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  1. CardFanDubG Thank you for this Wonderful post! It is one of the best reviews I have ever seen! It is well-written, to the point & includes the important information folks are always asking about. The additional picture & PDF file(s) put this review over the top. We are traveling in the end of September & your review is most helpful. ps: I have grandchildren living near Bowling Green KY & plan on visiting next spring.
  2. krisdamom

    Skagway info

    Shark&Minnow I see that we are nearly neighbors! We live in So. Mission Viejo, and...we are going to Alaska on the Jewel 1 month after you! I really look forward to hearing about your experience. πŸ™‚
  3. krisdamom

    Skagway info

    I found this interesting link, 'A Cruise Crews Guide to Skagway' πŸ™‚ http://www.ajauntwithjoy.com/guide-to-skagway-alaska/?fbclid=IwAR2Nz2YI4_XC1jTmkwY-wmeARzDT7WlJfq-QhsvvqIeVAFBBEETysUS-YnM
  4. I just read a Very Informative post by Turtles06 on this topic. It appears some different cabin categories are being added on Some ships after certain dates in 2020 /2021.
  5. I'm wondering if this 20% off discount / sale happens on any kind of a regular basis? I don't see any dates in 2021 for the European cruise we would like 😞
  6. Hello, We are looking at a Europe cruise for next fall & would like a Haven. I'm wondering where you saw the 20% off promo. ??
  7. There is a Facebook page for NCL Latitudes members & a woman posted yesterday about a noise issue at night in a similar cabin. Other group members confirmed your concern that the 'empty spaces' are indeed crew access.
  8. Thank you David! This is very helpful!
  9. martincath & AlanF65 You have both been so helpful regarding mobility assistance, I thought that you might also know if my husband can accompany me through check-in / customs, when I am in the cruiseline wheelchair with pusher I have arranged.
  10. Wow! That was extremely helpful! Thanks so much! πŸ™‚
  11. My husband & I will be staying there for our cruise at the end of September. I frequently need to walk with a cane due to arthritis if I'm walking more than a couple of blocks. I've arranged for wheelchair assistance to get to the ship itself but I'm wondering how far I actually need to walk after exiting the Pan until I get to baggage drop-off point for the ship. Yes, I know the hotel will deliver our luggage however, that is likely where I will meet the wheelchair. Thanks.
  12. Hello! Is there a particular number that you called? Our last cruise was 3 years ago and, at that time, several posts suggested a specific number. I used it & was successful πŸ™‚ There were also suggestions as to how far out from sail date to call. Thanks.
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