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  1. Would it surprise anyone if they cancelled the entire Alaska season?
  2. I just looked it up and a point equals one day spent onboard and you get double points if you book a suite.
  3. Not clear what you meant when you stated "Some of the questions I see here from people going to be platinum tells me they aren't experienced enough yet." I don't think Plats are expected to assume Bridge duties if the Captain has medical issues (or Diamonds for that matter). Believe it or not some Plats and Diamonds don't spend their lives living on Cruise Critic or study current Carnival programs. They just enjoy cruising on Carnival.
  4. WOW! This board is something else. I had never heard of peritonial dialysis before. I'm going to tell my Sister-in-Law about this as she goes through dialysis three times a week and it drains her. She is also "End Stage" and I have no idea what would make you a candidate for this method of dialysis. If she is a candidate it would be life-changing for her so thank you all for that.
  5. I went business casual quite a few cruises ago (slacks and a dress shirt...no tie and no coat) and have never looked back.
  6. This is my take on this saga. When Carnival first started this "once, twice or both" thing for cabin servicing I think they did it because so many people enjoy sleeping in; something they can't do at home. The last thing they want is a cabin steward bugging them to leave the cabin in the morning. Unfortunately, the card the stewards had was poorly designed (it didn't include the "both" option) giving the stewards some leeway on how to present the options. They finally fixed the card and all three options are now clearly there. In my experience, I've always asked for "both"; a good cleaning in the morning and just provide fresh towels in the evening. I don't care if they do the towel animals or not and I don't need ice. On a cruise we took a year ago the steward met with us the day we boarded. The first thing he he told me was how many cabins he had to clean, hoping I guess, I would choose once a day. I told him I didn't work for Carnival HR but wanted a standard cleaning in the morning and towels in the evening. He obliged but the whole thing left a bad taste in my mouth. Will Carnival eventually offer just one cleaning per day? I don't think so because it is a cruising tradition (vs a hotel stay). But who really knows?
  7. It really is! Passports are the golden standard for identification especially for unexpected air travel overseas (you miss the ship in a foreign port). We already have the Enhanced Driver's license (from Florida), Military Retired ID cards and, of course, our passports.
  8. Prayers for your Mom. I would think it would be pretty simple to fly home from Nassau but you would need your passports to make it simple. I did a quick search for flights to Atlanta and it looks like it would cost approximately $223.00 per person.
  9. On the Horizon (Vista Class ship) you have two dispensers in the shower. One contains shampoo and the other body wash. We never use them and prefer to bring our own. On the subject of hangers...the closets do have hangers but if you need more just ask the cabin steward for them. There is no need to bring your own.
  10. I thought it went pretty smoothly except for the "Walk-Thru" x-ray thing. It kept going off when I tried to get through it to the point I offered to take all my clothes off. The guy operating it finally gave up and just sent me through.
  11. We did that cruise out of San Diego onboard the Spirit back in 2014. By far, my favorite! My wife was born in Hawaii and I lived on Oahu for nine years and we go back to Maui (our favorite) every few years. What we did back in 2014 was rent a car for all four islands. There are alot of ideas on the internet for things to do and you can typically get tickets on-line that are cheaper than Carnival. Roberts Hawaii is a good source. The things we like to do are: Oahu - Pearl Harbor, Waikiki, Sea Life Park, Diamond Head Maui - Road to Hana (pretty much an all day thing but beautiful). They even have a Black Sand Beach (although not the "famous" one on the Big Island)! We also like to do some snorkeling. Big Island - Volcano National Park (for us an all day affair) Kauai - Not my favorite island but it is beautiful. Hawaii's Grand Canyon is a must for first time visitors. Seems to me we went kayaking there (not in the canyon 🙂). Long post but hope it's helpful. Google Hawaii Visitors Bureau. They have a list of things to do on each island. A very good site. Another idea for your visit is to throw me in one of your suitcases and I'll give you a personal tour of each island!
  12. You'll get a hug from the cabin Steward/Stewardess.
  13. As part of the check-in process Carnival can present 3-5 gift suggestions for D/P guests. The eligible guest can then check off which gift they would enjoy. Personally, I'd like to see free internet for the entire cruise or a daily drink coupon that can be used at any time.
  14. On so-called Cruise Elegant nights you can get away with business casual (Docker slacks and button-down shirt). I quit taking suits on my cruises a long time ago.
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