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  1. I've carefully read the CDC Conditional Sail Order several times and believe as currently written it will permit the corporate holding company to conduct test cruises on behalf of all its subsidiary cruise lines using just a single ship from one of its subsidiaries. The key is in the order's definition of "cruise ship operator", which specifically includes "any person or entity (including a corporate entity) that authorizes or directs the use of a cruise ship (e.g. as owner, lessee or otherwise). " In particular, note the words "including a corporate entity". Since NCLH is ultim
  2. Escape is picking up crew In Goa. Joy is expected to do the same soon. https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/goa/norwegian-escape-picks-up-goan-seafarers-for-cruise-ops/articleshow/79345383.cms
  3. I virtually can guarantee that NCLH will be using NCL ships for their initial test cruises, not Oceania ships. Very simply those cruises are going to be short duration from Florida to either of NCLH's private island, cruises that will have zero appeal to Oceania's customers, but attractive to a not insubstantial number of NCL cruisers. I would guess one of the first, if not the first NCL ship to sail will be the mid-size Norwegian Gem (93,000 GT and 2,400 passengers), which is currently finishing up a drydock in Boston, and will be physically prepared and have at least some of her crew already
  4. So they decided to do it even though they don't believe it works? That doesn't make a lot of sense.
  5. And I have been very critical of the US response. It doesn't make a lot of sense to compare one country that's done a bad job with another that's done even worse. You want to compare to countries that did significantly better and improve your performance by learning from the actions they took that brought better results.
  6. I'm judging Norway's results, not all the details of their strategy. And interestingly enough, despite those good results you're saying face mask use is becoming more common there...which suggests an increased belief in their value. In recent days governors of some US states who had vehemently opposed the use of face masks suddenly changed their position when their states were hit hard by the virus.
  7. Right...it was always on the MDR menu. I was just addressing the buffet because that was the specific focus of the post I was replying to.
  8. At the time Tegnell made the statement Sweden's first wave had passed its peak, while the countries that subsequently surpassed Sweden's death rate per 100k hadn't. That other countries now have a higher death rate than Sweden doesn't mean Sweden's done a good job, it means the others have fared worse. You're still ignoring the fact that Sweden's death rate remains far higher than the death rates of each of its Nordic neighbors. The order of magnitude of the differences suggest that it's almost impossible from a mathematical perspective for those countries to catch up with and exce
  9. Once again, thanks for posting this before I got to it.
  10. It's there...just not out on display on the buffet. You have to ask the right person and they'll get it for you.
  11. Thanks for saving me the trouble of having to reply.
  12. Of course it's relevant. He was looking back at what Sweden did and how it fared versus the rest of the world after the "first wave" of the pandemic had passed. Whether said months ago or today it's still how he evaluated his own country's performance and that evaluation admitted Sweden (and he) could have done better.
  13. Here's a citation of what Tegnell said: https://www.politico.eu/article/swedish-epidemiologist-admits-to-flaws-in-countrys-coronavirus-response/ "Tegnell, who had long championed Sweden's liberal lockdown policies, said too many people had died from COVID-19 to justify the country's looser pandemic approach. "If we would encounter the same disease [again], with exactly what we know about it today, I think we would land midway between what Sweden did and what the rest of the world did," he said."
  14. But you've done far worse than your Scandinavian cohort and those are the appropriate countries to make comparisons to. Choosing an appropriate cohort is important when making statistical comparisons. Otherwise, to put it in simple terms, you're comparing apples to oranges.
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