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  1. Eggs Benedict is a staple in BLU. How could you not get it? It is a staple in the OVC too...every morning.
  2. Exactly this...I suspect it means the room has repair issues and they moved you for that reason IF its about #s and the room fit 3 and you are a party of 2, they can do that as well if the other party is 3...
  3. hahah yes I hear you-- everyone else gets older by 15 yrs ... Whats funny is to run into someone you knew 20 yrs ago and they were 19..and now at 39 are married with little kids...Just happened the other day. I think of the guy as a young immature kid and now he's got a wife and 2 kids under 8 yrs old. And he knew us when our children were 3 and 6 who are now 23 and 26.. Certain brands do attract a certain demographic... whether it be cars, river cruises, ocean cruises, etc Was reading online the movement in the cruise industry to attract the millenials etc. Lets face it... none of us gets out of here alive and the cruise industry is growing... At the same time the boomers which was the largest pop is getting older
  4. TY Just wondering as a recent TA the avg age was very very high and there were a large number of scooters/walkers/wheelchairs So many folks with mobility issues. The avg age was well over ours... We knew to expect that there would be an older group as it was a TA.. we just were surprised how much older the avg pax were then. We spotted only two families with children on that sailing... the one family looked like they could have come from "central casting"--very good looking and the children were impeccably well behaved We realize that during holidays there are more families. Every brand reaches more of some age groups more than others. As was said-- likely to be well traveled and cosmopolitan... and you can be in your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s etc .
  5. ON a recent sailing we saw two large men with their chihuahua There was great doubt the dog was trained for anything and it was carried/coddled ... Anyone can get fake tags/papers off the internet or print them at home. I know someone who did that so they could take their pets to the mall. Infuriating
  6. Can someone give me an idea on the avg age of pax on Regent vs Oceania Is one population going to be more active? We've got a Regent sailing booked and are looking at another itinerary as well and so comparing Oceania in the mix of cruise lines TYIA
  7. I agree. The wishy-washy-- I just don't know when it is inside the final payment cancellation honestly seems odd (like a troll) Who doesn't follow through? Pay their bill? Or cancel to avoid penalties? Odd
  8. I have 6 folks on my IGNORE list-- from folks that post nastiness to others, to folks who post inane threads however-- I can see a thread from one of them and don't know why I am seeing it--as all of the boxes are checked to block/ignore them in all respects/threads/posts/quotes etc It is possible the IGNORE feature has some problems ?
  9. When/how was this added? Had read it was being added ship by shp and starting in May 2020 Is this changed and available now to YC? and All ships?
  10. Perhaps dependent based on national/local laws??? Booking terms seem to vary from US, UK, Germany etc
  11. This is good to hear Hoping the minis vs 1 lt thing is worked out and the mini bar and snacks stays the way it was when we purchased our B2Bs... DH likes non alcholic beers on occasion during the day...so we'd ask for those More likely to add brut to OJ , or have campari w/ soda Heard those choc peanuts are yummy 😉
  12. The YC will have a different buffet (upscale food) and different bar along with different service Clearly when it all rolls out depends on when the facilities open. No word on the food/bar service and cabanas for YC pax ... We will all have to wait and seeand realize changes will be made as the beta tests are complete
  13. There was another thread recently and the person had made the $25 or such deposit and when they cancelled after a certain date--Celebrity hit them for the full deposit cancellation... The OP needs to read the contract rules and get on the phone. Waiting isn't doing them any favors and being lukewarm about it --might as well cancel
  14. When we purchased our fares for our sailing--the YC bev included (not limited) the mini bar--- this is an unacceptable change in that IF they reduce amenities/service--then the fare should reflect the reduction. I suspect this is happening because of public posts by folks who claim to load up luggage with snacks. (ridiculous behavior) just like the public post about consuming outrageous amounts of expensive champagne precipitated the YC bev exclusions. Gluttony, greed and abuse ruin it for the rest of us
  15. Great thread. Helpful to see menus and pics.
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