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  1. Looks like they raised the prices of the dining packages at least for our voyage. The 3 night still shows from $109 on the first screen, but it ends up being $137 in your cart. Not much of a discount at this price. The 4 night is now $165.
  2. Have sailed in the Haven multiple times, but I agree I wouldn’t want to pay the going rates now for the product. We did just sail the MSC Seaside in May in the Yacht Club. We felt the cabin/yacht club spaces were far superior than ncl havens we have been in. Otherwise we felt the food/entertainment were tailored to the international rather than US tastes and we wouldn’t sail with them again until this changes. They did have a different show each night, but they were basically the same show. A cirque knock off, singers up/down stairs then acrobats, repeat cycle again. Theater about same size as Breakaway class. 3 shows each night so technically a few thousand each night would miss the show if everyone wanted to go since there are over 5000 passengers with a 900 seat theater. They did get rid of the opera show after a few months that anyone in the US market could have told them doesn’t appeal to the masses. They don’t have any secondary venues large enough for a comedy club so they would do them very late in the show lounge.
  3. We were in the Yacht Club in May and they were frequently trying to fix the door at top sail pool from Aurea to YC. Staff said it was constantly breaking and not locking correctly.
  4. Glad you had a great trip. Hope to experience it once it heads to NYC. Just curious with the Haven sundeck. I know you said it was empty, but we they offering cabanas for a fee? Pictures make it look like one side of the sundeck have more elaborate cabanas than seen on the other ships due to the expanded space. Just assume they would charge extra for them. Thanks!
  5. Disappointing, but very much appreciate the information!
  6. Does anyone know their last week on the ship? I saw it mentioned somewhere they were off mid July. We are thinking of jumping on the July 15 trip and it would be a big selling point compared to the competing Lines if they were still onboard. Thanks to everyone for the reviews!
  7. Fully agree with the prices they are charging these days, but business is so good they will keep pushing the boundaries. Next they will put the lobster tails that were included on the menu as a surcharge item. Last I had seen, they were supposed to add them back to the menu, but don’t see that happening now that they are adding surcharge items. Thanks for the review. Hope to get back on the Escape this year.
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