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  1. We're just off the Magic and a gentleman next to us asked the same question. The server said your allowed 2 apps a salad or soup but only one dinner.
  2. We sail Dec 29 th and haven't been able to order soda too.
  3. Thought I read somewhere that their beer Red Frog is actually brewed by Budweiser , maybe that's why they don't have regular bud.
  4. Back in the olden days this port for whatever unspoken rule allowed you to drag as much alcohol on board. It was don't ask don't tell situation. You can search this topic but when we traveled from this port was told just put it in a carry on bag and don't flaunt it. Had no problem getting it onboard.
  5. Just off the Equinox in a RS. 11609 If your butler is Gene say hello for us. (Angela and Bill) Was a gentleman and provided excellent services. Enjoy your cruise
  6. Hi I'm platinum on Carnival and Elite with Celebrity. Yes many of the comments are correct. However coming from NY I have to say Carnival probably has the best pizza fleet-wide. Can't eat the pizza on Celebrity at all. On the Equinox in a suite in Sept. and the Carnival Magic for a New Years cruise. Carnival really doesn't offer any suite amenities in comparison to Celebrity. Hey we make the best out of both. But no one could come close in price for our New Years Eve cruise.
  7. I have found when in a royal suite just do it once you get on the ship. Never had a problem getting the times and restaurants that you need.
  8. We've actually stayed in the PH on the reflection 3 years ago, Prior to this new bidding process received a call one day before the cruise. Was offered this wonderful upgraded room. Didn't realize it was the PH. Took the offer which wasn't cheap. My impression was wow. WE TOO ARE IN OUR EARLY 60's and it was an amazing experience. The bathroom was just out of this world. This will be our third Celebrity cruise since and haven't stayed in anything but now a Royal suite. If I get the opportunity I would do it again BUT it would depend on the upgrade price. I would have to say it was not only the room but the way we were treated. They couldn't do enough for us. We had a malfunction in our room safe -wouldn't close - 10 minutes prior to our dinner reservation. We contacted the butler and within 10 minutes we had the head of housekeeping and head of maintenance in our room apologizing that it took to long to respond to our request. ( the battery died in the safe) When we showed up to dinner 10 minutes past our reservation, we were greeted with no problem " we heard about your problem and hope it was fixed and escorted to our table". I just think that the butlers in these rooms are the best, and your given that little extra attention. Hey like I said you'll be a big hit if your in a meet and greet group and they do a cabin crawl. I'd probably go for it again. Good luck
  9. Carnival also has popcorn during the movies on deck
  10. We are platinum on Carnival and going on a New Years Eve cruise with them. Why because of the cost. Got a nice rap around balcony room for a great price especially at this time of year. On the exquinox in sept. in a royal suite. There is no comparison between the two lines. This will be our 9th celebrity cruise so we do cruise a lot. Priced out New Year’s Eve with most of the lines so that’s why we’re back with them but Celebrity remains our favorite line.
  11. Back in the olden days Michaels club on the celebrity ships were their cigar rooms. Nothing like a good cigar and a scotch sitting in those leather back chairs.
  12. This will be our third time in a Royal suite. Our first time was with an upgrade call the day before our cruise. Now my wife and I have caught the bug. While I don’t consider us “ Butler people” I truly recommend if you get the opportunity to do it once. Ours butlers would bring us breakfast in the morning, escort us down to the gangway on tender ports days and get us off the ship, and make dinner reservation for us. On a previous post someone talk about the Butler magic and getting dinner reservations for the time we want when restaurants were supposedly full. They truly are amazing. They seem to know your whereabouts and know when you need something or don’t. I probably too underutilize them and read these post to see if I’m missing something. But they truly are amazing and usually make our cruises even more memorable.
  13. I booked a reservation for our New Years Eve cruise and got my reservation back within 5 days
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