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  1. I'll just chime in about the motion sickness... I take ginger (as someone else mentioned) I start taking it a few days before my cruise, one tablet with each meal, and continue taking it throughout the cruise and have ZERO issues with motion sickness (and I am someone who gets serious motion sickness!! Car rides, flight simulators... I can't even watch movies that have a lot of motion... gets me nauseous!!)
  2. OR... the bartender is just SAYING they remember them. When I worked as a server, I'd occasionally "remember" someone who expected me to... tell them I was glad to see them again (when in reality, I had no clue who they were!). Tips were better!!
  3. we're doing one short excursion in Nassau but the rest of the time we'll be on the ship... we've been to that post so many times, we've almost done everything!!! LOL (we MAY go wander around the straw market, see if there's anything new - but maybe not)
  4. LOL we always explore the ship - I'm not really looking for "advice" here... just asking what everyone else has discovered, maybe its something we'd like to do too!!
  5. I love this one... its exactly the kind of "secrets" that I'm looking for! thanks!
  6. LOL I see what you did there!!
  7. that's good news! I think I'll practice a bit before we go and download some stuff and then put it in "airplane mode" to see if it still works. I've got both Netflix AND Amazon Prime, so I'll check out both! (thank you everyone!!)
  8. YAY!!! Thats one of MANY things that we look forward to when we book a cruise! I sure hope it's on ours next month!
  9. If I download a movie to my cell phone on Netflix, can I watch it without being connected to data or Wifi? (just looking at all options here!)
  10. the Title of the post says it all. I've read that there was no escargot in many places... is it still a thing? Has the shortage been taken care of?! Are the snails back?!
  11. Hello!! I'm sailing on the Ecstacy next month and just like most of you, I've been researching and planning and scheming... LOL I'm not a novice to cruising but I feel as if I'm probably not taking advantage of everything that the "all-inclusive" has to offer onboard! I know that I can order more than one entree' or dessert or appetizer at dinner if I want... (and sometimes I do!!) We always get the bottomless bubbles (I don't feel that the CHEERS program would be worth it for me, I like maybe a glass or two of wine in the evenings... maybe a mixed drink but not enough to make the $$ for cheers worth it) But what else?! What kind of wonderful tips can you all share with me that will make our cruise TOP NOTCH? It will be my daughter & I sailing... she does Karaoke almost every night (she's quite the singer!) and we love the shows too. Are there any "definitely don't miss" shows on the ship?
  12. I bring a couple of the Ziploc Space Bags - the kind that you roll up instead of using a vacuum on. I don't use them when getting ready for our trip - but use them at the end. I use them on our clothes so that we now have the room in our suitcase to also pack our souvenirs and other purchases from our trip! Works wonders!!
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