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  1. Thanks! We'll be there in September, so hopefully there will be no water issues this year. I will mark down the park. Nancy
  2. "We were on tour yesterday afternoon which was a four hour tour of Mauthasuen-Gusen concentration camp memorial. This was the first time we have visited a former concentration camp. " Very sobering isn't it? We have been to Neungamme. (which was a work camp, but as our guide said, they were all death camps.) I just recently found out my Dad's family was from Belarus and his parents were some of the fortunate ones to make it out after WW1. Any relatives that didn't probably ended up in a concentration camp or were murdered by the Nazis when they invaded in 1941. On a brighter note, I look forward to your post on Passau, as we will start our river cruise there. Nancy
  3. Looking forward to reading about your river cruise since we will be on our first one in September. Safe travels. Nancy
  4. Happy Travels and I look forward to reading about your trip. Nancy
  5. They made it easy to obtain, at least: 22 Countries https://www.travelandleisure.com/travel-news/americans-need-visa-europe Nancy
  6. We celebrated our 35th anniversary in July on the Symphony. We had a nice window table in the back of the Waterside. If you ask for the back, it is quieter. They put a big streamer on the table for the occasion and gave us a special dessert. It was embarkation day, so we just ordered off the menu. Otherwise, I would pre-order if you decide Waterside. Wherever you decide to eat, they will treat the occasion as it deserves. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary. Here are a couple of pictures,. Nancy
  7. There wasn't one in our Symphony cabin in July. Nancy
  8. It maybe just my online security program, but I got a Malware warning when I went to read your blog. Nancy
  9. Lovely family photo, Keith. It must be hard having your daughter living on another continent. I shouldn't complain that my children live in 3 different states. I am so glad you got to spend some time with your family. Emma's smile lights up a room. I hope Anne Marie is feeling better. Nancy
  10. That must be new, because on our July cruise, we had no trouble getting some any place we asked for it. Nancy
  11. Enjoy your family time. You can see the family resemblance in Emma. She looks a lot like Anne Marie. Nancy
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