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  1. Ugh. That is exactly what I am trying to avoid. if you give him five weeks to fix it to me there's no excuse why it's not fixed. In my case it is worth 12 times in the past and if I can get it rectified for all the upcoming 10 Medallion cruises I've got booked and I have to go and take care of it at the pier every single time that's not right either.
  2. They are both great ships. A lot of times for me it's always based on the crew who make the experience. there's great crew on both the golden and Ruby. But if I had to choose between both Ruby hands down over the Golden as it is a much newer ship compared to the golden. Making the venuea is a lot nicer. Ruby is bigger than the golden as well. I find the food to actually be better on the Ruby over the Golden.
  3. no it's definitely not you it's completely the app. My dad and I were sharing a cabin on our upcoming November Regal Cruise. It goes back and forth being temperamental with being green and orange. But when it's spoken to an OSHA navigator they said all of our documents and required information or all there. And just to ignore the app. As they to say the computer system in app is super temperamental with medallion. Once again I'm starting to contemplate if everything is becoming more temperamental ever since they started making more and more the ships Medallion. Because the last time I was on a medallion Cruise was back in spring before all the others became officially medallion. They IT department can't keep up, perhaps.
  4. Thanks. I'm pretty and great at troubleshooting, but even customer relations when I spoke to them a few days ago has a my account is completely a mess. And I have tried the actual desktop web page and I still can't do anything because it will state that my bookings don't match up to my name of any sorts. And there's like six bookings that apparently won't match up. the fact that the ship is not officially in service yet is actually not the case. That's IT saying that to by themselves sometime of not knowing how to solve the problem. I do appreciate your thoughtfulness and time with your lovely suggestion so. Thank you very much.
  5. I've read on another board, if you go to the front desk and ask to opt out of Medallion, you can request a card.
  6. They were apparently working on it this morning. the app is now working as earlier would say that something wrong with the server. that's my current problem right now where I can order any medallions for my cruises December and on. And IT guy had to go into my account to fix it for my November sailing but that was I want that a half ago he did that. So whatever they did, they did not fully fix the problem with my account.
  7. Tell me about it. I've done about 10 Medallion sailings prior and never had a problem with the set up until recently, which now includes nothing ever wants to be linked ever again to the app for me. LOL 😂 They've had about a month correct the problem, so the better fix it I think the biggest problem with the app is they keep adding more and more stuff to it complicating it all which then leads to all these problems.
  8. Say j don't have that option, as my dad my dad is sailing in a separate cabin from me. you can only order someone else's medallion for them if your only sharing a cabin with them, which kinda stinks since our bookings technically linked.
  9. Well.... My saga with medallion app continues, as I've now entered week 3 with no solution to why 4 of my upcoming Sky Princess bookings be will NOT link to my account. an ocean alligator myself have been clued it that when I had this problem for my upcoming Regal cruise this November at they it guys may have potentially work the way around the problem to get it to link but never officially fixed the problem with my account as all my future bookings won't link at all. I have about three tickets right now open for it to get ahold of me and to correct the problem. The last ticket I opened up the beginning of the week was from customer relations who put a note in to expedite the IT department to electrify the problem immediately so I can order my medallions. princess needs to come up with a way or a system for people to order their medallions for their upcoming Cruise that's not via the app. My dad who will be traveling along with me on two of the sailing dates on the sky is it his own cabin but he was able to order all his stuff and I'm the one who pays for everything and I can't even order any of mine. I'm hoping the problem gets a rectify before my December cruises so I don't have to wait in the regular check-in line and I could do the express check-in like I've done several times failing on a medallion class ship. I want my full Medallion experience which includes my express check-in, as it just makes the travel experience 10 times more convenient. Fingers crossed it gets fixed soon.
  10. Yup. Don't do it. Definitely nothing special. Their days of the free upgrade fairy seem to be over. they try to give you these so-called up cells to shift you out of your cabin so they could get buyers on that more easy compared to getting buyers on a mini suite
  11. Same here. Wooden picks only I recall every getting. Shhh. If we speak too much those might be going next. 😂
  12. Hoping by tomorrow my Medallion app will be working smoothly with all of my upcoming bookings linked. It's funny how I've done 12 Medallion class sailings and never had a problem with the bookings being linked to the app until this point. Fingers crossed!
  13. Hahaha. They talk the talk on CC. But the big question is, do they walk the walk?!?!?; Hmm.
  14. Well, out in the wilderness in Alaska, if you're going hiking, Big Foot may be good to have by your side. 😊
  15. Never say no one ever. This is when I bring up the infamous fun fact, where apparently there are plenty of people who have canceled their cruises with Princess over the one barrel chair in their cabin that has gone missing, and no longer exists. 😂 Just saying. It's amazing how people's priorities and mindsets differ others.
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