
  6. I was in cozumel on Thursday of this past week (3 days ago). it was cool for them (they were wearing jackets) but plenty warm. We went snorkeling and the water was chilly at first but warmed up as we swam. we had a one hour beach break with very nice beach temps. warm, with a nice cool breeze. It was definately warm enough for a beach day. However, in ports (such as belize) when the sun wasn't out, I think the temperature was a little cooler. Here's a pic from cozumel. I considered it to be perfect....
  7. I also got off Independence today. The previous poster was right about the 2nd and 5th nights. Lobster is night number 5. I usually wear what I would consider "church clothes" - a nice dress, but not an evening gown. most women wear dresses and mean wear suits or at least a tie.
  8. I can't compare both, but I just came back from Independence today and we did Chacchoben in costa maya. I must say that the chacchoben excursion is one of the BEST I've done in a very long time. It was great. I was reccomended to do this from a friend and she was right - it was cool. Our guide, Diana, made all the difference. She was so knowledgeable and you could tell she had a passion for mayan history. She gave us an hour's worth of information on the way to the ruins (in a very nice bus) and then gave us an awesome tour of the ruins themselves. I was afraid I would be bored looking at ruins for hours, but I was rivited. I definately reccomend this excursion. This was diana telling us about the first struture along with the history of the country. panoramic of one of the ruins
  9. Wine flight for Wine tasting on Mariner of the Seas (in Vintages)
  10. I have more pictures :-) I love seeing other people's pics posted on the boards, so, I'll put some of mine up. The Rock Wall... The Theater Another atrium view Inside the Dining room. Since It's Christmas, I thought this may be appropriate. this was taken in 2004, before the stretch. We went on a cruise the week before Christmas.
  11. Oh, and I see you are wanting information on the Centrum....I have pictures. :-) this is the 'centrum' on enchantment. enchantment was pre-promenade. This is Chops Grille
  12. In my opinion, enchantment is one of the best 'little' ships that royal has. the other poster was right about the stretch. Enchantment has the largest Chops in the fleet! The pool deck is much nicer now, as well as other areas being upgraded. I've been on enchantment once before the stretch and once after. The only complaint I have about enchantment is that, because it is smaller, I have been seasick on it whereas I haven't ever been seasick on voyager class or higher. I still prefer voyager/freedom class over all others, though. Here are some perks/disadvantages I can think of on enchantment. There are lots of great about enchantment (including more personal service, i think) but here are some of the things I miss from the bigger ships: -windjammer (the windjammer on enchantment is small) -promenade rooms and promenade -larger rooms (overall, enchantment rooms are smaller) -less movement on the ship (you can really feel enchantment move in rough waters) -cafe promenade (none on enchantment) -tv booking system (last time, enchantment was still pencil and paper for booking excursions)
  13. Recently, OBC's not given to who they are to be distributed to has been discussed recently on this board. I booked our upcoming Jan. 3rd Independence cruise during one of the WOW sales. During the WOW sale, it promises half the deposit fee (benefit I did recieve), lower rates (check), and an OBC of 100 dollars for this length of stay. I was told by the representative that the credit would be distributed after the WOW sale was over with (because of something to do with the amount of bookings during the promotion). So, I didn't worry about it.......................up until this week when I was reading about some who NEVER recieved their credits. I called royal carribbean about this. During the call, I was transferred to three people and finally someone said they had to check with their supervisor. After being on hold for 5 minutes, I was told that I WAS to recieve the credit, but it wasn't credited yet. She at that point told me that she put the credit on my account. Moral of the story: if you think you are supposed to have an OBC, call royal and check. Mine wasn't there until I did, and I've read many stories of people who cruised and NEVER recieved the credit (as well as being told that they won't after the cruise completion).
  14. I HAVE EXPERIENCE IN THIS AREA FOR SURE!!! :-) I broke my wrist so badly (one week before the cruise) that I had to have surgery to have it set, pins placed internally, and then an external fixator (for you non-medical folks: it's an external device to keep an extremity immobline and pins are screwed into bones from the outside skin). So, I had surgery on a Friday and cruised 9 days later. I could not even THINK about getting in a pool, hot tub or ocean. to shower, I had to wrap my arm and hold it out of the shower to keep absolutely dry. So, to say the least, I advocate for not booking shore excursions until you're on that boat. If i had booked excursions prior, I would've had to cancel every one of them (because i like to snorkel). So, I did bring some pain meds with me and relaxed on the cruise. We did some shopping in the ports and some bus tours. For a broken ankle not in a cast, you could probably lay out at the beach or do bus tours also. depending on how comfortable you are, you could walk around town or shop. there's plenty to do.
  15. Stacy, thank you for posting this. It's good advice for all of us. For example, I was promised an OBC for booking during a wow sale. the rep told me that i would get a second statement reflecting the change and I never did. Well, I figured it would show up sometime, and, like you, I figured if It didn't, I'd speak with the reps on board and have it worked out nice and quick. I've never had a problem with royal's customer service in the 6 cruises I've done but it doesn't mean that problems don't exist. Let me say that today, I emailed my contact with royal and asked about the OBC to make sure it's there before cruising. It's also good to let people know about the dysentery. Again, in the six cruises I've done, I've never been told that food COULD NOT be taken off the ship. I would've also beleived it if I was told the food came from the ship. I normally don't drink the water or eat the food in ports though because I'm soooo paranoid about the different bacteria (i'm a nurse). So, even though some here will flame you for complaining, I won't. I think it's good information to pass on and it sounds like your cruise was very fun aside from these two issues. :-)
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