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  1. I am on the September 15th Jewel Greek Island cruise and also purchased the key for $19.99. I think the lower price may be more because Jewel is a smaller ship with less attractions to hae priority use of and no big shows that having reserved seating for would be a great benefit. I booked it for the priority embarkation and disembarkation mostly and because for once I was considering buying the internet package anyway and it was only six bucks more a day to get The Key.
  2. You did not lose the $2000 deposit. You lost $100 per person so $600 total. I understand your angst and hate they have gone to these nonrefundable deposits. However I am 100% certain, at least if you booked online and not on the phone, that during the booking process at least once the word nonrefundable was in front of you. I reluctantly book non-refundable because they have the refundable fares so much highter it makes it worth it to me to take the chance I won't have to cancel because that is a pretty low percentage and I would rather risk that than the more likely event of me paying a lot more for the actual cruise. My advice would be to suck it up and take the $600 loss, rebook for a date that works, and consider this a life lesson. You can blame RCL but all of the other cruise lines have also gone this route as well and your experience would have been the same there as well.
  3. $69 pp for Jewel of the Seas 9-15-19 out of Rome. Caught it on sale awhile back.
  4. Do you remember what the name of the great restaurant you ate at in Athens was? Was it in the Plaka neighborhood?
  5. I hate that this happened to you. I am always a little apprehensive about leaving luggage outside our door so usually wait until just before midnight and we make sure all valuables are in our hand luggage we keep with us. No jewelry, money, phones,tablets, etc in the luggage outside the door.
  6. This is good to know. Something I did not. I did learn when I found that link that you have to be within 30 days of your cruise to inquire if you can bid under the Royal Up program.
  7. Whoever was in charge of the implementation of The Key program should be fired or at least demoted as that seems to be the worst thing. That crew members on ships were not fully trained on it before implementation is inexcusable. I have read too many instances of crew members not even knowing features of it like hand luggage storage and delivery to cabins or priority disembarking at ports.
  8. I know one thing, this thread has discouraged me from ever wanting to book a guarantee cabin if the cruise lines can bump people down from whatever catagory cabin they supposedly havea guarantee for. Scary. I was offered a free cruise last month on a different cruise line if I booked an inside cabin guarantee. We had just gotten off a cruise a couple of months before and have a big European cruise and vacation coming up in a few months so we took them up on this free offer. My first ever guarantee cabin. I was nervous as all get out and then about 10 days before our cruise we were assinged a midship handicap accessible cabin. Perfectly located where I would have picked a cabin. My biggest fear had been the cabin would be below one of the very loud music venues that was active until late at night. When we got there the cabin was very large, almost like a suite. We loved it. We got settled in then that night the phone rang and guest services said that after boarding some guests had informed them they needed a handicap accessible cabin and they wanted to know if we needed one. I told them no but that we were very pleased with the location of the cabin and the extra space. I then asked him how in the world someone could wait until they actually boarded the ship to decide they needed an accessible cabin. He said he didn't know, that he was just trying to accomodate the customer. He said they would put us in an UPGRADED cabin, an oceanview one. He name the deck (below the water line - something I avoid) and i instantly knew he was talking about a cabin directly underneath the music venue as I had feared we would get. Sure enough that was the case. Clearly the last cabins someone with any knowledge would book. I told guest services I did not want to be on deck 1 or 2 or beneath a music venue. I was hoping maybe they would come back with a decend location / cabin in which case I would have been cooperative. I did not tell him that though as I wanted that to come from them voluntarily. I also want to point out that if he had given me a good explanation of why at the lst minute, hours after boarding, someone needed our cabin I would have given it up. They said they would check into some alternatives and get back with me. I never heard from them again the entire cruise.
  9. Wow! Talk about a thread getting off track. The talk about different ships stability is interesting and deserves a thread of its own but it would be nice if this thread could stay about the subject title. Speaking of which I think in the wee hours of 5/24 I recevied an email from AMEX that Royal Caribbean had refunded my cancelled Indy cruise deposit. As of that evening my TA said she still had not seen the future cruise credit. We are going to use the future cruise credit for a Caribbean cruise on Harmony so I can finally experience an Oasis class ship. I am exctied about that but that cruise is no way in the same league as the amazing 15 night Caribbean / Transatlantic crossing to Ireland then England cruise we had booked on Indy. i am still bummed about that but appreciate Royal Caribbeans gesture of the cruise credit.
  10. I would go from an ocean view to an inside cabin for $500 total in a heartbeat. You could always cancel one or more of your prepurchased items and repurchase them with the OBC if you do decide to take what they are offering. I do agree it is a breach of contrract and I am sure that is why they are offering you the OBC and $100 pp. I don't know how they can "overbook" a cruise since they obviously already had the commitment to you for that catagory of cabin. Really strange that this happend to you.
  11. I have been told my deposit will be refunded in the next 48-72 hours if I remember correctly and that future cruise credits will be issued on 5/23.
  12. We had a junior suite on the 15 night Indy repositioning cruise and those are sold out on Anthem. Plus it gets to England earlier than I would like because of weather considerations. So instead taking our approximately $1300 future cruise credit and am using it for a 7 night Caribbean cruise on Harmony of the Seas so we can finally check out an Oasis class ship. Still heartbroken our dream cruise is not going to happen for our 40th anniversary.
  13. Such a nightmare for all involved. My thoughts and prayers go out to all of the passengers who lost their lives and their loved ones both on the cruise with them and back at home as well as the pilot who lost his or her life. Let's also not forget that it appears from news reports that many of the survivors are hospitalized, some with very serious injuries. Our thoughts and prayers need to go out to them as well.
  14. The other day just before Royal Caribbean announced keeping Indy in Florida because of anticpated demand for Coco Cay I had just read a passenger review of Coco Cay where they said it was very nice but with just one ship there the wait for the big water slides was something like 1 1/2 hours. Now granted this is an anecdotal report but if true how in the world are they going to be able to handle the added passenger count from Indy to the ones they had already planned on going there???
  15. Well those new ships and ground based services do have to be paid for so it is unrealistic to look at their gross margin without looking at their expenses which means looking at their net income.
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