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  1. Sorry, I meant to quote DcnLee who is going on Harmony in October.
  2. We are going in December, so I'd appreciate any pictures and feedback you have after your cruise.
  3. Again, happy with the compensation for those of you happy with it. If going to the Bahamas with a 50/50 offer is a win for you, fantastic. For or those of us not happy about going on a Bahamas cruise, we really got the shaft by NCL vs. what we would have received if we booked another cruise line. Had this been a Western Caribbean cruise and they dropped Grand Cayman for whatever reason, fine. But this cruise was all about visiting Cuba and we paid a premium to do so. That’s why we are seeing these offers at all. And for some of us, Norwegian has chosen to stick it to us in the aft.
  4. Had NCL offered the option to cancel with full refund LIKE ALL THE OTHER CRUISE LINES DID, we wouldn’t be seeing such negative posts. I paid significantly more to go on this Cuba cruise rather than a Bahamas cruise. So 50% off is not the great value it seems. I live in South Florida where the Sky sails out of but chose to drive all the way to Port Canaveral to avoid the itinerary that stopped in the Bahamas. Many of us have done the Bahamas cruise more times than we’d care to. My traveling companions are on a budget and will most likely not be able to use the future cruise credit. The best value for them to use it on will be ANOTHER Bahamas cruise not to mention the added cost of the other 50% they will have to pay plus tax and airfare. Again, Norwegian could have avoided all these bad feelings if they had simply offered the option to cancel for those of us within penalty period. Every other reputable cruise line did. With Norwegian being the last to announce it certainly seems they spent a little more time crunching the numbers and came out with the best scenario to save face and yet skew the results in their favor. For those of you happy with the changes and offer, I’m happy for you. Just realize many of us would have been in a much better situation now had we booked with Royal Caribbean or even Carnival. They both offered full refunds as an option.
  5. From Norwegian: NO REFUNDS IF YOU CANCEL ON JUNE - SEPTEMBER CRUISES NOTE: Norwegian is the ONLY cruise line to stick it to passengers who want to cancel. Sailings through and including September 2, 2019Those guests currently sailing on Norwegian Sun who departed on June 3 as well as all guests booked on Norwegian Sky and Norwegian Sun cruises to Cuba through and including the September 2, 2019 departure will receive a 50% refund of the cruise fare paid as well as a 50% future cruise credit valid for sailings through December 31, 2021. Refunds for June 2019 and July 2019 sailings will be processed by June 30, 2019 while refunds for August 2019 sailings will be processed by July 31, 2019.Refunds will be applied to the original form of payment. This process will be automatic and requires no action from you.We apologize for the inconvenience caused by this unforeseen change. Standard cancellation policies apply for those guests who choose not to sail. Visa fees arranged through Norwegian Cruise Line will be refunded and government taxes and fees will be adjusted accordingly. Any shore excursions purchased through Norwegian Cruise Line for Cuba will be automatically refunded and posted to your onboard account for June 3 departure or refunded to original form of payment for other sailings. Future Cruise Credits will be attached to your Latitudes profile.
  6. Carnival is offering: $100 pp obc if you stay on your current sailing with modified itineray $50 pp obc if you change to a different cruise FULL REFUND if you choose not to sail. I certainly hope Norwegian does the right thing and offers something similar. I realize it's not their fault, but this isn't a simple itinerary change. The vast majority of people are taking Cuba cruises solely to see Cuba. If the people who are under penalty don't have have an option to back out, that's a really crummy thing for Norwegian to do.
  7. If you booked the NCL travel protection, you'll get back 75% or 90% in the form of a cruise credit, plus lose the cost of the insurance to do so. I really hope if either the ships can't go or if they change the itinerary they will offer full refunds. They don't have to since the cruise contract you accept says they can change your ports of call.
  8. Right. The "anyone who has already paid" is a bit vague. Will they still allow ships to come in with passengers paid prior to today? If so, I would hope they will honor the sailings in the next 60 - 90 days. But as Giventofly pointed out, is a ship that is not full going to still sail at a potential loss? We know cruise lines reserve the right to change ports of call, so it's possible people within penalty period may be stuck unless the cruise line offers full refunds. This is a hard one because most people choose this cruise only for the Cuba port of call, not the others that may be included. A revised itinerary to Cozumel or Nassau is not going to cut it if that happens. Only time will tell how this shakes out.
  9. My elderly parents will not be able to manage the train or bus on their own, so we are looking for a private company to take them door to door. Any recommendations are appreciated. Even tour companies as I can contact them to see if they would offer a transfer. Thank you
  10. Thanks, that would be helpful.
  11. Where did you find your magnetic clips? I ordered some from Amazon but they are pretty big and heavy.
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