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  1. I too have stayed mid ship on Emerald deck. However the insides are more centered in regards to proximity of the Piazza. Personally, I would have made calls or spoken the guest services about lowering the bass. To have loud music till around midnight would be awful for those who like to turn in early with cabins in those areas. I didn't experience any issues in E422 on port side. Do you think it's possible because you're directly above where the band is it's been checking all the way to the top with none of deck 6 or 7 blocking the sound waves? Hmmmm.
  2. They stop doing the declaration for customs 2 to 3 years ago. That's been the same not just in Fort Lauderdale but also sailing in and out of Seattle or Whittier. I too just came off the Sky yesterday. I did thoroughly enjoy the new machines that we're not in existence 4 weeks ago when I got off the sky. The little machine where they take a quick picture to verify you and you're on your way. That was the world's quickest customs check I've ever been through. Now if they could do the same thing for international flights and the airport back to the States.
  3. Great thing about cruising..... Everyone has their own personal preference. There's always something to be found to enjoy that's palletable to ones taste.
  4. Princess posted this whole thing on their Facebook page, that the people who plan and organize all the ship itineraries do it two to three years in advance to pick their slots at all these different ports. So I know it's not an easy 1. 2. 3. fix. like they might do with trading one port out but changing a whole itinerary is a whole other story I'm sure.
  5. Huh? Interesting. Kinda thought it would be more thorough.
  6. I'm currently onboard, and have 8 more cruises booked for this year. My mantra on the matter is, you can't live in fear, so go out and enjoy everyday. Also certain things, such as this just can't be predicted. I see no harm on the land of cruising. 😊
  7. I'm on her now. This my 4ty sailing on her and another visit next month. My only tip is..... Enjoy your time onboard. She is elegant and lovely. The production shows are too notch. Rock Opera and 5 Skies in my opinion are legitimately the best shows princess has across the fleet.
  8. True. It's such a shame with what is going on. Just comes to show the most unpredictable things can happen, when least expected.
  9. Any clue if Princess will reposition the Majestic, Sapphire, and God only knows how long Diamond out of commission with the deep sanitation clean it will need to go through.? Just curious if they'll position those ships to other parts of the world outside of Asia, considering how many weeks and months those itineraries are cancelled for in the unforeseen future. I do hope those crew members on the Sapphire and Majestic will also be getting all their pay through this unpredictable and unexpected predicament. I do applaud Princess and Jan for the amazing work they currently done not just for their guest, but more importantly their crew.
  10. This true. I've actually been to Barcelona three times. Great city. I checked my flight. I actually arrive at 8am. So, for me...speaking solely for me.... I'm ok with using it strictly as a boarding day as I fly in day of.
  11. True. Luckily I'm always full of energy even with no sleep. And I've been to Barcelona a few times already so I kind of know the city on the back of my hand.
  12. I'm one person traveling solo, which is why I'll most likely opt for the bus transfer by princess
  13. definitely liking the price on that. Cuz one of the other sailings I was looking at was between Southampton and Rome and vice versa and because it's like a two and a half hour track each way it adds up with the transfers. So I went for a later date sailing option with the Barcelona and Athens because it's a the shorter transfer after a long day of travel makes a world of difference.
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