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  1. Question: how much is FEMA an influence here to help get the ships in for humanitarian reasons? Seems Florida utilizes help from FEMA quite a bit during hurricanes so...... Just asking. It does seem very political. Hope this happens soon and all parties are good with the plan.
  2. No that is not true. Sleep apnea may eventually cause issues that may lead to early death but no one has a CPAP machine at home that is a life and death situation if not used every day/night. Even severe sleep apnea patients can be without it for one or two nights. There are other things that can help temporarily. Pulmonary nurse expert here..... IMO, they do not want the machines onboard because they cannot guarantee they have been cleaned appropriately and can be a petri dish of bacteria and viruses.
  3. What a great day, the villa looks lovely. Very nice pictures. I am not a big fan of HC even though we had a cabana last time but now I want to try a villa. Maybe I can afford it, maybe not, we'll see. Jealous but glad you had a great time! โ˜บ
  4. Yes! Some states need to declare a state of emergency to release any additional funds and programs. Some states it happens when it is deemed necessary by the govenor, no state of emergency needs to be declared. Sounds more dire that needed by some states.
  5. Haha, duly notified.....haha! Stress can compromise the immune system also, you really need to stay home. Right now the cautions are for vulnerable people, underlying medical issues etc. As others have said, you can be exposed to it in your own community; church, grocery store, Target.
  6. Good to know! Always think about upgrading but never have. Nice!!๐Ÿ˜Š
  7. So, how many cruises in the past few months/weeks that have taken place, on how many cruise lines that had no issues or people with the virus? It appears there are quite a few; how many are there with issues, 2 or 3? It also appears that the cruiselines and the cruisers are stepping up to ensure a clean cruise for all. All should be commended for their efforts. I believe people are trying to do the right thing for the greater good. My thanks to you all. Just a thought....... Safe cruising all! ๐Ÿ˜Š
  8. I agree everyone needs to take care of themselves based on what they believe is told to them. However, the current science and experts indicate the risk is low overall. Those with other risk factors are mentioned in the message but they are at risk in any infectious disease issue, this is not new. Stating some % based on generic or unknown numbers is not accurate or helpful, it sensationalizes the situation. I have watched the media and putting alarming adjectives around this is alarmist. It is very apparent that they are just repeating what the current science says but add tone and words that escalate the situation. Actually the information they report is very generic with lots of questions around it but this is info for the general public, it doesn't add up. Even the network science reporters, usually physicians, indicate the risk is low yet the anchors sensationalize things. Tabloid journalism and sadly, that is who people listen to, IMHO. Take care and wash your hands (not saying you don't)! โ˜บ
  9. Still speculation based on unknown numbers. No concrete or credible data available yet, so no facts. Are you in healthcare? It is a different persepective based on education and experience which the media and the general public doesn't have. Which one are you?
  10. All speculation on your part based on the little knowledge of the exact numbers known. Exactly the alarmist information the media has put out. Not really convinced you are knowledgable about epidemiology; the statistics are inferential and therefore not considered significant, too many variables that bring bias to any determination of the numbers. Are you even in healthcare?
  11. Hi Greenpea, this is great! I was on the Encore the same week so could not follow along with you and your sistah. I am a failure at tech stuff, your review and posts are great! Love all of the pics. You both look very relaxed and happy. I will be following along. ๐Ÿ˜Š #tribesistah
  12. Mine was listed inside of the reservation itself in my account on the HAL website. There was a window and a link to click on. Hope this helps.
  13. Ok, it might be where a person is located geographically. JMHO. No issues here. โ˜บ
  14. Not really....โ˜บ I guess it depends on what sports you follow.
  15. Been through the old locks, just wanted to know about the size of the ship. Not familiar with Princess ships. Thanks though.....
  16. I know this is an old thread but does anyone know which canal the Emerald Princess goes through, old or new? Haven't been able to tell by looking at a few websites. Any help is appreciated. ๐Ÿ˜
  17. I was talking about the type of statistics you quoted, descriptive statistics are always looked at with a bias in the analysis. Marketing research especially. If you base your opinion on this type of research analysis, there is bias inherent in the analysis. Sorry for the confusion. โ˜บ
  18. Hi OP, Very interesting post to say the least. It appears to be a `marketing` post. Using biased, descriptive statistics offers, not much credibility to your input/point. All of your references are, well, marketing driven. We all know how marketing works getting people to purchase a product. Anyone in research knows that surveys are the weakest tool used, as the response rate is usually low and often completed by those wanting to complain. Very one sided and also biased. Qualitative research is burdened with this so not as robust and is viewed as such. This is how marketing research is done, I have worked with it, so take all of the marketing analysts data results with a grain of salt or with eyes open to bias. This is my opinion based on experience but I do respect your opinions. Safe sailing all! โ˜บ
  19. If this man had a stroke just 2 months ago he probably is not physically or even emotionally strong enough to take on such a trip. Same with the family, they most likely are still trying get their hearts and head on what happened to their beloved family member. Recovery from a stroke can take a long time, even years. More than likely why his physician doesn't think he should go. I believe people forget how rigorous travel is now, even with assistance. The man has done a parental guilt trip on his daughter; his disrespectful behavior may be as a result of his stroke changing his personality. It happens. She may not be capable of saying no to him. OP, I totally understand where you are coming from; the situation is difficult to watch. I am in HC also. If they decide to take him, make recommendations if asked but otherwise I would stay out of it. Enjoy your own cruise as best you can. JMHO. Safe travels all!
  20. This is a great idea; I would need to look how far out I could book the second flight so we could space them out a bit. Thx!
  21. I agree, now we price out all of the cruiselines before we book. ๐Ÿ˜Š
  22. I know this is an old thread but would like to give a heads up about the hairdryers, again. I just got off of the Star and the hair dryer was awful! They are very low flow; reminds me of the dryers from the 70`s. Princess must have gotten a close out deal on them. I don't believe you can even buy one like this any more!๐Ÿ™„ See photo in post #36. Bring your own; I bought one at a port to use half way thru the cruise. Just doing due diligence to help the public....๐Ÿ˜Š Safe travels and good hair days all!!
  23. Sorry if you took this wrong, I was speaking to that specific poster. I agree with you, but how that poster's drinking profile has anything to do with your question, I am not sure. That is why I asked them. ๐Ÿ˜Š
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