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  1. I think the difference is, the spa isn't really crowded because the majority of people with access don't hang out there all day long. Laying in a lounger is something you could do all day long if you wished- and some people with Havana access do. I don't think having it open after 7 to everyone was a huge deal, because by that point (especially this time of year) the sun is gone, and people are off to dinner/show/bars. But if it were open to more people in the middle of the day, it loses the appeal to me.
  2. If they did this they may lose out on people booking the actual Havana rooms. We just got off an 8 day/4 port cruise- the first sea day was fine, but the 2 on the way back, there was a decent chunk of the day all of the loungers were full. I guess Grand Turk and La Romana were the 2 less popular ports on this particular cruise- after we got back on and wandered out there, the area was mostly full. Obviously no where near Lido deck full, but enough that more people would've meant more scurrying for loungers
  3. The first day leaving Miami wasn't bad, but then yes they're packed. Also, they're really deep. I think 1 topped out at 6' and the other at 5' something. This meant tons of people hanging on to the edges which made them appear even more crowded. But if you wanted to use the pool before like 9 or after 4, there was a lot more space
  4. I think it depends on the ship. If the show times are 7:30/9:30, then late dining gets the early show. If the show times are 8:15/10:15 then late dining gets the late show. We really enjoy late dining. It doesn't take us that long to get ready, so we could enjoy the fairly empty ship for awhile, go get ready, go to a show, and then dinner. And on port days, we had enough time to stay in port until mid afternoon, reboard and eat, and have some time to chill by the pool before getting ready for dinner.
  5. Khaki shorts would have been a definite step up from what I was wearing. I'm female but I tend to dress like a middle school boy unless I make the effort to get dressy. We did see people in jeans. And it was just weird, we've done the 8 day Southern route before, and we've never seen people as dressy as this cruise. On casual nights I usually wore pants like khakis but in different colors and a blouse, and that seemed to be middle of the road.
  6. And..that's all I got. If you have questions, I'll do my best to answer, but we dont have the fun times. We liked the Horizon enough that we booked it again for 2022- we're hoping to get to Bonaire this time.
  7. Activities on this ship I really didn't like that karaoke was in the afternoon. I like it in the evenings to change up what we do at night, but i think there were only 2 days it was at night. There were a lot of activities overlapping. This was a point of pride for Mike Pack, but it really forced us to choose what we wanted to do. Too many activities is better than too few, but when 2 or 3 things you want to do are at the same time, it kind of stinks. The parachute drop was something different on this ship. I was hoping for a full on egg drop competition
  8. Apparently I'm really bad at this review writing thing, so I'll try to wrap this up. Havana Cabin: We booked a Havana Interior- there is a definite lack of storage space. The usual 3 closets was down to 2, and there were some shelves outside of the closet. We don't really pack that much stuff, so we were able to put everything away, but if you normally fill up all 3 closets, just be aware. We were on deck 7- we didn't hear any noise from the Havana Bar. Our 2022 cruise, we're on deck 5 and I'm looking forward to being able to just walk out to Havana instead of takin
  9. I just booked a Havana interior for 2022, and it was the last one available on that sailing. If you're willing to upgrade to the Havana Cabanas, they seem to sell a bit slower- but it is quite a bit more expensive. On the date I was looking at, I think it was 50% more. But, keep checking. In early January, the cruise I had booked for 2021 changed the itinerary, and there had to have been a lot of date changing going on- several Havana rooms opened up.
  10. A jacket and tie are not necessary. Some people will wear them, but I wouldn't say it is the majority. You wouldn't feel out of place in a dress shirt and slacks- you could add the tie but not the jacket if you want to get a little fancy. I will say I just got off the horizon, and it was the most dressed up cruise I've ever seen. One day I really wasn't feeling it and went to dinner in shorts (tsk tsk I know I know) and I was the only person in shorts on that whole side of the dining room. I didn't do it again.
