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  1. thanks for the answer! appreciate the varying opinions - will probably complete my purchase of the stock. I'll have to consider all the options when pricing out. Sometimes where it looks like a discount is available isn't always that great of a deal with interline benefits. I find that often with car rentals.
  2. I was wondering if anyone knew if traveling on an interline rate (I'm a flight attendant) - is the CCL shareholder benefit applied to sailings? Or because it is a reduced fare it wouldn't qualify... I haven't bought all the stock yet but am in the process of getting my 100. and I have a cruise booked for November (I know the concern for Covid. But my husband and I are both in high risk fields and we feel comfortable making the reservation at this point. The way my airplanes are sanitized compared to how they used to be and how I relate it to how much the staff clean the ship - can't even imagine them cleaning it more! and that makes us feel safe with the ship, and as far as the passengers, we practice good hygiene, don't touch eyes/nose/mouth and have excellent immunity and good health so feel our risk is limited). I'm wondering if I finish my stock purchase, will HAL "show me the money!!!!"
  3. This is great information - and I wish we were arriving ahead of the cruise because that would totally work - - but my sister is graduating the night before, and I'll be working until 11:30pm the night before so plan to fly in as early as possible the morning of embarkation.
  4. If it's allowed to bring soda and water on the ship, it's not smuggling. And there is nothing illegal about trying to save money - I travel a lot and try to make my money goes as far as possible. I also take care of my mother. I know what she wants and needs and was trying to take care of her the way I always do. I am well aware of security issues around the ports. For what it's worth - this cruise leaves in September and I'm not spending thousands on it. I'm booking last minute because I just received my schedule for September and have 7 days off and found a cruise that would line up with this time off. I was in San Diego and Orlando and Norway in August. I go where I can when I can for a price I can afford.
  5. If you don't have experience with my specific question, a simple "I don't know" would have sufficed - if even necessary. I was trying to seek information from someone who has tried and either been successful or unsuccessful. But to answer your questions - I would deliver it to the port agent. Delivery agencies already have clearance to access the port. The port receives mail and parcels daily - this is not an uncommon occurrence. Also, I didn't say I needed anyone schlepping cases of anything anywhere.
  6. That's totally do able except mom is particular, like lots of old people, she likes specific things. Like she wants diet coke in a bottle with a twisty top. And she likes Dasani water. I've already thought about stopping somewhere to pick things up. However it's complicated because she is not mobile enough to walk around Seattle with me and also doesn't want to be left sitting somewhere while I go shopping. I can pack it - without any issue. I just will be handling the luggage and thought this might be a solution to not have such heavy bags.
  7. Yes, I am not a dummy - I know I can stop anywhere to buy anything on the way to the port. What I was asking was if it was possible to have it delivered to the port. I'll already be handling all the luggage for my mother so I thought if it was POSSIBLE to have it delivered to the PORT then I would do that because it's an idea I had and didn't know the answer. And I thought this was a place to ask questions to get information on things, like an answer that was connected to my question, not an alternate solution, but thanks for taking time to answer. 🙂
  8. Ha ha ha, that's exactly right! I don't want the drink package. Neither of us drink enough to make it worth the expense. I just wanted to bring a small supply to keep her satisfied.
  9. That's exactly my experience. My daughter worked on the ships (Holland America to be specific) and I've sent things to the port agent for her in the past, but it's been several years. I didn't know if Amazon would be able to send to the port agent the same way I could, and times change and I don't have any current knowledge since she is no longer working for HAL.
  10. I didn't say I wanted delivered to the cabin. I asked if it was possible to deliver to the port.
  11. Just wondering if anyone has ever tried to order things on Amazon and have delivered to the port to pick up on embarkation day. Trying to figure out how to bring my mom's bottled water and diet coke and thought I'd avoid all issues of packing/hauling if I could have Amazon pantry take care of the hassle.
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