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  1. IMHO most sweets on the OVC buffet are not tasty and definitely not worth it Better choices at Al Bacio and even then not all. However so fun to try them with tea in the afternoon. Its fine to try a dessert in MDr and then not finish ti if it isnt wonderful. You are on vacation. Enjoy it
  2. It is not casein that makes gelato different from ice cream. https://sweets.seriouseats.com/2012/07/whats-the-difference-between-gelato-and-ice-cream.html?fbclid=IwAR2BNkW9-WxV5yVl0RPbk20dGzTQVfZLBtODtY32E0CPOzTCS2kobIYdPSc
  3. TY Yes we typically do the web check in... and then the pic etc is as you said like 4 sec.. Fo vanity's sake was hoping to upload a pic with my hair freshly blown out... ahh first world problems hahaha👧
  4. Thanks Jim I have even restarted my phone and it seems to churn and time out. Cleaned the phone/storage/apps and its 100% on my side I'll try later. Am thinking its worthless right now and I can do it from a laptop..and then at the pier. Pic takes o time at all When are you and Iian off again? Best fog PS some other lines are doing AMAZING things with tech-- sending you a fob that has your data encoded. You can find your traveling companions, order drinks etc.. quite amazing Another line for its shi within a ship--the wrist band prioritizes the elevator for suite pax
  5. I am trying to use the app to check-in and it keeps timing out..Telling me "check in is temporarily paused" ... Anyone have this issue? Wondering if it is because I have only a few bars. BTW do you take a pic IN the app or upload the pic from your phone's gallery? Is the passport "scan" a photo as well? Wondering what I am getting into and if it is worth the bother... Checkin at the pier shouldn't be bad (Priority w Catpn Club and Aqua so we will pick shortest line)
  6. Viking is going to be more inclusive-- kid free, smokeless, etc and there is an excursion for each port, etc Pretty different from Celebrity FWIW We'd choose based on itinerary...and then price (trying to compare what getting Cel cabin + bev + one excursion etc is) to what Viking offers. Check the Viking boards too
  7. If you are sailing MSC soon, could you please take/post pics of the new YC menus. Would be great to have them..though I realize length of cruise/homeport means menus may change (Med vs Carib fr example)
  8. I agree... these swaths of dates are too broad for marketing and certainly too broad with respect to life experiences/pop cultural changes etc My brother and I are 2 yrs apart and would fall into different groups despite having all of the same cultural experiences-- (like from LPs to 8 track to cassette to Cd to digital) This grouping puts my late mother and I in the same group... and our lives/life experience and pop culture etc at say age 40 was very different Our kids are 2 yrs apart and same thing-- re tech/pop culture etc the same but this "marketing" label puts them in different groups Celebrity is still attracting "Baby Boomers" who are the bread/butter $ and with the "revolution" and E class is trying to attract others so they survive as the Boomers and priors stop sailing It makes sense... Car companies, hotel/resort chains all rebrand as generations die off and pop culture changes
  9. My thoughts too Also I think Viking is Child-free and the bev is inclusive
  10. This IS surprising as I thought there were no motorized sports and it was perhaps to be environmentally friendly (As much as a carbon footprint cruise ship can be) and that the island was supposed to be quieter.... I suppose everything like in life is subject to change. More research into what pax what/do on islands/beach days. MSC touts that it is NOT Carnival (we are thankful for that).
  11. This link shows them bookable and for less than the initial $500 a day https://www.msccruisesusa.com/en-us/Cruise-Destinations/Ocean-Cay-MSC-Marine-Reserve.aspx We have B2B booked and will call on the Ocean Cay twice in those two sailings ... fingers crossed that the YC area is up and running and the YC food/bev service etc is up and running Have read in CC UK boards that the concierge has to handle YC cabanas as they are in another area and with another service AND to be certain those in YC cabanas are YC pax TY Bret. Had thought if you typically do MSC bookings we'd use you instead of the Big Box we joined in the last couple of months just in order to book through an agent. I suspect that the beach closings has to do with safety/prevent night swimming and life guard requirements.
  12. In our experience we have had a very poor wine steward on a recent TA He was not a credentialed sommelier He didn't want o recommend white wines "because he didn't like them/grow up with them" and he behaved horribly when we didn't pay for his "pairing course" It took intervention with the MaitreD and Head Sommelier of the ship to put it right
  13. The OP's profile lists HAL as their fav, and then RCCL and Carnival... that they are complaining about a burger they supposedly ate 7 months ago on a Celebrity ship speaks of troll 🤣 Their signature doesn't even list the past sailing Thats why 4 pages on a "burger" from 7 mos ago is funny
  14. Good thing I don't sail Celebrity for the burgers... 4 pages about the OP and a burger 7 months ago... 🤣
  15. There is a thread on CruiseCritic UK site that indicated the cabanas would be $500 a day for YC and a limit of 6 people...and could be booked online through excursions However in that thread there are reports that bookings have been removed/or that it is not possible to book There is another post that indicates that MSCs concierge has to do the booking for YC pax to be sure it is YC pax doing the bookings/connected to that YC cabin etc. From other posts it appears that the YC area of Ocean Cay may not be ready in Feb 2020... MSC hopes to be ready for general areas in Nov
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