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  1. The 7 day isn't like the UDP With UDP we could eat both lunch at Sushi on 5, Lawn Club Grill, the Porch etc every day, and dinners in any specialty at night. Well worth the price. Sorry they eliminated it
  2. If your son is 18-- he is entitled to an full alcoholic drink package if the sailing is out of the UK. unlike the US--the UK sailings perk of drink package is the full alcoholic one for pax 18 and up
  3. We did get the prem drink package at 50% off back in Nov... as far as internet--those prices are all over the place... saw this ... which seems like a kick in the head to those with CC standing Offer will not be available onboard. Offer is non-transferable and not combinable with Captain Club discounts or any other offer or promotion.
  4. We haven't been able to get UDP for over a year. 2 years ago we had the UDP and Prem drink package and loved it Last cruise-- the UDP was still on the website--and we called TWICE to see if it was actually being honored on the ship. They said YES Get to the ship on embarkation to book UDP--and get No--not available. It was a HUGE hassle. They would not honor it despite being told by Celebrity agents at Captains Club and elsewhere that it was....
  5. Offer must be booked between March 21st, 2019 – March 25th, 2019. Offer applies to select sailings departing from March 25th, 2019 – September 30th, 2019 So they should honor it
  6. HOW is a discount from Captains CLUB level applied when booking say an internet package during a sale? Found this answer to my own question... Offer cannot be combined with any other shore excursion promotion or package. Tours and packages booked prior to the start date of the Offer cannot be cancelled and rebooked under this Offer. Tour and package prices are per person and subject to change without notice. Offer will not be available onboard. Offer is non-transferable and not combinable with Captain Club discounts or any other offer or promotion.
  7. We used a tour/car service that took us EARLY to Stonehenge and then to LHR for our flight. Worked well. We did walk-off with our bags. Perfect
  8. Never get a good bagel on the ship...and I agree about the problematic toasting... Can't get it to arrive TOASTED for room service... Did note another poster whose thread title was about "where is the smoked salmon". He couldn't find salmon and was told it was a "supply" issue. A few days into the cruise the lox showed up so I suppose they are rotating it in/out? (cost cutting) In the am I do a eggs benedict and at lunch my fav station is the curries -- or if they have something fun like a braised jerk goat etc...things that I can't easily make at home
  9. Stuff on couch likely waiting for arrival of a coffee table perhaps? Or to be placed somewhere in the suite on a shelf?
  10. I thought those runner tings were for when luggage arrived and they put the away after embarkation. Am I remembering something else?
  11. I would agree-- tourist info can be dicey-- I do find it interesting that restaurants serve frozen paella to unsuspecting tourists A good paella in our experience takes time and care I agree-- best recs come from locals (like your friends)
  12. Thanks Will look up the restaurants From what I read in several places-- paella is not the thing to eat in Barcelona... and never in restaurants frequented by tourists. https://spanish-trails.com/paella-in-barcelona/
  13. The Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya isn't near the pier... We had planned on metro for most everything. though quiment & quimet is about a 15 min walk from the museu Perhaps eating over by the concert hall has options too
  14. Thanks for your opinion as for the other issue at hand--thoughts? Have you been to that museum or the concert hall?
  15. I hear you @dje27 We have never boarded sick..and wonder about it I can say we had a few people sit behind us on an overseas flight that were hacking up a lung all the way across. THEY should not have been allowed on that plane. I just prayed we'd not get whatever bug they had. It was disgusting...
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