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  1. Thanks all - just the info I needed!
  2. Next month we’ll be taking our first NCL in a long time. Once on board are we able to get into our cabin right away or is there a wait? Just trying to find out what to expect. Thanks! Carol
  3. We changed on an Alaskan cruise last year. They had stickers they put on our cruise cards saying “anytime” placed over our original time and dining room.
  4. We had friends traveling with us once and I asked at the door. Our friends were welcomed but were told it depended on how busy they were. So, it depended on each evening’s circumstances. I’ve been to the P/E/S lounge when it was so busy we couldn’t even find a place to sit so I wouldn’t expect to bring guests then.
  5. We're staying at the AC Hotel Venezia Marriott post cruise next month. It's close to the port and easy to get to the airport from this hotel.
  6. We'll be in Venice post cruise next month. We're staying in the AC Hotel Venezia. It's a Marriott but it's walking distance - no bridges - to/from the ship and next to the bus stop to the airport. They have rooms available in May - I checked. They do have rooms that overlook a canal - they say. I think the price easily fits your range. The only thing is - it's a Marriott - which is fine with me - maybe not you. It's not central Venice but since we'll be there for several days, I'm not worried about that.
  7. We traveled with 14 last July. We started with traditional dining and could never get us all together for the early time every night. We ended up changing to anytime after speaking to the maitre d’. We seldom had to wait more than a few minutes for a table. Only once did they divide us into an adult and kids table, next to each other. Anytime worked much better for us.
  8. I’ll be watching for it! Thanks everyone!
  9. Is this actual cruises or cruise credits? We've done 19 cruises but have 20 cruise credits since we were in a suite one time. So do we get the OBC with our next cruise or the one after? Thanks, Carol
  10. Just the answer I was looking for! I thought it might be something like this. I'll keep my eye out for these excursions. We will be with our daughter and her family who live in South Korea. They will have their 15 and 9 year old sons with them and need to fill the long day before their flight home. Thank you!!
  11. Thanks to everyone for their suggestions. I knew where the Jewel would be docking since I needed/wanted that info before I made my hotel reservations. We always like to arrive a few days early when we are cruising. I'd never want to miss a cruise due to flight delays!
  12. Great thought. Will definitely look into it!
  13. Thanks! I am booked but there are no tours at all for Sydney, with or without transfers as part of the tours offered. It's 4 months out so maybe all the shorex isn't available yet.
  14. We will be returning to Sydney at the end of our cruise in December. Our flight out isn't until 10 pm. Does Norwegian offer transfers to the airport that include a few sightseeing stops also? We're new to NCL and for those with late departures Princess offers some excursions with sightseeing on route to the airport. I can't find anything similar on the excursions offered. Maybe they show up later or are offered if a transfer is booked. Since we will have all our luggage with us, we thought this kind of transfer would be easiest since we'll be traveling with children. Thanks for your help!
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