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  1. I disagree with the previous poster. It's not complicated to get to the port. The poster has an inexpensive and convenient way to get the port via a bus line that originates near his current home town. You don't have a similar option so what may make sense for him doesn't for you. The world isn't "one size fits all" . Even worse, he's missed the fact that you're cruising from Cape Liberty in Bayonne, NJ, so you're not going to be anywhere near the West side of Manhattan, which is what he's talking about.
  2. You can't do that if you're too early for the airline to accept your checked luggage...more than 4 hours per flight typically as the lounges are after the TSA security checkpoint. The OP would be arriving at EWR far too early to check luggage.
  3. Isn't there a 3 hour minimum for a blue flag tour?
  4. So there months after I made the post you quoted NCL has finally posted something on Cruise Critic, but only in response to a serious world health issue that has had a direct impact on their operations. That's NCL posting something only after a gun's been held to their head, not the ongoing participation we used to see. When this crisis goes away they'll probably go silent again.
  5. Note that a taxi from Dockyard to St. George is going to cost close to $100 one way.
  6. Unfortunately that site does not contain official information and is wrong in many instances for cruise passengers, who are often subject to different less restrictive requirements. People need to consult official government websites and their cruise line's site for more accurate information.
  7. That isn't an official site . For official information a US citizen needs to consult the US Department of State or the information published by the countries in question. Even worse, after going to that site I see it is wrong more often than it's right with regard to cruise passengers.
  8. Captain just announced that tomorrow's weather will be bad but he still expects to arrive in NY at 8 am Monday.
  9. 711 12th Ave is the mailing address of the cruise terminal office. To actually drive into the terminal you enter at 12th Ave at 55th St. There's only this one motor vehicle entrance. Just drive up to the top level...follow the signs for parking. You pay, they'll direct you to the right parking lot, you park your car and take your bags down the elevator one level to the check-in area for your cruise. Note...The cruise terminal has rooftop parking lots, not a garage.
  10. We're relaxing in lounge chairs on the deck 7 promenade. For whatever reason all the newbies on this cruise still haven't discovered them...and I'm not complaining about that ! The two previous legs of our b2b2b were full of veteran NCL cruisers. Only problem this time is 600 kids! Last leg there were only 3...fewest I've ever seen in NCL.
  11. We're nowhere near St. Thomas. We started directly toward N.Y. yesterday after departing Antigua. Some sites give you the ship's anticipated position based on its scheduled itinerary, not the actual position. That must be what you're looking at.
  12. We are skipping St. Thomas today because of anticipated bad weather on our return route to NY. Last time this happened the ship was very late getting back to NY on Dec 2 and embarkation was delayed several hours. You may be able to track the ship on marinetraffic.com or elsewhere.
  13. If you're US citizens you don't even need a passport for that cruise. You can cruise using an official birth certificate and government issued photo ID. Anytime you don't even need a passport if you're using a passport it only has to be valid through the date of your disembarkation.
  14. If you don't mind my answering (I was in the same cruise and I'm still in the Gem) ...no...you still have to go to the shore excursion desk to get your discount applied. To me it's inexcusable that NCL still doesn't apply the discount automatically.
  15. No cruises have departed from Philadelphia in several years...close to a decade now.
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