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  1. I feel once the vaccine for COVID has been proven to work and is readily available we'll see our lives turning back to "near normal." I also feel cruising will change. No longer will the operators try to squeeze so many people in confined spaces. Cruise lines may increase prices to make up for fewer passengers. But who knows, if one of the many vaccines being developed truly works, maybe nothing changes (at least until the next bug turns up).
  2. I don't mind wearing a mask when I'm out and about here at home. The very longest time I have to wear one is about a hour. On a ship we're talking about hours unless you stay cooped up in your cabin. And I can just imagine the weird tan lines if I have to wear one while outdoors. The other requirements don't bother me and, in fact, welcome them. Even though I understand the mask thing I don't want to wear them constantly onboard a ship so until the vaccine is available and the mask requirement is relaxed I don't see ourselves cruising. And keep in mind, if your wearing a mask constantly all day, the first time you go into the MDR for dinner, you'll be exposed to the virus while you're eating with others. I feel for the cruise lines but I just don't see how this will work without endangering lives.
  3. You'll get a hug upon boarding by your room steward.
  4. My PVP had a Facebook group and invited her clients to join. That's also how I found out she was retiring (probably got fed up with all the cancelling and re-booking going on).
  5. I feel pretty confident our next cruise will depart as scheduled (March, 2022).
  6. Sitting at a dock or anchored off the coast for months isn't doing the ships any good. Transporting the employees to their homes in these ships are exercising the vessels and gives them good PR at the same time.
  7. I would be surprised if the ports don't open til 2022 but his opinion is just as valid as mine. I lean toward late fall of 2020 myself. The port cities are going to put a lot of pressure on the authorities to open things up as they're losing a lot of money. In addition to losing tourist dollars some of the ports are shedding employees. There are so many unknowns...predictions of a second wave, some evidence this will be an annual event, vaccine availability, etc. My next cruise isn't until March of 2022 on the Panorama so I have time.
  8. I don't know if that's going to happen but who knows? Most people in their 70's have underlying health issues and if they eliminated those I would think the longer cruises (think Hawaii) would probably go away. We did a Hawaiian cruise back in 2014 and I was 65 back then. Yet, we were youngsters compared to most of the other passengers.
  9. Thanks all for your help and recommendations! Never had a cabin under the casino.
  10. I'm looking at Outside cabins on the Legend that are under the casino. Do I have to worry about the noise? Thanks!
  11. I personally feel the Alaska season won't happen and other trips won't happen until October at the earliest. Would I bet on it? Nope...too many unknowns
  12. Kind of makes me wonder how I survived all of these years.
  13. Would it surprise anyone if they cancelled the entire Alaska season?
  14. I just looked it up and a point equals one day spent onboard and you get double points if you book a suite.
  15. Not clear what you meant when you stated "Some of the questions I see here from people going to be platinum tells me they aren't experienced enough yet." I don't think Plats are expected to assume Bridge duties if the Captain has medical issues (or Diamonds for that matter). Believe it or not some Plats and Diamonds don't spend their lives living on Cruise Critic or study current Carnival programs. They just enjoy cruising on Carnival.
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