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  1. Several threads have current pics of menus (drinks/wines) and that will help you decide. Search the Celebrity Boards. I know Jim posted pics on several threads in the last 4 weeks... one from his B2B and then one more recently of someone who asked for drink/bar/wine menus/pricing.
  2. How many nights on the cruise they applied this too? We were told that under 7 nights is $0 7 nights + is $50 and 10+ nights is $100 Were under the impression it was Per Person (Captains Club member) BUT instead they applied it once... From all we have learned about X--it is their inconsistency.... Reading CC is a testament to that as is our own experience ...
  3. What is the B2B credit on Cel for a 10+ day cruise? Is it Per person or Per Cabin? When our invoice came--it shows a credit to me for the B2B and not DH. TA called Celebrity who said the credit was half of what I was initially told... (so in effect they put it all on one person) OR they failed to credit us properly So-- what is the credit--I know there is a chart and using the search function on X website and am having a hard time finding it TYIA
  4. Yesterday I could find YC rooms on many sailings in 2020 and today they are booked out. I realize there is a US "Memorial Day sale"... but that was for balcony upgrades... May wait til the 120 days out and see if we can snag something I had specific sailings in mind to avoid kids I realize that YC does get kids. Can anyone confirm if only the Royal Suites can bed down more than 2..or is it likely that families will put kids on the sofas in the YC bal rooms? Really want to avoid the spring break family vacay TYIA
  5. Yes of course... My point is the Daily Charge (or Grats on other lines) IS part of the sailing... and is distributed among many. We are used to giving extra cash above and beyond to crew members that do a great job BUT MSC specifies to NOT do this. I noted on the US site that you can "request" that your cruise price INCLUDE the DSC (in which case you'd pay up front) as opposed to having it charged on the ship I don't see "mandatory" in the language. Really wonder WHY they don't just include the DSC/grats IN the cruise fee as opposed to separating it out. Is it cheaper for the cruise lines to not bundle it? Taxed differently?
  6. TY very much for the review and warnings We - like you-- have been intrigued by the Status match and will be Black (now renamed Diamond) IF we do it... We have friends who sailed MSC in the Med and said they hated it (compared to Celebrity) and that the constant luggage in the halls etc (basically a Med taxi service) plus the a la carte was all too tacky --among other things We have thought we'd try the YC which is supposed to be all inclusive etc..and yet have read reviews that CruiseCritic folks say they have a hard time with staff onboard honoring the YC card (drinks/milkshakes etc included ) and crew arguing/wanting to charge YC folks for stuff they shouldn't... Over and over we are hearing about what seems like poorly trained crew... And just this weekend we have been researching-- trying to figure out do we try MSC or heed the red flags... TY for your post
  7. Just now looking at trying out MSC for 2020... and this week saw that the charges here for US based website. I don't See "mandatory" in this --- however maybe somewhere else in the US site/contract? ? In fact it said that IF we wanted to "include" the service charges in the booking/cruise price quote that we could... We are new to MSC so just investigating (we normally sail Celebrity) I was surprised at another place on the website that it said TIPS to a specific crew member are Discouraged... as we always leave the grats on the bill since so many make the whole ship run...and we tip out additional in CASH to specific crew members that made out trip special. Can someone specify-- IF we sail YC --bev are inclusive--so I am assuming that means grats too? Right? We aren't going to get surprised with 15% on evry beverage we ordered while onboard? Correct? WHAT ARE THE SERVICE CHARGES? The service charge, which is calculated on a daily basis according to the length of the cruise, the destination and the ship, is charged by MSC Cruises at the end of the cruise. This service charge is divided among the staff who provide the hotel services on board. For this reason, no tips are required or payable. Bar Service Charge A 15% Bar Service Charge is automatically added to all purchases bar charges on board. Spa Service Charge A 15% service charge will be added on all spa services purchased on board and paid at the end of the cruise on your final bill.
  8. Those bucket ones in the back left! Yes..I agree. 🤣 I wonder if they are there to remind people to step away from the "trough" aka Oceanview cafe.... though I suspect one has to be a petite woman size 00 to fit. And know only 1 adult who fits that description (not me)
  9. We have had very decent steaks and lamb chops there and it is more fun with a small group. Have been at LCG on windy days with glare in the evenings and they pull the screens to mitigate it. Works fine Have had lunch there as well which was a nice venue and meal= a great alt from the OceanView. That was back when LCG and The Porch were open for lunch and the UDP (which doesn't exist anymore) That TV is going to be problematic if they run it like the rooftop deck 12 (M-class)..which is constant noise and too loud. There are so few places to go for quiet and that green lawn space and chairs up there was one of them. I fear Celebrity is becoming more "Carnival/RCCL" with noise/sound/activity overload.
  10. TY to everyone who provided advice and insight. Much appreciated!
  11. TY to everyone who provided advice and insight. Much appreciated!
  12. Imagine that Sizzler with a large TV screen now... 🤣 Who wants to pay for a specialty dining package with a large TV running? TV+Dinner.. better to stay home. Certainly not "modern luxury"
  13. With that darn screen running movies--what was once a quiet pretty green space is now going to be noise from 8am-11pm if they use it like the M class roof deck movie venue. It is a shame
  14. I had 3 countdown clocks running --and they are gone now They were supporting them--up to 3 Did the recent "service" and such here on CC delete them all??
  15. 🤣🤣 IKR! When I watch an HGTV show and the renovate a kitchen, baths flooring for $35k--- I say NO WAY!! It cost me that for the kitchen using HomeDepot for the purchase/install of the Kraftmaid cabinets
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