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  1. I would go from an ocean view to an inside cabin for $500 total in a heartbeat. You could always cancel one or more of your prepurchased items and repurchase them with the OBC if you do decide to take what they are offering. I do agree it is a breach of contrract and I am sure that is why they are offering you the OBC and $100 pp. I don't know how they can "overbook" a cruise since they obviously already had the commitment to you for that catagory of cabin. Really strange that this happend to you.
  2. I have been told my deposit will be refunded in the next 48-72 hours if I remember correctly and that future cruise credits will be issued on 5/23.
  3. We had a junior suite on the 15 night Indy repositioning cruise and those are sold out on Anthem. Plus it gets to England earlier than I would like because of weather considerations. So instead taking our approximately $1300 future cruise credit and am using it for a 7 night Caribbean cruise on Harmony of the Seas so we can finally check out an Oasis class ship. Still heartbroken our dream cruise is not going to happen for our 40th anniversary.
  4. Such a nightmare for all involved. My thoughts and prayers go out to all of the passengers who lost their lives and their loved ones both on the cruise with them and back at home as well as the pilot who lost his or her life. Let's also not forget that it appears from news reports that many of the survivors are hospitalized, some with very serious injuries. Our thoughts and prayers need to go out to them as well.
  5. The other day just before Royal Caribbean announced keeping Indy in Florida because of anticpated demand for Coco Cay I had just read a passenger review of Coco Cay where they said it was very nice but with just one ship there the wait for the big water slides was something like 1 1/2 hours. Now granted this is an anecdotal report but if true how in the world are they going to be able to handle the added passenger count from Indy to the ones they had already planned on going there???
  6. Well those new ships and ground based services do have to be paid for so it is unrealistic to look at their gross margin without looking at their expenses which means looking at their net income.
  7. Royal Caribbean's 2018 net income is about half what you are projecting. $1.6 billion dollars not $3.9 billion. As a shareholder I am glad to see they are in the black! https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/20294-royal-caribbean-reports-2018-full-year-and-q4-earnings.html
  8. We are booked on the May TA for our 40th wedding anniversary. Had splurged on a junior suite for the first time. I am so disappointed. So many of the TA's are too early in the Spring for good weather once you get to Europe but this one was perfect arriving in the UK mid May. I guess my ambitious plan to be Diamond by early 2021 has taken a hit!
  9. For azipods definitely Rockauto.com
  10. I have this suite 1106 booked on Indy and would like to find this Cruise Rick's review. but have been unable to. Can someone point me to where it is? Thanks!
  11. I can't believe they won't put her in drydock ASAP to resolve this issue. It is just crazy to reduce speed and skip ports for about six months!
  12. That bacon clothesline looks as good as I imagined! I will be having that next week on Nieuw Statendam!
  13. We board Nieuw Statendam this coming Sunday April 7th and I sure hope the Pinnacle Grille has the new menu because this bacon appetizer sounds great. Of course bacon always sounds great!
  14. Yes you are crazy. Why not play it safe by spending $150 bucks for a decent hotel and fly in the night before? I have also been to Rome before but can't imagine not wanting to spend at least a little bit of time there again!
  15. What is the "bacon clothesline"? Is that an entree or appetizer?
  16. Don't you mean "were doing the transatlantic crossing in 20 days "?
  17. If its any consolation it wouldn't matter if the Bills were in the Superbowl because a few years back they proved they can't win them even if they get there! (how in the world do you make it to 4 Super Bowls in a row and not win at least one????). Come to think of it though at least your team got there those times. My Tennessee Titans have only gottern there once and lost.
  18. Our first HAL cruise was on Nieuw Amsterdam 11/25/18. We had an inside cabin but it was a Spa one. You are correct to be worried about cabins beneath BB Kings. BB Kings was increditble, the best music I have ever heard on a ship, but one night around 10 pm I was going from one end of the ship to the other and ended up doing so walking on the deck below BB Kings. If the cabins had anywehre near the noise that was coming from the ceiling in the corridor those people had to be miserable if they were in their rooms trying to sleep.
  19. I am really enjoying your review. You are an excellent writer! You also have a lovely family. I didn't take any of our kids on a cruise until they were teenagers. I wish I could have taken them when they were younger like you are doing. My kids traveled quite a bit but just not on ships.
  20. My feedback is different than theirs. While I agree about Olive Garden food being substandard (tv dinner quality) Canaletto's on Nieuw Amsterdam in November was unique and very, very good.
  21. My wife would disagree with you big time about Canaletto. Olive Garden food tastes no better than a decent Italian frozen tv dinner and my wife had what she considers one of the best meals of her life at Calaletto's on Nieuw Amsterdam last November. Something that was called some kind of spaghetti but was unlike anything she had ever eaten. It involved a sauteed flat mushroom at the bottom, shredded vegatables of some kind on top and an amazing sauce (maybe clear?) My dish there was ok but I am a Pinnicle Grill steak guy! LOL
  22. Sounds like you are very flexible so there is a good chance you may get as good a deal in the fall. However my experience booking a May 2020 T/A on another cruise surprised me. For t/a crossings my wife pretty much insists on big ships with a promenade like a city street. For our 40th wedding anniversary I found the perfect 15 night cruise that hits the Caribbean first then crosses to Ireland and then England. I starterd watching it waiting for a bargain on a junior suite. Prices stayed stable but cabins started disappearing pretty fast. I didn't check for a couple of weeks and when I did there were only 5 jr suites left. I thought maybe some large online travel agency had a big block of rooms reserved but my agent friend said no. Bottom line is I had to go ahead and book because of the 5 avaialble none had premium locations and only one was decent. A couple of days after I booked all were gone. My only consolation is that this years version of that cruise, which is one day shorter, has prices only about $200 total less per person than I paid and it is for one less day. (BTW I found out that apparently a large church group has booked a lot of cabins on my cruise and that is why it has sold so fast so early)
  23. I am just thankful my wife doesn't frequent forums like this one. If she read this thread she might not get on a cruise ship again!
  24. This is so absurd not really worthy of answer. If you don't want to take the minuscule risk that your ship might have mechanical or electrical issues then stay home. You can expect the cruise line to maintain their vessels and not to unnecessarily place you danger. You cannot expect them to never have an issue beyond their control.
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