  11. Vegans don't eat dairy, so dairy free cheese would be appropriate. As would a pizza without cheese.
  12. Hey we're on that cruise too. I've done the other route, but this one has 3 new ports for us. it's going to be awesome
  13. Another thing to consider is Miami has a lot of ships, and very likely a lot of people who fly in and head straight to the ship (because there are a lot of ships). So whatever your plan is, make sure you leave plenty of time to get to the port. We were in an Uber from a hotel in the Brickell area, and it probably took 40ish minutes, when it should've taken maybe 10.
  14. So...in spite of my questioning if Havana is worth it, we just booked an ABC cruise in Havana for 2022.
  15. Having 5 people to travel with definitely changes things, that makes sense. I did notice this itinerary had fewer onboard activities scheduled- but I can't help but wonder if that's intentional due to the ports. You don't need a bigger ship to have more trivia, or dance classes, or whatever. In my experinece, even the bars were quieter earlier at night- I think people just conk out after island hopping. If onboard activities are important to your group (both planned and just being social), I'd hesitate to do this itinerary. I thought that stuff was important to me (and it usually is), but
  16. Some people who make this at home use oil to crisp up the dough. It turns into kind of a flatbread. Doesn’t taste like traditional pizza but it’s not bad. I’ve spoken to someone who brings dairy free cheese so their kid can have pizza like siblings.
  17. What is it you don’t like about this ship? I mentioned this in another thread, but I was all prepared to hate it, but no lines and easy to get chairs plus the ports made up for it. The ship has some of the upgrades- are you looking for something specific? I know now a lot of people feel the way you do, and I’m certainly not trying to change anyone’s mind.
  18. Were going back and forth. We did the fascination last year and the horizon this year. Next year we’re back to the fascination and 2022 may be the horizon again. I was all prepared to hate the fascination and then I loved it so much we booked again for different ports
  19. I can speak for vegetarian- my parents are vegetarian so I tend to keep an eye out when I travel. MDR menu has a vegetarian dish and an Indian vegetarian dish. But, be careful of the soups. Sometimes innocent sounding soups (Broccoli and Cheddar is one I think) have chicken broth in them. I think if you ask ahead of time (at least a day ahead), things can be further customized. the Deli has a veggie burger The buffet has vegetarian dishes labeled, and a well stocked salad bar. Blue Iguana has refried and black beans. Around here, black beans are always
  20. I know people complain about this ship, but an old ship is better than no ship at all. Hopefully Carnival does eventually put another ship there.
  21. I just realized I hadn't talked about ports yet. Ok so let's do that now. We like being busy, and with the extra sea days on this cruise we were ready to make the most of our time in port. Our plan for Grand Turk was to do the Snuba excursion through Carnival, and then walk over to Jack's Shack. We got off the ship and headed right over to the excursion meeting point, only to find out our excursion was cancelled due to poor visibility. I was really pleased they cancelled, rather than taking us out to see nothing. We talked to some people who went on a snorkel excursion and said
  22. I don't know if they're new. They are small though- maybe 3" across and red. They're not at every lounger, maybe every 4 or 5 loungers. If I hadn't seen someone push them and a bartender walk over, I would've assumed it was an alarm of some sort.
  23. I know that's usually the case, but for Dominica, I googled "Carnival shore excursions Dominica" to go to the general shore excursion page- not just the one that shows in my booking- and there were only 3 excursions listed there.
  24. Ship Layout I have the world's worst sense of direction and I found this ship easy get around. On our previous cruises, there was 1 deck which was a main pass through and had a lot of fun stuff plus the casino on it. I LOVED that on this ship, the casino was on deck 4, and deck 5 was also a pass through with Guys pig and anchor, photos, Java Blue, Ocean Plaza, Piano Bar, and stuff like that on it. It meant we could basically avoid the casino and the smoke. We still smelled the smoke occasionally on deck 5, and there were a couple times we got turned around and ended up needing t
  25. Thanks. Tortola, I think we want to either go visit Jost Van Dyke or do the Virgin Gorda Baths. Did you use a tour in Dominica or do it on your own? I'm really interested in this island- it seems different than anywhere else.
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