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  1. What I am still trying to figure out is whether it is worthwhile to get the transportation pass when service is greatly reduced....
  2. http://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=1629130
  3. I also read today that there is a 25% surcharge for taxi's on holidays...yet another plus on our surprise pulic holiday vacation in Bermuda!
  4. I called the tourism bureau and asked for information. I don't like crowded beaches either. What they told me is that other beaches would not be as crowded as Horseshoe, but they don't have all the amenities. There will be at least 2 cruiseships in, so it would be crowded regardless. Go to www.bermudatourism.com and get the number to call them. They made me feel a bit better because I was also freaking out. I am not happy about this at all. I think I should have been informed by the travel agency, but I don't think they knew. Everyone keeps saying that we should go to the cricket match, my DH is not interested. The agency tells me there are other festivals, but I can't find them anywhere. I am trying to get the info. I just found out yesterday. At least we know! imagine all those going that have no idea!
  5. I just found out about the national holiday. Here is what I found out. The beaches will be crowded - especially Horseshoe Bay because it has all the amenities like food, restrooms etc. Transportation runs on a holiday schedule....last run is 4:30 so be careful. Cricket match tickets at the gate - should be $10. Lots of vendors for food etc. There is a separate area for tourists in the bleachers. Dockside is still open. There may be some street fairs...still trying to figure it all out. Wish that I knew before I booked....oh well.
  6. My family is also booked...did you know that Bermuda will have a national holiday on August 2nd & 3rd? Shops in Hamilton will be closed and transportation will be on a holiday schedule - ending at 4:30 pm? Ugh! I wish someone would have told us before we booked!
  7. I just booked my family cruise for the July 29 sailing. I just found some posts about crowding and closing of stores. Did I make a mistake? We are not big shoppers, but I don't like fighting through crowds for transportation, is there a beach that should be less crowded? My son loves soccer...should we try to see a match?
  8. Never mind. I just realized since we changed time, it is the same time there as well as here. Now, I have to change my timing. Does anyone know how quickly you can get off the ship if we arrive at 8 am? Does it actually arrive a bit earlier?
  9. Yes. But newer posts have shown cruise compasses with a Thursday night formal night. I think it may have changed. Oh well!
  10. I know I can be back earlier, but I don't know how much earlier. Is 4:15 Saint Martin time or ship time???
  11. I booked an excursion in St. Martin. It is supposed to leave at 1pm - 6pm. - St. Martin time. I was just told we have to be back on board at 4:15 for a 6pm sail time! What is the time difference? I chartered the boat, so I can probably change the time, but I need to know quickly. C & A is closed:eek:
  12. Back on board time was 4:15? It shows us leaving at 6pm. We need to be back on that early? That's not good. We have an excursion planned that won't get us back to the pier till 5pm!:eek:
  13. Thanks. I am not thrilled about Thursday night. I just don't understand that thinking. Why not Friday night? It makes no sense!
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