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  1. jwindham

    What does a butler DO?

    The one way I really enjoy using the butler is to get a favorite appetizer from one of the specialty restaurants delivered on a given night that we really are wanting to just go to the Terrace to relax. I love one specific one from Jacques and will just get that delivered at 6:30 when the restaurant opens then after that we go to the Terrace for the rest of our meal. Enjoy your cruise. Julia
  2. On my last two cruises, one last April, I just walked on with my bourbon in hand through the line and had no issues. Just drink it in the room. Nice perk from all the other cruise lines I have been on. I would not try to do anything against the rules so again, nice to be able to do this. Julia
  3. jwindham

    cabins near elevators

    On our very first Oceania cruise, the Riviera, we had a GTY Penthouse and ended up with the one right as you walk out of the elevator and stairwell space. I thought it would be an issue but we never heard anything so I would book again. Enjoy your cruise. Julia
  4. jwindham

    Riviera concierge class versus penthouse

    My first cruise on Oceania was on the Riveria. Then the next one was on the Mariana. We had a PH on the first one due to a great upgrade offer to take a guarantee and were happy with what we got. It was a Caribbean cruise. Then the next one last April was a Panama Canal transit from LAX to MIA. It was 16 nights but we felt that the concierge was good enough for us. We are 2 women who travel together as our husbands do not like to travel. I would take the room again and again at the concierge size. The layout was fine for us and having a nice sitting place is there. BUT the storage was horrible. I take my own snorkel equipment and on the Panama Canal cruise I was going snorkeling in Grand Cayman. I never found a place to put the fins, mask, and snorkel up so had to keep them under my bed most of the time. I also has to keep a lot of my clothes in my suitcase under the bed. You can do this but dragging out the suitcase and putting it back each day was a hassle. The closet itself was OK but there were very few drawers at all. I have a lot of clothes that do not need to be hung up. And the drawers were not very deep and were short front to back. Our next cruise is this coming January to Tahiti and with double snorkel equipment (many places do not have it or if they do, they do not have fins which take up a lot of space) and the need for more than one swimsuit, and hot weather clothes that you cannot really wear another day without laundering, we decided that we would go back up to the PH. This decision has truly been driven by the storage space. I agree that the butler is something I do not use much, a good one is great but I have only had that one time so it does not matter to me. I was able to make my dining reservations for the concierge cabin with no issues so that was not an issue for us either. But I will now pretty much only look at a PH for the storage. I just did not enjoy having things out all over the room as there was not enough place to put it all away. The bath in the concierge is smaller but the same layout and we were fine with that too. As others have said, your needs are different than everyone else. Just gather the information you can, evaluate it to your desires, then chose. You will have a good time no matter which cabin category you chose. Julia
  5. jwindham

    Marina - October 16, 2018

    Welcome to Cruise Critic. You need to post this to your roll call for this cruise. There you will find people who are on the ship with you. The link is below. Enjoy your cruise. Julia https://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=2489897
  6. jwindham

    Ferry Info from Papeete to Moorea

    We are on the Oceania Marina leaving PPT on January 21. It is a 10 night cruse. We get into PPT early morning of January 18. Julia
  7. jwindham

    Oceania vs. Celebrity suites

    My last Celebrity cruise was in May of 2016 and we were in a Royal Suite so had Luminae and all of those perks. We thought the food was better than what we had traditionally had. But then the following February 2017 we took our first Oceania cruise on the Riveria and have not looked back. We found the food, even in the main dining room, to be better. Like someone else posted we love the Terrace for evening where I have never considered the buffet for dinner on other lines. I have now been on 2 Oceania cruises and have my 3rd one booked. I am not even considering going back to Celebrity and I can say food has a lot to do with this. I realize my experience is 2 years old but that is the comparison I can give. Julia
  8. jwindham

    Ferry Info from Papeete to Moorea

    Thanks Jean. Do you remember if there were taxis available when you got to Moorea? Julia
  9. We are arriving very early morning 3 days before our cruise out of Papeete and are staying at the Hilton resort on Moorea for those 3 days. We know there is a ferry from Papeete to Moorea. My questions are do you have to pre purchase the tickets for the ferry before the day you arrive and are there taxis at the landing in Moorea to take us to the resort? Thanks so much for any info. We go this coming January 2019. Julia
  10. jwindham

    Marina - La Reserve Menu Question

    We have done 3 of the menus and enjoyed all three. The portions are not big and the meal takes about 3 hours from the start with the wine on the deck before you go into the tables. We both like wine with our meals but are not big drinkers so this works well. They will give you more of a wine if you wish but I have never needed more than they poured the first time. By it being over a large time frame you do not really get a big buzz and the courses are easier to enjoy spread out too. I think the official start time is 7:00 but most show up a tad before that. Enjoy. Julia
  11. jwindham

    A quick review of the Riveria

    Thank you for the nice review. I just got off of the Marina a few weeks ago and could have posted an almost identical review of the ship and food. And being in a balcony cabin I can say that the ship was nice at that level too :) Julia
  12. jwindham

    Alaska - Celebrity versus Princess?

    Just to break the mold.................. I have done Alaska 4 times and the last one was to get the land/cruise package. I chose Celebrity and would do so again. First they used updated places to stay and there were 3 of us and it was wonderful to stay in different places that could accommodate 3 in a room. We had dinner one night during the land portion and ended up talking with some people staying at the Princess lodge as the shuttle to and from the place we chose to eat stopped for us and them. They said that some of the lodges were really showing their age. Having been to Glacier Bay twice I can say that Hubbard was just as good or better as it did not have the fog that I encountered both times at Glacier Bay and fog is very normal there, not the rare thing. We had a bus for our 5 day land part that was the usual size but we only had 30 on it so were able to spread out for our riding time. They even stopped us at the Armed Forces Memorial built so that on a clear day you can see Denali. But the best thing for us was the chartered/rented domed rail car that Celebrity used. All of the Princess people were in the regular cars that Alaskan RR uses. This car was attached to the end of the train and was so much nicer than the other cars. We were told that this is all Celebrity uses. I have cruised on NCL, HAL, RCCL, Princess, and Celebrity. I did my research on the itinerary and it was almost identical to what Princess was using. So I got what they got and had a much better cruise ship as the last part of my vacation. I would definitely chose Celebrity again.
  13. jwindham

    Possibly new to Oceania -- a few questions!

    We did our first cruise last February on the Riveria and had a great time with a couple about your age even though my friend and I are in our 60s. They loved it too. I found the people overall to just be ones that liked to visit with like minded people. My husband and I always laughed when we were younger as we were so much younger than the others around us as we had the same type of interests you list and that was where we fit in. I think you will be very happy. One more perk on the Concierge now is the ability to get room service from the menu in the GDR at lunch and dinner. That will be nice too. Julia
  14. jwindham

    Oceania Riviera Caribbean Excursions

    There is good information on the link for the Caribbean on Cruise Critic below. I have researched many excursions on that and found great feedback on ones people have done. Enjoy your cruise. Julia https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forumdisplay.php?f=587
  15. jwindham

    GTY Cabin

    We booked a PH3 GTY for our cruise last February on the Riveria in September 2016. Ended up with a PH1 cabin right in the center of the ship. We would have been happy with any PH cabin so all was good. But we did not get our cabin assignment until about 8 days out so you may not know until the last minute what cabin you are in. Julia