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  1. Yes she was there 😊. She was onboard last cruise and for the naming of the ship Saturday.
  2. Exactly! Well Done! I do the same wear I always check to see if there's any price drops or promotions. the up self at the company hands out like you said make no sense are there no great shakes of a deal.
  3. Congratulations that's fantastic news! It's also awesome to know that the upgrade fairy is still in existence. Was starting to doubt that with all these upsells that princess has been doing for a few years.
  4. How much does a uber typically run from LAX to San Pedro?
  5. My trip isn't till June, but I was able to grab on Cyber Monday and a nonstop JetBlue flight from Ft. Lauderdale to LAX for $169 roundtrip. Talk about a deal!!!! That reason alone became a massive deciding factor on which cruise I was doing in June, and to where.
  6. I looked into changing my flight to Long Beach. But after looking at the cost, double if not even triple the amount of flying into LAX I'm sucking it up. Also, the fact that LAX is non-stop makes a world of a difference for me. I decided to take the princess transfer both ways to and from LAX.
  7. Correct. My travel agent called them up to find out exactly what the price is. 68 at this point I don't mind especially if there's no stops like the super shuttle. And like I said it's that safety-net the cruise line can't leave without passengers on their own shuttles.
  8. Thanks that was really helpful information. I think looted I'm just doing and I have already booked the princess transfer to and from the airport. It's also a really good safety net because the ship can't leave without their passengers who are taking the princess shuttles.
  9. Just went through the motions with super shuttle. It was giving me $36 each way. With tax and tip is little over $80 roundtrip. ðŸ˜ē
  10. Yes, I saw the mentioning a super shuttle above earlier on in the comments. And it was something I was going to look into.
  11. And now I'm starting to see why my flight to LAX was so dirt cheap. LOL ðŸĪĢ😂ðŸĪŠ. you guys are all providing me with such excellent information where I'm really trying to study what the best route is. The shuttles for princess if I take that is there any transfers required or they still right there by the baggage claim like they are most airports? Because at this point I might be willing to pay just a little extra just to do the shuttle and suck it up being stuck on a bus waiting for others if it means less of a hassle possibly.
  12. Brilliant. it's funny that you mention this. Because I recall doing this but they ultimate drink package and denying it because I don't drink any alcohol. And the rate was repaired to a lovely price. Thank you for the reminder/suggestion.
  13. Thanks. I was thinking the same exact thing such as water sofa and coffee Card. I mean the funny thing is is I'm already Elite so I already tried out my entire bar setup for all water bottles because I don't drink. I will gladly take a coffee card at least I can use it on Tea or something at international cafe. / Coffee and cones (depending on the trip). I would be just as easily as pleased if they just want to credit me $35 or give me OBC for it that would be grand. Unlikely thougg. Hahahaha.
  14. I received a promotion for 2 free bottles of wine on my cruise. It says on my invoice that there are non alcoholic wine options available, which is great since I don't drink. Anyone have any idea what the alternative/options are?
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