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  1. We were minor league season ticket holders for nearly 20 years and that type of pricing is common everywhere in the minors I know of. We paid a net of about $9 per ticket per game after the season ticket holder discount to sit in the third row directly behind home plate. We also paid about $2 per game for preferred parking as season ticket holders, got vouchers for free and discounted food and merchandise and got to meet the players and coaches at a preseason dinner. It was a pretty sweet deal and we would still be doing it had the pandemic not caused the cancellation of the 2020 minor league
  2. A reorganization under the bankruptcy laws is called Chapter 11, and this article provides a pretty good explanation. Basically, stockholders will find the value of their holdings to be greatly diminished: https://www.findlaw.com/bankruptcy/chapter-13/corporate-bankruptcy-what-every-investor-should-know.html#:~:text=Investors should understand that existing,dividends during a bankruptcy proceeding.
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    Our experience with the steamed whole lobster in Polo was horrible. The worst lobsters we've ever had...inedible...steamed to the consistency of mush. We sent them back and ate something else. BTW...this was on the first segment of an Insignia world cruise, where you would think you'd get the best of everything...and that everything would be as fresh as possible since the ship had just been provisioned in Miami, which wasn't always the case. we had rotten fruit a few days into the cruise for example. Frankly, the only thing that got me to go back to Oceania after that c
  4. American Cruise Lines, Uncruise Adventures and I think a couple of even smaller cruise lines whose names I don't recall provide cruises to Alaska on multiple US-flagged ships. Edit: I see the chief posted this information an instant before I did.
  5. I saw the HBO version of the show. I was driving on the Garden State Parkway headed for Cape May when the news of Mantle's death came over the radio. It's interesting how clearly I can remember where I was when I learned of something tragic happening. I remember being in my college freshman year physics lab class when the professor announced JFK's assassination, driving on the GSP when Mantle died, and in the midst of getting a haircut when the airplanes were flown into the WTC on 9/11/01 .
  6. I made no prediction about who might take those cruises, it very well might be mostly Europeans. I'm only saying that it's far more likely for NCL to restart in Europe than the US simply because there already is at least a limited amount of cruising taking place in Europe while it's going to be months before we are likely to see any action in the US. Having been on some NCL European cruises I can tell you that they draw a fairly significant number of European passengers, so it's not as if NCL only appeals to North Americans. They have a European customer base and market presence.
  7. Spent many an afternoon in Yankee Stadium watching "The Mick." My first baseball glove was a Rawlings Mickey Mantle model. Tried to imitate his batting stance...even tried to switch hit, but I couldn't even hit very well on my natural side, right handed. I have to say though that my most interesting and unusual childhood baseball experience came at a Dodgers-Giants game at the Polo Grounds that my father had taken me to in 1955. As improbable as it may seem, Jackie Robinson hit into a triple play that day.
  8. The point is that the crew from all three NCLH lines that were brought in for the restart are being sent home again so they're no longer on board for a near term restart. By the way only three of the smaller NCL ships are currently located in US waters so regardless of where they might usually be based at present most of the NCL capacity is also located in Europe right now.
  9. Not to mention the fact that there's virtually no chance there will be any significant amount of US-based cruising before late summer to early autumn making Europe the most likely starting point regardless of its profitability.
  10. FYI, for those with high loyalty status on NCL you do get a certain amount of free laundry...and for the last two years thanks to a liberal interpretation of the rules by a ship's general manager those of us who were on extended itineraries got all our laundry free. I'm not sure they'll be that liberal post pandemic however.
  11. MSC is carrying only Italian passengers on very limited Italian itineraries. That's not something that's useful as a model for Oceania's return to cruising.
  12. The crew being repatriated are not just NCL, they are from all three lines of the holding company. NCL ships were used because they're much bigger so they can carry far more crew numbers than the small Oceania and Regent Seven Seas ships. It's lot cheaper to use one or two large ships to transport the crew than several smaller ships.
  13. Just as the cruise lines' business model of incorporating in foreign countries and registering their ships under foreign flags of convenience in order to avoid paying federal income taxes on their profits and avoid US wage and labor laws came back to bite them by making them ineligible for federal pandemic aid . If the industry wants to know why they don't get a lot of support in Washington they just have to look in the mirror. While I have compassion for everyone in the industry and associated businesses who lost their jobs or may lose them in the future, as far as the cruise line
  14. Apparently the cruise lines affected by the regulation had no difficulty finding it because they all discontinued the technical stop in Ensenada and started making it an actual port call that most consider rather unattractive. Perhaps later today when I'm actually awake I'll try to dig up CFR reference again...but only if I've totally lost my mind.
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