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  1. Search function her is helpful Also FB search function in each page brings up threads and pics already posted If you look at the top of the MSC forums you can see the menus for YC already posted here Google also brings up plenty of menu pics for YC as wll as the specialty dining and Ocean Cay's YC dining, and plenty of videos of the large buffet etc
  2. Got it You are asking if you need a drink package IF you bid and win the upgrade to YC. IDK the answer as some post they were "upgraded" to YC (moved without a fare change??) and people claim they don't get the YC perks. Cannot imagine how that can be when you are IN YC and have that dining and bar... Seems if you PAY for the upgrade to YC -that you'd have the YC benefits of the dining and bar as well. Has anyone bid and upgraded to YC and NOT had the perks?
  3. We are sailing in YC shortly and did upgrade to the Prem Plus... It takes finding a MSC customer service person who knows what they are doing.... Took our TA multiple phone calls... but she got it done Really they should train their people better
  4. Interesting thought I don't think we'd chose MSC over Azamara as we have great loyalty standing with Azamara.. would depend as we have top standing with MSC and don't know if their suites only brand will honor MSC loyalty We have looked at Oceania and Viking on different sailings and chosen elsewhere... MSC would have to be a step up and better priced. Interesting thoughts
  5. I think that they can make an MSC ship like a Regent ship. All inclusive.. 700-900 pax. Tub and shower in each bath room. Agree their shore side service is very poor...as is the website No concierge. No real customer service shore side No wait listing for YC reservations on future sailings....
  6. TY emmas gran Its a many days ++ cruise I guess under a different title than world as it is not the ship you mentioned. I have seen it as links. We'll see what they can tell us onboard Wonder if they'd send someone to YC to handle it
  7. Hi Agreed Our current TA has found that MSC land side service is bad--even for the pros... She has been a trooper when I have sent her back again to get a different person/answer when I KNEW the one she got was wrong. Got the name of another TA I may try. I emailed her - telling her we are getting ready to sail, and looking to book something etc..She's not responded despite me posting on her FB page and sending a direct email. DH and I were just discussing we think they will likely end the Status Match program soon now that they are launched in the US and have regular advertising. Was surprised it has gone on this long. And we expect the YC pricing will go up (supply/demand) Will be interested to see what price pt they put their all YC/suites/inclusive ships. We like Regent and wonder if that is what MSC will go after
  8. I guess my thought is.. we are already in YC... and the Royal suite is above that Is there anything on the ship bigger/grander with ore perks that the RS in YC? So what does one "upgrade' to from RS in YC for a currently "booked" RS in YC to come open?
  9. Emailed our TA who was able to conquer this issue today...took a bit of time but she was helpful to tackle it again She was able to finally find someone who could help her. Somehow the folks at MSC kept telling her we "already get everything" and asking WHY we would want to upgrade to Prem +... and one claimed they won't do this again because "unlimited is too much" WHAT? "unlimited" is "too much"... the customer service person is saying that what they offer shouldn't be offered....sheesh Our TA says she hopes they just make YC a Prem + inclusive thing And let others outside YC choose Prem + if they want to ...
  10. We've gotten invitations to bid, and when I look online it is "booked". Have wondered if it is their corp offices "fishing" for what people will pay IDK Same as you $1699 or whatever over our YC room... Beyond the cabana ON the ship (not OC) and a bigger room/balcony.. we don't see the value. It doesn't include wifi or any upgrades beyond what we already have in YC. Like you, we wonder what we are missing
  11. I dont know who you are and I have not had this conversation with you or anyone else... Perhaps its too late in the evening for you and you have been overserved
  12. Did you see the chart-- ??? by being an Elite you could also be a Diamond PLUS or a PINNACLE...
  13. How do they determine on RCCL where an Elite lands? https://www.celebritycruises.com/captains-club/exclusive-offers/loyalty-reciprocity-program
  14. OK has this changed with Celebrity? I thought that RCCL folks enjoyed the benefits of their status with Celebrity but were not given a status match into the category. Meaning the points they earn sailing with Celebrity stay with Celebrity. The same holds for Celebrity folks sailing on RCCL. They get to enjoy that status on the ship but the points earned stay with their RCCL number and don't transfer to their Celebrity status. And only for a limited time does one sailing Azamara earn points on both their Azamara status and Celebrity but NOT RCCL
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