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  1. Fogfog

    Millennium Revolution -

    So very pretty and so not practical I would enjoy the stay and at the same time wonder if I'd get a cleaning bill if I dripped red wine or dropped something.
  2. Fogfog

    Millennium Revolution -

    HAHAHA yes poor photo shop. Good spotting Hilarious really
  3. Fogfog

    Millennium Revolution -

  4. When there was UDP we had lunch at The Porch often. As others stated-- you are using a prepaid for a lower cost meal. The Seafood Tower is an upcharge and not included. We love Murano and dine there about 3x in a week. The Lawn Club is great-- and our second fav. Enjoy your cruise! 🙂
  5. Fogfog

    Favorite Drink ON CELEBRITY?????

    A martini drinker, or something like Campari/Soda... etc our favorite bartender at the Ensemble Lounge made me the Elderflower FIzz. It is a nice after dinner item... Burt, Tangeray 10, St G, lime, mint.
  6. Fogfog

    Millennium Revolution -

    TY I am going to guess that other than decor... the only change an aft 11 room will see is the way the sunset bar pergola/canopy is done... yes? And the deck 12 screen/furniture will "upgrade" but remain?
  7. Fogfog

    Food to look for (or look out for)

    We really enjoy Murano. Not sure if this is current but it is close http://www.beyondships.com/Celebrity-Solstice-menu-Murano.html Here is another one--looks current
  8. Fogfog

    Are children allowed in Blue

    This is a good point. 2 to a cabin... they aren't family cabins... no sofa bed etc.
  9. Fogfog

    Millennium Revolution -

    Hi Jim Have you come across anything to show what they are doing to AQ/PG etc beyond that one spa pic showing hairdresser stations and pedicure stations? Also anything re Blu? I read someone posting that AQ/spa and Blu are losing out. What will that mean? TYIA
  10. Fogfog

    Celebrity Terminal Barcelona?

    TY All I can see is the Infinity and Vision of the Seas--both in port from 6am-17:00... Just curious re debarkation plans---
  11. Fogfog

    Celebrity Terminal Barcelona?

    Is there any link or site to find which berth a ship will be in?
  12. Fogfog

    low carb drink options

    If you are trying to stay keto... any alcohol will kick you out If you will consume alcohol-- things like dry sparkling, vodka are better bets than a beer which will wreck your macros Stay away from sodas You can get sparkling water You can always pick back up being strict when you get home Good luck BTDT 🍹
  13. Do people in the airports have to present fingerprints to leave? It sounds very Big Borther-esque. And I think Celebrity should be able to give an explanation --Is this typical? KWIM
  14. Was there a security breech of some kind? I don't understand why If you went through customs/security in Singapore and got onto the ship...(and went through X security) WHY would you have to get off the ship to be re-screened? Certainly if you went off the ship --you'd go through security both ways again... Am confused
  15. Fogfog

    Flights by Celebrity-New Option

    Interesting Was it a refundable airfare? We booked Biz class with Air/Celebrity and had to pay in full at the time of purchase... 6 months out. Did it online. Never occurred to me that the fares via speaking with someone vs the website would differ Thanks for the tip. Will try calling to check for the next one. $1081 for biz JFK-FCO is a great fare