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  1. You can give them the exact fare when boarding.
  2. The final manifest isn't transmitted to CBP until one hour before the cruise. Any checking they do, with the exception perhaps of checking to see if anyone is on a terrorist watch list (and I'm not certain about that) will occur during the cruise, not before the cruise departs. CBP could care less if any other country might not admit a passenger due to a criminal history...that's the responsibility of the other countries to determine, not CBP. I have seen people taken into custody after the cruise returns to the US, not before it departs, because during the cruise it was determined they had an outstanding warrant or other criminal issue. CBP could care less if you had a DUI years ago .
  3. Actually in Canada you are generally allowed to remain on the ship but not disembark. Only in very rare cases do they take someone into custody and arrest or deport them.
  4. You continue to misunderstand what I"m saying. I'm not critiquing NCL at all. I'm debunking a BS story that claims NCL got some type of concession from Bermuda for free ferry service.
  5. Just so happens I'm a retired property and casualty actuary. I actually specialized in developing rating factors for catastrophes such as hurricanes and tornadoes. Just because Orlando is "safer' than some other Florida cities doesn't make it immune to hurricane damage. As even this article notes, Orlando got hit twice in one recent year. Hurricanes also don't typically make sudden left turns into New Jersey, but tell that to everyone who had their homes destroyed by Sandy.
  6. I never said it's a bad thing. My point is that we shouldn't attribute it to some type of benevolence toward its passengers on NCL's part that somehow got the government of Bermuda to provide free ferry service for NCL passengers.
  7. For someone to say that NCL passengers are getting "something for nothing" by suggesting that it's the government of Bermuda providing the service because NCL insisted on it is just flat-out wrong. Because NCL is paying for it, you. the NCL passengers, are paying for it. The cost of operating the ferry is built into your cruise fare.
  8. Orlando is about the same distance from Port Canaveral as Houston, Tx. is from Galveston...about 50 miles. Houston was absolutely devastated by flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey in 2017. Being 50 miles inland is not safe shelter from a strong storm.
  9. NCL is required to provide a free ferry as part of its contract with the government of Bermuda. NCL passengers didn't have any free transportation until two years ago when the new contract came into effect. NCL passengers still pay to use the other ferry routes and the public buses. NCL bought the ferry, paid to refurbish it, and pays to operate it. This isn't a case of NCL fighting for free transportation for its passengers, its a case of Bermuda requiring it as part of a contract.
  10. No...cruise lines don't have access to the NCIC database so they can't check on your criminal record and deny boarding because of it. Canada is the only foreign country with unrestricted access to the database. When they receive a ship's manifest, which is only after the ship departs, they review it and upon the ship's arrival in Canada may decide to deny entry to you. Canada considers DUI a felony and may deny entry because of that offense.
  11. When we were in Mazatlan with NCL earlier this year they had a number of shore excursions. If you wait a little longer they'll probably be listed for your cruise too.
  12. The bus system has been somewhat unreliable the past few years. Broken down buses, insufficient number of drivers, etc. If you're going to Horseshoe Bay by all means take the mini buses. If you're going elsewhere you pretty much have to take buses, ferries or taxis. The mini buses are going to take 4 people to other places.
  13. Really. Thousands of people can be killed, homes destroyed, and lives permanently upended by a hurricane and you "highly recommend it". it's coming up on 7 years since I lived through superstorm Sandy. Our home wasn't destroyed, we weren't injured, but I can assure you the storm and its aftermath was anything but amazing. Looks like you live in Ohio? I highly recommend that you go to Xenia and talk to someone who lived through the 1974 tornado. I don't think the words "amazing" and "highly recommended" are going to be part of their vocabulary. Don't want to go to Xenia? When you're in Bermuda ask residents about Hurricane Fabian. Yeah, they found it "amazing".
  14. The bus stop is no longer where he says it is. Buses now start and end their trips in front of the Clocktower Mall.
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