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  1. Not sure at this point. We are booked for a family cruise in February but now rethinking it. I think a lot of what we liked about cruising may now change (Windjammer, Spa, for example) and after all the ships being stuck at sea I am not sure I want to deal with that particularly during flu season on top of this virus.
  2. Sorry! Was just saying that I saw on CNN’s page that the Regal was being being tested off the coast of Florida.
  3. Just saw this on CNN’s website. Sending good thoughts to all aboard.
  4. I would also suggest looking into the Explorer. Smaller and older than Harmony, but it is being renovated this coming month. I am sure it will be even better after it is “Amped”. We just did the southern itinerary two weeks ago and it was fantastic! Loved it so much I just booked it again for next February. It is 9 nights which was awesome. We are from Massachusetts and also like to escape the cold. I figure if I have to pay for flights, I want to maximize the time away. Another thing we loved is the ports and the fact the ship is actually in each port all day. Aruba is like a 13 hour port stop. Plenty of time to do things and not rush. And the last two days are sea days which was such a relaxing way to end the trip. I think this itinerary is one of the best they offer. Wish they did more 9 nighters with long port days. Whatever you choose, have fun planning!
  5. My husband and I just did this itinerary on the Explorer a few weeks ago and loved it. Have not sailed Norwegian, but it was our third time on Explorer. While she is an older ship, it was still in great shape. The food was very good, and the service was excellent.. After drydock, it will be even better. We liked it so much that I just booked it again for next February so our adult kids can go too. One of the things that originally sold us on Explorer is the itinerary is fantastic. The ports are all great and the ship is actually in each port all day! Most days are like 8-5 or 6 and Aruba is like 9am to 10pm. Then you end the trip with two very relaxing sea days. There is actually time to see things without rushing back to the ship. Hope this helps! Whatever you decide will be great! Have fun planning!
  6. I just booked Explorer for next February and have a couple questions on changes made to Amped ships? Will they update the cabins? Will they still have the ice show even though they are adding Laser Tag to Studio B? Do they add new looks to the Royal Promenade, etc besides adding Sports Bar and Starbucks? Any changes to Windjammer? Will the gym and spa be smaller now? I know each ship is a little different, just curious if overall they make these similar changes? Thanks!
  7. Wondering if there is a set time after booking that they open up cruise planning? Looking to possibly get drink package and voom. Or is it just random timing? Thanks! PS. Cruise is for next February so I know it’s pretty far out at this point. Will just keep checking but was curious.
  8. So because it has been “discussed” before I shouldn’t post it? I know they won’t change it. But I also think it is nice to let people know. Maybe someone logging on today has not read the many discussions before. And as far as I can tell, almost every topic has been discussed before. That’s ok to me.
  9. I have sailed enough times and booked with enough agencies to know what is a legitimate quote and what is not. And these were with agencies I am quite familiar with. The fact of of the matter is that in my case there was no reason to book onboard. There was NO onboard booking bonus. The onboard credit was $50 less than I found on my own. When I went back and showed them the quote, all she said was that was the best she could do because the “computer doesn’t let them do anything”. I realize her her hands were tied of course. The entire point of my post is simply buyer beware. Just because Royal Caribbean says it’s a deal, doesn’t make it one in every case.
  10. Just making people aware. If you buy onboard, most people are not going to then go look up the “fine print”. It should be posted clearly at the cafe. For me, it wasn’t a big deal since I wasn’t going to drink more than the card offered anyway. But if a couple were sharing the card, this would mean they could only get half the coffees they thought they were originally purchasing.
  11. I did go back to them. The “onboard booking bonus” was an OBC that was $50 less than the online quotes I found. That’s why I’m posting this. There was NO incentive to book onboard. In fact, I even had them quote me the same cabin we were in which is what I used for the online quotes since it showed up as available. I was very careful to compare the exact same thing.
  12. Recently purchased this onboard Explorer to use for my daily cappuccinos. While it was great to have, just want to let people know that if you want anything larger than a small specialty coffee they will count it as two drinks on your card. Many people were not happy about this because it was not posted anywhere that people could see. Im sure it’s in the fine print if you buy online, but if you purchase the first day, no one tells you that. Not a big deal, but I do think it is another way they nickel and dime people. Just make it clear beforehand. So I just thought I would give a heads up for others considering getting one.😊
  13. We were just on the Explorer of the Seas and decided to see about booking our next cruise while still onboard. We asked for a quote for the same cruise and same category cabin for next year. They printed out the quote and we went back to our cabin to consider it. I then decided to check online to make sure the quote was better than if we wait to book. To my surprise, I found a rate of $200 cheaper online along with a higher offer of onboard credit. Needless to say, we did not book onboard. I thought there was supposed to be an incentive to book onboard, but that is obviously not the case. I would just caution others to do your research.
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