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  1. I'm so looking forward to cruising along with you & Sue for this special Transatlantic voyage on the Encore! Your schedule looks packed full with CC events. Congrats on your Haven upgrade!! So wish we had been able to be on board but.... Bon Voyage to you and the rest of the CC group!
  2. Submitted the documentation via email on October 21st.
  3. Thought I'd provide some follow-up. We received an email notice from the Shareholder Benefit Team 10 days after submitting our paperwork to receive an OBC. I am pleased to report that we received $100.00 as a shareholder for an 11 day cruise that was booked through the CAS department. Thank you all once again for your input and great information. Judy
  4. So it’s been 4 days since I sent my Shareholder paperwork and have heard nothing and nothing appears on my eDocs or Summary. After reading the the many posts here, I see comments about my anticipated $100 OBC benefit had further stipulations. We are booked through CAS so have a discounted cabin rate. If I am denied any OBC due to my booking , will they notify my that I am ineligible? Is there a phone number to call or is email my only option of communication? We we will be 2 weeks out from our cruise date as of Monday. Thanks for any fury thoughts on this.
  5. Thank you for your response. It’s exactly what I was looking for. I did get the reply. I cruise in 3.5 weeks so hopefully they clearly see the date and make it happen. 😁
  6. I filled out the required Shareholder Benefit Request Form and provided the required proof of ownership documentation in the form of a current brokerage page showing the required NCL stock shares with any other private information, other than my name, blacked out. I have emailed them to the provided ShareholderBenefit@ncl.com address. My question is will I be notified by email that the paperwork has been received and that the OBC has been added to my eDocs? If not on my eDocs, where will I look for this added OBC? This is my first time completing this process. I always print any and all documents show any purchases, reservations, OBC, etc. I would hope to have some printed page containing 'proof' that the OBC in fact was applied to my account. Although I'm sure that the OBC would be used completely towards beverages or other purchases, would any OBC left from the Shareholder OBC be refundable? Thank you in advance for information.
  7. My Daughter and granddaughter are thinking about joining us on a Caribbean cruise in 7 weeks. My 4 year old granddaughter currently only has a birth certificate. Does she need a US Passport to get on the ship as far as NCL is concerned? I understand that if there was a medical issue or emergency where they would have to leave the cruise that getting back to the states would be difficult. That makes me very uncomfortable and I am thinking I can't take that chance. I am also concerned about adding them as trying to get her a passport in 6 weeks might not happen. If she has to have a passport, we will book another cruise and bring them some other time. Thanks for any info.
  8. My opinion is that if the cruise wasn't in the winter months, I might consider no deviation but in January, I would never not have my flights at minimum the day before my cruise. I've done 42 cruises in the last 22 years and most of them in the winter months. I learned not to think about only local forecasts for our airport as airplanes come from all other parts of the country. A delay on the other side of the country due to bad weather might well become a delay for us in Boston. I love to gamble but not when it comes to making it to my ship in the winter!
  9. SOoooo Happy! Home Departure City - Boston Arrival/Destination City - Miami Airline(s) used - American Airlines Number of Connections - None! Outbound Flight departure/arrival time - BOS 12:50 PM - MIA 4:28 PM Return Flight departure/arrival time - MIA 12:00 PM - BOS 3:13 PM Deviation - Flying in 1 day early Flight Info Received - 34 days out
  10. We are cruising on the 11/11/19 NCL Pearl for an 11 day Panama Canal cruise sailing from Miami. A couple of weeks after booking our cruise with 'free' airfare and a deviation of going to Miami a day before our cruise, I noticed the AIR section on the NCL Summary tab with our Reservation At-a-Glance. There it showed our flights going from Boston - New York and then New York to Miami for both going and returning. About 6 weeks ago in addition to what was there, it also had flights both ways showing Boston to Miami and Miami to Boston. I got my hopes up for direct flights... maybe!!! I just received our flight information emailed from NCL at 2:22 AM this morning... 34 days out from sailing. I couldn't be any happier with ours. We are booked on direct flights on American from BOS to MIA and back. Perfect times too!... with a 12:50 PM - 4:28 PM to MIA and 12:00 PM - 3:13 PM back to Boston! I'm so relieved that the wait for this info is over. I was so excited after reading the email at 4:50 AM that I went downstairs to take our reservations number and get our seats for both flights. I was a little nervous that we would both be sitting in middle seats but again, I as happily surprised to find the rear third of the airplane pretty empty. I got my aisle seat and hubby got his window seat for both flights and we are in the same row! Yeah! I wasn't going to pay more to upgrade seats as there was no need to. Two other couples decided to pay for their airfare as they wanted to be sure they got non-stops and good flight times. They paid $300 pp round trip (good price really). I wasn't worried about a non-stop so we saved that $600! As a side note, our other couple on the cruise also traveling to in a day early did not get their flights yet. They booked a few months after us however.
