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  1. This would indeed be good news as we have a cruise for end of August that requires final payment mid April. I don’t think we will know enough at that point to feel comfortable making final payment......
  2. Bermuda’s policy to outside visitors as of today is that you must quarantine for 14 days upon arrival before you can freely move about the island. https://www.gotobermuda.com/bta/press-release/bermuda-tourism-authority-update
  3. I was on that cruise and cancelled a couple of weeks ago fearing that Canada would close ports and they are! Now Maine is cancelling cruise ships! Cancel and take back your deposit.
  4. No mention of this announcement on Azamara website ...still and no mention on Azamara Facebook.......????
  5. We have a cruise end of August and have to make final payment in April. I feel like Azamara is on auto-pilot. Feels like something is up......
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  7. https://www.celebritycruisespresscenter.com/press-release/1158/royal-caribbean-announces-voluntary-suspension-of-cruising/
  8. That is reasonable, compared to other cruise lines. Hope it stays that way!
  9. Thanks! I called Azamara and they said that was what our Azamazing evening would be on 8/30, and I was happy....until I realized we are scheduled to leave port that day at 6 pm.....so who Knows?
  10. Do you happen to recall where you had your Azamazing evening in Ireland?
  11. I am on the same cruise with you. we have an overnight in Waterford.....perhaps that is why we might be docked closer to the city? Docked rather than having to tender?
  12. Thanks to all for all your comments. They are very helpful. We are Still waiting for excursions to be posted for other ports..... Killibegs (for Donegal) Galway Bantry Dartmouth. I know Galway is a new port for Azamara, not sure if the others are new ports or not. I have been to Galway, but not to Donegal. If anyone has any other info to share, we would appreciate it.
  13. Desert cruisers, we would love to have you join us on the roll call for this cruise.....it is very quiet. There is some news posted on there about a port schedule change that you may not be aware of.
  14. Be sure to pick your cabin wisely. Go for mid ship and stay low. I absolutely agree that you will feel the motion on Azamara in rough seas and the Tasman Sea can be rough! We did a TA on Journey in very rough seas, for example, and it was challenging but you will be fine if you are low.
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