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  1. Thanks for all your answers. It’s good to know what to expect for our Sunday stop in GC. I hope you are enjoying AQ class and Blu. That’s what we have booked, as well.
  2. Thanks. Looks like it it’s a general contact for everything then. It lists that email address for Captains Club as well. I thought it was perhaps some special customer service site.
  3. Oh no! That sounds pretty pitiful......how about bars and restaurants? maybe this will be a very quick trip ashore and back to ship! No wonder you said it was busy at the buffet at lunch time!
  4. Thanks. No, we did not book anything. Not in to water sports, etc. We just wanted to leisurely stroll around. We were there once before, but it’s been years. We both recall lots of shops and restaurants. How about all the cruise type shops like Diamonds International, etc......where those even open?
  5. I am seeing people reference this e mail address for concerns to Celebrity, I guess. This is all new to me even though we are Elite Plus. Is this something new? We haven’t sailed on X since late 2015, but have a cruise coming up. What is this? Do you use it for questions, problems, etc? Does it go to Captains Club or corporate office? Can somebody clue me in? I should say I searched this site and Celebrity Cruises and came up with nothing! thanks!
  6. Grand Cayman.....a little concerned.....we are there on a Sunday, also. You say there was very little open? You mean the main tourist stores and shops and restaurants were not open?
  7. Have not heard of Celebrity One Touch and we are Elite Plus. what is it and when was this started?
  8. Is anyone trying to address this on Celebrity’s social media sites like FB or Twitter? I do not do social media and movies are not my pet peeve with X, but removal of footstools is! I think if some will take it to the X FB page it may get more attention. Their FB page is where they want to recruit future cruisers and pretend that everything is “modern luxury”. We need to bombard them with comments about the cheapening of the modern luxury experience!
  9. Social media seems to matter more to the big companies (promoting their image and it has to be perfect!) than ANYTHING else.!! I don’t do social media, but for those who do, I say go for it! It may shame them into changing their minds about their cruisers comfort. Show just what they are doing to the world. And I agree the balconies must look pretty TACKY with blow up beach balls, plastic shower chairs and piles of pillows being used as footstools. What a waste it was to dispose of all those footstools!
  10. Good question, I’d like to see any responses, also. 😊
  11. Thanks for your help. i certainly appreciated your walk through of the embarkation process since it has all changed since the last time I sailed.
  12. Got the digital express pass, it it does not say “expedited” It does have a barcode on it
  13. Yes. But I am now trying to go back in and find on my phone where I can scan my passport. I did check in on my IPAD. There is not prompt to scan passport on IPAD anywhere now. maybe it’s too late to do that since I already have manually entered everything and have an express pass?
  14. I did the check in online with my IPAD. Today I took a picture and uploaded it. It does not appear on my express pass on my phone. I think the part I missed was scanning my passport. I went back in to my Celebrity app on my phone, but I don’t see how to scan my passport. Maybe I have to do it on my IPAD since that’s where I originally did my express pass? ugh......I wish I was a millennial !
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