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  1. I know that there have been other posts that said that Panoramic Suites get all the same perks as Grand Suites. That may well be true but my wife and I already noticed one trivial difference: When we were in a Grand Suite, we received luggage tags that were marked "Suite". However, our luggage tags for the August cruise are instead marked "VIP". As I said, that difference is trivial but it does seem to mean that there is some kind of difference.
  2. My wife and I will be in a Panoramic Suite (room 1804) on the Navigator in August. Does anyone know whether we can expect to get a concierge letter before the cruise like people in Grand Suites get?
  3. That is everything except the Edge (which is too new to renovate).
  4. My wife and I are Elite+ on Celebrity and Diamond++ (an unofficial status) on Royal (and there is no reciprocity at those levels so we earned them on both lines.) IMHO, it is not fair to compare a RS on Celebrity with a GS on Royal; the RS on Celebrity almost always costs much more than the GS on Royal. That said, Royal offers much better entertainment than Celebrity but Celebrity offers much more in terms of suite perks. The Celebrity RS includes complementary drinks, complementary specialty restaurants and butler service. Aside from that, we think that Michael's club on Celebrity is much nicer than the Concierge Club on Royal and Luminae is nicer than Coastal Kitchen (which doesn't even matter since the RS on Celebrity includes unlimited access to specialty restaurants). We also think that Celebrity specialty restaurants are a cut above Royal specialty restaurants and the latter aren't included in the price of the GS. To match those Celebrity Perks, you have to go way beyond the GS on Royal to Star class and then you will be paying more than the cost of the RS on Celebrity, instead of less. We think that the bottom line is that there is no cabin on Royal that is really equal to the RS on Celebrity. Any Sky Class room on Royal has fewer perks than the RS on Celebrity and any Star Class room on Royal has more perks and is more expensive than the RS on Celebrity.
  5. Check the price for cat. US (room 1733) on the Symphony OTS for a holiday cruise (if it is ever available; it books up fast even at those prices).
  6. Usually, people for whom the cruise is only a small part of a much longer trip.
  7. Unfortunately, not placing luggage out the cabin door is not an option for everyone. More specifically, it is not an option for those of us who need wheelchair assistance to get on and off the ship. The wheelchair pushers will not take luggage.
  8. IMHO, the color codes are more for the benefit of the ship's crew than for the cruisers. Crew members can quickly identify people who are entitled to specific perks without having to read the small print on the card. Royal has often used its subsidiary Celebrity to try out changes that are then implemented on Royal and Celebrity has had multiple color codes for years, with silver outranking gold: Silver for suite class, Aqua for aqua class, Gold for concierge class, etc.
  9. My wife and I were on the Navigator last week (6/10-14). The activities in the app were accurate; at least all of the ones we attended. However, there were several errors in the specialty restaurant menus. We had the Unlimited Dining package so we never visited the MDR but I would be surprised if the MDR menus were correct, considering that the specialty menus were not. It should be a lot easier to get the specialty menus right (which rarely change) than to get the MDR menus right (which change daily).
  10. My wife and I were on the Navigator last week (6/10-14) and we had the unlimited dining package. Izumi still had the a la carte menu and the package covered up to $70 for the two of us. We were disappointed that two items which I have always liked were removed from the menu: the all-Nigiri Sushi combination and the Japanese pancake. The deluxe Sushi combination was still there (with the spice tuna roll which we do not care for) and the only desserts that were on the menu were the mochi ice cream and the sesami balls.
  11. Not in the Military. A silver bar outranks a golf bar and a silver leaf outranks a gold leaf. Also, not on Celebrity where a silver card means Suite Class, which has much more perks than a gold card, which means Concierge Class.
  12. If you do not prepay your gratuities, then you can apply your OBC to your gratuities. My wife and I always use our OBC that way and, since we always pay gratuities, it makes no difference to us whether we can apply the OBC to pre-cruise purchases.
  13. My wife and I were on several of those cruises on the Monarch before we moved to Florida. We loved those cruises and we particularly liked the dueling pianos that they used to have on the Monarch (and the Sovereign). However, there were no California shore to ship power requirements in those days.
  14. The exemption is per-port, not per-ship. According to the California Air Resources Board, the regulation "applies to an operator of a passenger-vessel fleet whose vessels cumulatively make five or more visits annually to any single port." Still, the impact is the same; if the Empress or the Majesty is assigned to a California Port, not only will that ship have to comply with the power requirements but so will all ships that make a stop in California during a repositioning cruise from Florida to Alaska. That would not be profitable.
  15. It does, but the OP are grandparents traveling with a granddaughter. As a grandfather of two granddaughters myself, I would find that extra toilet in the extra half bath much more important than the nicer bathroom!
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