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  1. Thanks so much for the link. Will also keep checking closer to sailing.
  2. Thanks everyone! I will keep an eye on the prices...especially Black Friday weekend.
  3. I know it’s probably cheaper to just get the full package ahead of time, but I was wondering if it might just be easier to pay for the days we need it on the ship. In other words, maybe four days out of 10. Can I purchase it by the day or do they discount the packages while on this ship if you wait a day or two?
  4. Ok thank you! That’s what I wasn’t sure of. Will do the internet package then.
  5. Hi there! We are sailing on the Explorer of the Seas in February and I am debating whether to add the internet package or not. We have unlimited service with Verizon and utilize their TravelPass when traveling to other countries. I am wondering, however, if it will work on the ship as well? We have t sailed in a few years so I cannot remember. Any advice is really appreciated! Thanks!
  6. Anyone else wish these ships did longer itineraries in the Caribbean? We tend to cruise in the winter and fly from New England. With that in mind, I am always looking for a longer itinerary to get the most days out of of the cold weather and in the warm sun. Unfortunately, every time I look I never find a 9 night or longer on Oasis or Allure, etc.. For this February we are booked on a 9 night on the Explorer. While I am very excited, I do wish I had the option of going on one of the larger ships since a seven day itinerary doesn’t give as much time to enjoy both the ship and the ports. Wonder why they don’t....
  7. Havent sailed in a couple years. Could someone tell me what The Key is? Thanks!
  8. I know the Explorer does. Hope others can answer better than I.
  9. Hi there! We will be in Aruba next February and would like a great beach day. I know we can get a day pass to resorts like the Barcelo or take a cab to a beach and lay out of pocket for chairs, umbrella and food and drinks. Trying to figure out whether one is better than the other and if they would wind up costing about the same in the long run. We are in port for around 12 hours so it will be a full day. Any advice is greatly appreciated!
  10. Wondering if anyone has used them for Miami hotels?
  11. Will be in Aruba on the Explorer next February with my husband. We love exploring and beaches and shopping, etc. Wondering if we should rent a car for the day and take off to explore on our own or if there are certain excursions we really should do instead? Any and all advice is very much appreciated!
  12. We just booked a cruise for next February and wound up choosing based more on the itinerary for the first time (but also taking the ship into consideration as well). In the past, it has primarily been based on price and ship...particularly when bringing all three kids with us. This time it is just my husband and I so we opted for a longer itinerary on a ship we know we both like. Booked the 9 night Explorer of the Seas for February 7. Would love to try an Oasis class or larger, but this time we wanted more days with long times in ports to escape some of the winter weather here in Massachusetts. Do you tend to book based on ship or itinerary more?
  13. I just booked a 9 night on the Explorer and it is showing the drink package at $50 a day. That would be an extra $1000 on our cruise. I just can’t see us drinking that much. I usually will have one drink poolside and two glasses of wine a day. My dh drinks maybe the same or less. I think we will pay out of pocket and maybe buy a 10drink card if they are offered on sale. Jist the calories alone I would consume if I get the package is enough to frighten me.😂😂😂
  14. Thanks so much! Will try and find it now that I know it is an option.
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