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  1. You can't find out what menus will be used on what days in advance. It's not as if they always use the same menu on the same night of the cruise. They have about two weeks worth of menus and can use them in any order. We make our specialty restaurant reservations without regard to what might be on the MDR menu on any particular night. If you have a party of 6 that wants to eat together in the specialties you should make your reservations in advance or at the latest soon after embarkation. With a large party it's going to be increasingly difficult as time advances to get reservations at the most popular dining times.
  2. Also carmellimo.com and they are frequently a few dollars cheaper than Dial 7.
  3. The Royal Caribbean web page cited is erroneous. They don't require 6 months validity on cruises from the US. As I explained from an earlier post the problem with this web page appears to stem from when Cuba cruises were eliminated. Cruises to Cuba did require 6 months validity . Apparently when they revised their documentation information they incorrectly took the wording from the Cuba requirements, rather than the wording from the other itineraries. The correct information can be found elsewhere on Royal Caribbean's site. If you read this page you'll see that there is no reference to a six month requirement. The passport merely has to be valid: https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/what-travel-documents-are-required-for-cruises-from-united-states-ports By the way common sense will tell you that if you don't need a passport at all for a cruise, then if you have a passport it only has to be valid. A six month requirement would be nonsensical. Yes, some cruise lines require 6 months validity for all cruises regardless of whether laws and regulations require it. That is not the case for the mass market lines .
  4. The buses will not be running on Friday.
  5. There's been no announcement yet, but it doesn't appear that Kings Wharf and Heritage Wharf suffered any significant damage. I think with the potential of Jerry hitting Bermuda on Monday you may not be going there regardless.
  6. Based on the current forecast it looks like your ship will be going elsewhere...but forecasts change quickly so don't totally rule out Bermuda.
  7. They have to include a port in Atlantic Canada such as Halifax or St. John because a foreign port call is required except in case of emergency, and this wouldn't qualify as an emergency because they will know in advance of departure that the itinerary will have to be adjusted.
  8. Unfortunately for Bermuda, the NHC's 5 pm AST update has Bermuda almost dead center in the cone with likely arrival of tropical storm force winds on Monday. Although at this time Jerry isn't forecast to be a major (cat 3 or higher) hurricane like Humberto at that time, Bermuda could take a more direct hit from Jerry based on the current forecast.
  9. She is the next scheduled ship, but I wouldn't bank on what AIS says because that's just her planned itinerary. Plans could change if Bermuda decides it's not ready to accept any cruise ships yet. I haven't seen any indication one way or the other about reopening the port.
  10. The only obvious damage I could see was that the majority of the light fixtures at Kings Wharf and Heritage Wharf were blown off the light poles they sat on top of. Of course there could be lots of other things I can't see.
  11. You're fine with a passport...no need for REAL ID. However, I find having something the size of a credit card that I can carry around all the time in my wallet is a heck of a lot more convenient than having to take a passport. Since my state is just starting to issue REAL ID licenses I carry my global entry card, also a credit card size document. I leave my passport at home unless I'm making an international trip.
  12. To update, the causeway and airport are now open. Government offices will open tomorrow. Ferry service will resume tomorrow. Bus services decision to be made later today. Schools still closed tomorrow. Power slowly being restored but it will take a few days I'm sure.
  13. Causeway and airport are now open. Ferries will resume service tomorrow. Decision on bus service to be made later today. Government offices will be open tomorrow. Schools will still be closed tomorrow. BELCO working on restoring electricity...it will no doubt take a few days for everyone to get theirs back.
  14. As will a passport card, enhanced drivers license and global entry card, among others.
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