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  1. Dear fellow cruisers, can you help me please? As a diamond plus guest would I have access to the Solarium on the Quantum of the Sea, sailing from Singapore. Thank you in anticipation.
  2. Thanks, this is excellent for a newbie like me. Thanks again for the hard work
  3. Dear all, thank you so much for your help. Rang them and I was firm but polite and yippee they found her records and everything is now sorted. Thank you for your advice👍👍👍
  4. Dear all, Can you help please. My DIL is due to sail next week and when she has checked in and tried to assign her Crown and Anchor number she gets the following response "date of birth does not match". She has evidence of her Crown and Anchor number from when she sailed previously. I told her to ring Crown and Anchor and ask them to rectify the problem. They have replied that they have no record of her, albeit we have evidence from a previous invoice and that there is nothing they can do for her but once she gets on board they will be able to sort it all out for her!! Well I think she has been 'fobbed off' and my suspicions are that once she gets on board they will say they cannot help her, she should of sorted it before hand! Does anyone have a email address, phone number etc that we could contact or advice. Thank you all in anticipation.
  5. Dear all, please can I have some advice, my son and daughter in law are taking our grandson on his first cruise, he is one. They are taking the inflatable duck with them to use as a bath and to also use as a splash about on the balcony. They intend to take a small electric air pump with them to use to inflate the pump. It suddenly occurred to me that if a air dryer and iron are not allowed then perhaps the air pump is also not allowed. If so they will have to resort to inflating it the old fashioned way. Your advice please.
  6. Thank you so much for your informative responses. I did book one of the hotels mentioned located in Nice old town. When my cruise documents came through I realised that our ship docks in the Old Town Port and not Villefranche. Our hotel is a six minute walk from the port. Thanks again for all your help. 😁
  7. Just booked a last minute cruise departing from Nice, I have checked and the ship Azamara Pursuit departs from Villefranche sur de mer. Can anyone recommend a hotel and our to get to the ship.
  8. Dear fellow cruisers Although we are experienced cruisers we have never travelled with a one year old baby! Any advice or tips you can give would be greatly appreciated. Departing from Southampton we will visit Funchal, Tenerife, Grand Canary, Lanzarote and Vigo. One question that I have thought about is, what happens if there is a shuttle into the town (example Funchal), would there be seat belts on the shuttle for a one year old? Anyone on Explorer of the Seas could tell me what exactly is offered in the way of activities for a one year old, I do know that there is not a nursery but I understand there will be a play room? Anyone have experience of trying to top up supply of nappies from the various ports of call. As I said, any advice is useful, thank you all in anticipation. Bonnielass
  9. Thanks for your help, off to Walmart to purchase one. Happy cruising😄
  10. Dear fellow cruisers,we are joining Serenade of the Sea this week and have arrived in the USA and have left our UK to USA ‘adapters’ at home. Can you tell me if Serenade has the USB charging facility in the cabins? If not I need to go buy some adapter s. Thank you in anticipation for your help.
  11. Dear all, I can purchase the booze package at $50.00 a day on line. I am due to sail on the 11th January, can you advise me whether there will be any discount to this if I wait until I get on board. Thank you for your advice.
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