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  1. deepnite10

    Alaska on Pearl

    WHOOHOOO..just competed inteniaries for 2011 which includes another trip to Alaska, this time on the Pearl.. by time 2011 arrives i should have saved enough to pay for them..:D
  2. deepnite10

    Noro Strikes

    From the AP..2/23/2010 CHARLESTON, S.C. — About 350 people who got sick a week into a Caribbean cruise were responding well to medicine, the cruise line said Tuesday. Celebrity Cruise spokeswoman Cynthia Martinez said 326 of the more than 1,800 passengers on the Celebrity Mercury began complaining Sunday of upset stomachs, vomiting and diarrhea. Martinez says 27 of the nearly 850 crew members also reported symptoms. The ship left Charleston on Feb. 15. State officials said there has been an outbreak in norovirus cases across South Carolina but that it is not possible to say if that's what led to the ship's illnesses. Martinez says the crew is conducting "enhanced cleaning" of the ship to prevent the spread of the illness. An extra doctor and two nurses came aboard in St. Kitts, in the Leeward Islands, and will sail to Charleston, arriving early Friday. It's not clear what caused the outbreak. Norovirus is often to blame for similar symptoms sweeping closed quarters like those on cruise ships, but a determination will have to until samples are tested. Samples from ill passengers and crew are being sent to the Centers for Disease Control, said CDC spokesman Jay Dempsey. He said workers from the agency's Vessel Sanitation Program will meet the ship when it arrives in Charleston. The workers will conduct an environmental assessment of the ship to determine the cause of the illness, he added. According to the CDC Web site, there were two outbreaks of norovirus, which causes stomach flu, last winter on the Celebrity Mercury. In all, the agency investigated 15 outbreaks of gastrointestinal illnesses on cruise ships calling at American ports. This year an estimated 14.3 million passengers are expected to take cruises, according to the Cruise Lines International Association, an industry trade group. The Mercury embarked from a state where health officials have reported twice as many cases of norovirus as normal this winter. "We have been taken aback at how many people are getting sick with this virus," said Adam Myrick, a spokesman for the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control. If it turns out to be the virus, it's no surprise it spread quickly aboard ship because the virus stays on surfaces like doorknobs, handrails and sink fixtures for a long time, he said. "Any time you have tight spaces and shared surfaces, this virus can spread fast," Myrick said. The South Carolina cruise industry is growing and the Mercury sailing earlier this month began Charleston's first year-round cruising season. There will be 67 cruise calls in the city this year. The Celebrity Mercury has six more departures set from Charleston during the coming months, including a 16-night trip through the Panama Canal ending in Los Angeles. Later this spring, Carnival Cruise Lines will permanently base its 2,056-passenger Carnival Fantasy in Charleston. As the industry grows, the South Carolina State Ports Authority is pursuing plans to open a new cruise terminal and open another half-mile of Charleston's historic waterfront to the public. A recent study commissioned by the authority shows cruises will mean $37 million to the South Carolina economy this year. _____
  3. deepnite10

    NCL Freestyle Web Song

    I remember a couple yrs back they were promoting the NCL Freestyle concept on their site..Anyone remember the song they were playing? Title or link anyone?:)
  4. deepnite10

    Splendor, jan10-17th

    We arrived at 11am though we received a call not to show till 2pm..And though we expected some rain, the day was beautiful.. Upon arriving at the terminal we were given direction s to either drop off or the parking garage..We chose to park first then walk our luggage to the terminal area..It can be a bit confusing at first when you arrive..But, the attendants were great in giving directions to where ever you wanted to go.. I have alot of pictures and will attempt to answer question s with a picture whenever possible.. Yes, we did have to wait outside the terminal until called to enter the terminal area.. We were given zone numbers..When our zone s were called we went as a group into the terminal.. Yup..The Queen Mary was right next door.. We waited for about an hr. befor being called..But, there was a shop to pickup any last minute items you might have forgotten.. The only negative was pointed out to me by the wife..Though the food selection was excellent as usual..The beef for some reason dry and tough..Some of my fellow cruiser s may want to chime in.. Food is a very important part of our cruise experience..And we were impressed..As we ve read from the reviews..We had to try the Mong. BBQ..I had them add shrimp to mine which was very good..The wife had the beef *not so good* as i mention d.. Several time s we stop d by the Burger stand near the pool area..Though they offered burger s and hots..We chose to make up our own chili frys or nochos..:) They also, had a Indian venue which we past on several times..Just not to our taste..But, across from them was a deli where we had several grilled Rubens.. The wife visited the Burrito bar several times..Where your burrito s are made to order..As with the omlette stand.. On deck 5 was the coffee bar where i had a few lattes..Too bad they have discontinued the coffee card program..A few doors away was the sushi stand where they were giving out little plates of assorted items..Twice during the cruise they had tapas laid out..all at no charge.. The hot chocolate cake was found in the Lido as well in MD..I had mine with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.. I think i have just answered some of the question i had befor this cruise:confused: Those who sailed with us, feel free to add your pictures...
  5. deepnite10

    Cabin Fridges?

    sailing on the Splendor in just over a month..a 8D cabin..are there coolers in the cabins?
  6. deepnite10

    Marian Vallarta

    i checked the maps..but, none had a distance legend..is it within walking distance of the pier?
  7. deepnite10

    Long Beach Pier

    having never been to the new pier..what exactly are the check-in procedures?.. we ll be driving in and know that were suppose to stay right of the Queen Mary to continue to the CCL terminal..that s about all i know..:confused:
  8. deepnite10

    Fare Code

    on the reservation page on CCL s site..where are the codes? is there a special code for military? TKS..:)
  9. the article.. http://www.blackamericaweb.com/?q=articles/news/moving_america_news/13208
  10. deepnite10

    Pier 66 Parking

    its been asked befor and it ll be asked again about parking at Pier 66.. this is the parking lot across the street from the pier..
  11. deepnite10

    Busted in Antigua

    i can t find the thread where American cruisers were busted in Antigua.. but, this article say s they re still there..they expect stiff fines for attacking a police officer.. [URL]http://www.nydailynews.com/ny_local/brooklyn/2009/09/23/2009-09-23_untitled__antigua23k.html[/URL] and now CCL has pulled out of Antigua..think this is a move by CCL to lean on the authorities in Antigua to let the tourist loose?
  12. deepnite10


    i was loading my truck when the boss came out and said a plane just crashed into one of NY towers..a few moments later he return d and said another hit the other..and i just thought he was just repeating himself.. then i went into the wharehouse and heard the news and knew something was terribly wrong.. A TRIBUTE TO OUR FIRST RESPONDERS.. [URL]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lusvtAWOPqc[/URL] some parts are very disturbing and sad..
  13. we ll be sailing in a few weeks on the Paradise and like to know if they have fridges in the OV cabins.. last time we sailed on the Monarch only certain OV categories had them.. smoking was allowed on the balconies..is smoking allowed in the OV cabins? tks gang:)
  14. deepnite10

    Military Rates

    i do know that NCL has/had a pretty good military program.. used it befor and was able to save nearly $400 on our cruise.. however, after viewing the most recent rates i ve notice that they ve cut the discount rate back.. using the code PGMIL i was able to compare the reg. rate vs. military..and the differance is alot less than i received for my past jan. cruise..
  15. deepnite10

    Procrastinator Sale

    it say s it s good for ALL 2010 & 2011..yet when i go to check the prices and begin booking..i don t see any adjustment s to the pricing..:confused: yeah, im confused :o i just want to avoid having to call at this time..just wanna get some decent pricing info..