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  1. I am booked on the Riviera leaving Miami on December 3. Today all categories went Waitlist except one. Yesterday all were open except two. So this make me believe that they will not be putting Riviera back in service until at least that December 20 sailing on the list we have seen. Or they are adjusting how many people are getting on the ship. Interesting at least. Julia
  2. The porters will have tags and a list if you do not know your room number. We did a GTY on our first Oceania cruise and got the cabin assignment 6 days before the cruise. We just got the blank ones from the porters, wrote in what we knew was our cabin number, and off we went to the ship leaving our big bags with them. it will be fine. Julia
  3. Yes on the Mariana and Riviera only but they can be on port days. They are on our cruise this February. They are on ports taht are not staying late night but they are there. Julia
  4. Just to explain, the first butler never explained how to get in touch with him which went with the service we got. You have to know about that phone if you need to use it. And since I do not connect in any fashion at sea I did not look past just seeing the phone on the desk. The second butler did check in and we told him what we wanted to be delivered about 6:30 that evening when the specialty restaurants opened. He just plain forgot and by the time we realized it we just went to dinner. Again I am hoping this was just bad karma both times. I hope to have a decent one on my upcoming cruise. Julia
  5. I am in hopes of getting a decent butler this February. The last 2 we had were some of the worst and I have had them on X too. The butler time before last came in to "update" us during the first announcement before we sailed and it went downhill from there. He was rarely seen and we had to look him up the few times we wanted something. Last January we were in one of the PHs on deck 7 with the huge balcony. I get that most of our butler's cabins were not near us, only the one next to us (who had very demanding people) but we do not ask for much. One thing we do like is to occasionally get an appetizer before going to the Terrace for the remainder of our dinner. We asked one morning for something from Jacques that evening and he forgot us. We rarely ask for much so it just set wrong with me. We never remove the auto tips but in both of these cases we did not even consider adding anything. Julia
  6. Back to the original posting. My friend and I are both what you would call a glass of wine or no more than two at a setting. However we love the La Reserve dinners. We have gotten to taste wines we would not normally try and again as said the food is great. I would say go and enjoy and you can literally just taste the wines with each serving or have more if you really enjoy one or two. At our last La Reserve the woman across from me loved the 3rd wine so much that when they started with the next white she just asked if she could have more of that one instead of the next one and they gladly did just that for her. Enjoy. It is a wonderful evening of wine, food, and people visiting. Julia
  7. On our last cruise we had a time later than we wanted as that was all I could get online. The first afternoon before the ship sailed I went to the concierge desk and asked if there was an earlier time. We were given just what we wanted. Granted we were sharing a table but it can be done. Good luck and enjoy your cruise. Julia
  8. I will add to this. Did the Panama Canal cruise in late February 2018 and it was brutal some days. Just know it is the tropics and will not change much any time of the year. Julia
  9. We were on the Marina this past January in the South Pacific and there were more children on that particular cruise than any of the other cruises on Oceania we have been on to date. I think that area draws a different age group that the normal Oceania cruises. There were a couple of babies not walking, toddlers, and what I would call elementary age. Overall I would say about 20 children. But that is a bigger ship so it may be different for your cruise. However as mentioned there were not any children's activities. Julia
  10. Talked to my cruise friend yesterday as she just did a solo around Italy on Sirena and ended up in Monte Carlo to disembark. She said they did use the dock but that another huge cruise ship was tendering in. She could tell as she got off that they were loading new supplies. She was not sure if they had to move out later as she left but they started at the dock. Hopefully that might be the case for you because as a starting point I could see getting a lot of new supplies and needing the dock space. And there is only one dock there. Julia
  11. I struggled with this until my friend that I cruise with told me to go to Booked Cruises and it is out to the side as soon as you get to that site. When you sign in and get to the Overview page, just click at the top on Booked Cruises and there it is. Hope this helps. Julia
  12. The one thing I have really enjoyed is getting the butler to bring me an appetizer from one of the specialties before we go to the Terrace for the rest of our relaxing dinner. I love one from Red Ginger and one from Jacques. But these were nights without specialty reservations and after a long day of shore excursion where we just wanted to take our books to read at dinner. It made those nights special and relaxed. Julia
  13. After reading all of this I have to comment on situational requirements. On our last cruise I met a very nice couple on our trivia team. He was a Vietnam Vet and had dealt with cancer due to Agent Orange. When we went to the reception for return passengers he was in a nice suit, with a tie, but due to foot issues he was wearing sneakers. He had color coordinated them as best he could. I now see people in "not regular" footwear but before passing judgment I look at the whole package. I will never forget him, how very nice he was as I was just coming out of chemo and he worked with cancer patients, and knowing that I could have misjudged him if not knowing his situation. Julia
  14. I have been to 4 La Reserves and love them. But you CAN get extra of any of the wines offered. I have seen several get more as the courses went and I had one woman at our last table ask for the wine she had earlier instead of the one they were offering for that course and they gladly did that for her. Most are good with the one glass per course but they will top off too. Also all of our meals have been 3 hours and as stated, the portions are small and over that amount of time, not over the top stuffed when you finish. I am now watching daily for our La Reserves to open up on our February cruise. They go very fast and can open up a good ways out so keep watch. Hope you can go and enjoy. Julia
  15. All of that may be but we were offered this and took it and were happy. Would do it again. Thanks for the info though. I appreciate it. Julia
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