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  1. Just noticed -this Thread is from 2019...
  2. How did you fit 5 in a room? We enjoyed our balcony room (2) and if our kids had been with us- would have put them in an interior. That was our typical SOP -- when they were young. Once they were adults, we put them in a balcony on the same hall I am wondering if they will reduce occupancy because of post covid
  3. YC is a different product and area. How does the price per person compare from a YC Royal Suite?
  4. Aren't there several threads re Grandiosa ? I haven't sifted through them all- so don't know if any recent pax (non YC) responded there
  5. yup good point hope you are having a great day cheers
  6. ? that they wouldn't have an opinion/observations? Or that they are less likely to be on CC? It would be helpful to hear... though there is some youtube to see from folks onboard...yet that doesn't tell much of the story
  7. Same thoughts/experience here. Disembarkation doesn't need to be like that--- it is the one area that needs work We have Global Entry and it is brilliant. And facial recognition is so so quick. Other cruise lines have separate disembarkation/immigration for US pax ... vs other passport holders... (like the reverse in EU etc) Even that would help
  8. Re seeing rooms--- Try other sites--like not only MSCs site, try the big box stores if you are a member We noticed that each one seemed to show different rooms. No idea why. Also look at it as 2 -7 day cruises vs 1 -14 day cruise to see if there is a savings.
  9. We were really satisfied on our last two sailings. Have a B2B early 2021 fingers crossed. (though msc made a mess of the reservations and its been a long haul for the TA to fix it. Still not quite there) I do suspect that some cutbacks were due to the social media posts of the abuses of lux services/items. Those folks filling their luggage with snacks from the minibar for example. We met a couple and the first night he bragged how he loved mini bottles and would put them in his suitcase. To which I replied-- People do that-- seriously? Like can you not afford the cruise (or not afford your liquor at home?) We loved the ship within a ship concept and the service from curb-checkin to YC lounge at embarkation ... all the way to disembarkation. The only flaw in the system is that Luggage/customs was a madhouse and there was no Global Entry nor digital facial recognition. That would have been better. Hopefully that is remedied at the Miami terminals. We have used both with other lines and it is brilliant
  10. Looking for reviews/reports on how things went in YC. Had the YC bar offerings changed? How was the pool deck/buffet? Minibar? I realize things had been different for Grandiosa in the Med as compared to ships out of Miami. However wanted to hear how the experience has been so far. Very encouraged to see the saiing.
  11. I suspect the days of YC being a deal are gone... Before covid there were price increases from recent years and the days of folks posting about the bargain rates for YC are gone Just like the changed in the bev package and whats stocked in YC...I suspect we will see more changes. Hopefully the way they handled YC minibar on Grandiosa will not migrate to other ships.
  12. Are you paying FULL FARE for your child? As a full person/like an adult. Or is the child sailing free? Or reduced rate ? IF you aren't paying for your child, like an adult fare, than why expect an OBC for an adult fare? Right
  13. Really--why does it matter? Asking for things for free - things you aren't entitled to---
  14. I wonder how families can opt out--- As I know in many states families can opt out of reqd vax for public school by filing a form FWIW less than 50% of those eligible for flu vax et one each yr. Don't know the stat on pneumonia vax. In other news--there has been a spike of STDS in various parts of the world. Clearly a lack of social distancing! ha
  15. An Italian--who I believe is a TA--posted her videos of Top Sail... If I recall she made mention of the One Pool grill..though I may have read it elsewhere. I believe the Top Sail could handle the snacks on a trolley is need be... It does mean the Top Sail staff will be busier than just cocktails. More like during tea I expect...
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