  11. We have stayed in cabins near and above the theatre on her sister ships. Noise has never been an issue. The latest performances go is usually until 11:00 pm or slightly later. Even if in our cabin around 10:00 pm, I didn't notice anything disruptive.
  12. I wish I had seen this thread before placing a call to deal with my eDocs. I have just hit 45 minutes of wait time. Ugh! I'm not hanging up now. Too much time invested at this point. Thanks for a couple of pointers above. Judy
  13. We took the 'Free" airfare for our 11 Day Panama Canal cruise departing from Miami on November 11, 2019. Today is 57 days out. Since our booking, on our Vacation Summary page, on the far left beneath the 'Air', it has shown BOS-NYC then NYC-MIA. I paid for the air deviation for us and we will fly into MIA a day early for our cruise. About 10 days ago, there was an addition that is listed showing BOS-MIA and MIA-BOS. The other flight options are still showing as well. Does that mean that possibly a direct flight is now being booked? That would be wonderful but I am not concerned if we end up with the connection. I am also unable to sign in and look at or print my eDocs. I had been able to do so before but for the last week it comes up with …. "The reservation is not yet READY to be retrieved. Try again" Will that change once the airfare is bought and paid for by NCL? Thanks for any insight. Judy
  14. Jane was our Butler in our Family Suite on the Dawn last April. I cruised the Dawn 2 more times.... once in a suite but did not have Jane as our butler. Five months later, I was back on the Dawn. I surprised my two childhood girlfriends (of 60 years) and upgraded us to a beautiful suite on the Dawn. When the Butlers came into the pre-boarding / suites area, Jane noticed me and immediately called out my name saying... Miss Judy! Miss Judy!! She came over and we shared a big hug. She and I were disappointed that we were not in one of her cabins. We were back on the Dawn a 3rd time in November for a re-positioning cruise but not in a suite. We were at dinner in Cagney's when she came in to get a dinner together to bring to one of her suites. Another wonderful greeting was enjoyed. I can be cynical with people working for gratuities but Jane is just a great person. She is warm, caring and wonderful. Roel was excellent as well, checking in on us when dining at specialty restaurants and always fun to chat with. Again, I got to see him on both of my 2 additional cruises. In November, he asked how my cruise was going and if I needed anything. I reminded him I was not in a suite that cruise. He said that it didn't matter and to let him know if I needed any assistance with anything. He would always stop by to say hello when he noticed that we were dining nearby. Jane and Roel are definitely a couple of NCL's best!!
  15. Two weeks ago I had my first experience with EZ Air. It was very positive on Princess's part but Delta was disappointing. We booked our flights through Princess 5 months before our cruise, got a great price on Delta and got the seats we wanted at booking. Other than getting 17 different emails in those 5 months about schedule / time changes that were annoying, when time came to fly, our original departure time was back to where it was in the beginning. The flight home however was moved back 3.5 hours. After a cruise, departing FLL at 4:30 PM versus 1:00 PM wasn't great but it was what it was.... and it wasn't Princess's fault. The most annoying part of the experience was when we got to the airport and found our seats had been changed. I had chosen an aisle seat in the same row as the window seat my husband was occupying. I ALWAYS choose an aisle seat. Well now I was in a window seat several rows behind my husband. Ugh! Before someone says it, the airplane / equipment was still the same, an Airbus 320. Nothing could be done. I was polite (always treat people that way who are just doing their job) and was told the airplane was totally full... and it was! This has never happened to me in 40+ years of business travel. The bottom line is.... just because you book a seat choice, be prepared, that could change.
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