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  1. The federal government has made it quite clear that they have no desire to create or require a national health passport. If it's going to happen private industry is going to have to take the lead and IIRC the government has essentially said that.
  2. Although I'm anything but a Carnival fan and enjoy cruising on NCL, IMO two overnights in Bermuda is far superior to only one night. Are you aware that you have to pay a 20% gratuity charge on NCL's "included" drink package? The assumed value of the package is $99 per person per day so the 20% gratuity will come to about $20 per day per person...in other words about $100 per person for the five night cruise.
  3. But individual US states have never and can not issue passports as only nations can issue passports, so I don't find your analogy to passports to be at all valid. Each state has always maintained its own vaccination database, which is undoubtedly a major contributing factor to why the federal government, which has never had a vaccination database, is not interested in attempting to create one for COVID vaccinations.
  4. OP is not going to Bermuda. They're cruising 14 days from today which is a NY to New Orleans repo that does not include Bermuda.
  5. OP says they're sailing 14 days from today, which is a repo cruise from NY to New Orleans that does not include Bermuda on its itinerary.
  6. Port Royal is a PGA quality course. They even offer a discount for cruise ship passengers that includes clubs, balls, golf cart, etc. You can reserve a tee time on their website: https://www.portroyalgolfcourse.com/ https://www.portroyalgolfcourse.com/cruise-ship-specials/
  7. No, the Global Entry card doesn't in and of itself allow you to travel internationally. You still need your passport for international travel. Global Entry works as ID in lieu of a REAL ID license for domestic flights or gaining entry to certain federal facilities, it gets you TSA Precheck privileges and gets more quickly you through customs and immigration checkpoints upon arrival in the US .
  8. If it's an actual charge then you can initiate a dispute with your credit card issuer. That way you can at least be given a temporary waiver from having to pay the charge until the dispute is resolved.
  9. Without commenting on the port fee issue are you sure that the $300 charge is an actual charge or is it just a pending charge or "hold" that NCL obtains when you check in to assure that you have sufficient available credit to pay for any onboard charges? All cruise lines put a hold on your card as do car rental companies and hotels. If it's a hold it will disappear from from credit card account shortly after NCL finalizes your onboard account and bills for your actual onboard expenses . The exact timing of how long the hold appears on your credit card account is a function of the procedures of the bank issuing the credit card and is not under NCL's control.
  10. Then you can certainly start the process now or in the near future and have plenty of time before your May cruise. Personally at this time with all the real and potential challenges of travel during the pandemic I feel very strongly that everyone should have a passport even for cruises where there would otherwise be only relatively minimal risks associated with using a passport card or birth certificate and photo ID.
  11. I agree about using Steve and his staff at tripinsurancestore.com . They're always available to answer your questions. In fact I just called them a few days ago with a question about insurance for an early 2023 trip. They offer a smaller selection of policies than some brokers, who just throw dozens of essentially identical policies against the wall and leave it to you to figure out the differences and if those differences are meaningful. Steve does that work for you. Some may consider this a negative, but I feel just the opposite. I can easily compare which of the small selection of policies best meets my needs and then call if I'm still uncertain. As someone who spent a couple of decades in the insurance industry (not sales, but as an actuary, systems manager and head of strategic planning) as well as having owned and operated a travel agency for several years, I think Steve is doing things the right way. Others are free to disagree and recommend their own favorites.
  12. Personally I would start the process as early I could...at a time when you know you won't need your current passport card for the near future, because passport application processing has been moving at a snail's pace since the start of the pandemic.
  13. You have to start from scratch submit an application for a new (first time) passport, Form DS-11, despite your already having a passport card. You can get both a new passport book and card in that single transaction as long as you pay the additional fee of $30 over the cost of just a passport. Unfortunately when you have to submit the DS-11 you have to go in person to an acceptance center...often a county clerk's office or a post office branch, to submit your other required documentation...evidence of citizenship, photo ID, etc. and pay an additional fee of $35 above the cost of the passport and passport card.
  14. But you don't have to carry birth certificate on NCL closed loop cruises. If you read my previous post you'll see that anyone who says NCL doesn't accept a passport card for a closed loop cruise is dead wrong. NCL accepts WHTI-compliant documents and a passport card is a WHTI-compliant document.
  15. Personally, I'd take a limo service or something like Uber Black . You really don't have all that much time to be fooling around taking a taxi to a car rental location and at the end of your drive dropping off the rental and then taking another taxi. If the ship arrives at 8 it doesn't mean you'll be able to disembark at 8 and clearing customs and immigration in San Pedro is notoriously slow. The couple of times I've done it the lines have moved at a snail's pace. Then if your ship in San Diego is leaving at 4 you'll probably have to be there no later than 2 so it all adds up to less time available for your trip than appears at first blush.
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