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  1. I agree that you should immediately apply for a China visa through a travel agency. It took us a month for the visa to come through, and you don't have much time left. And, if you are not already aware, you must apply through an agency authorized in your particular state because China requires that the visas be granted only through a certain embassy authorized for residents of that state. We live in Florida, and the visa application had to go through the Houston embassy, if I remember correctly. I can't tell from the visa itself since it is in Chinese.
  2. You are right. I was thinking of Iceland and wrote Greenland. Sorry.
  3. The S and R class ships's balcony cabins are called Vista Suites. They are hardly suites, but at least they earn double Mariner points. They are a little larger (very little) than the balcony cabins on the Vista ships, and because the Veendam, Rotterdam and Amsterdam are smaller ships with less passengers, the cabins are usually more expensive. For the poster who recommended the larger ships because they can handle the seas better - I question that. We took the Ryndam on a TA. It handled the seas beautifully. And don't forget, the World Cruise and Grand Asia) is on the Amsterdam, and it did very well, thank you. But since I've never been on a Pinnacle or Signature Class ship, I really can't compare. I'm just not sure that the size of the ship is the determining factor.
  4. As I understand it, it is all areas north of the 60th parallel and south of 60th parallel. Some countries, like parts of Greenland have a warming current so the ice classification requirement does not apply. Do I have this right, Cheong?
  5. This is why knit shirts, etc., etc. are so wonderful for traveling.
  6. Given the probable caliber of the wine and champagne, HAL probably figured the cost was not worth a credit!
  7. I can see where your experiences would leave one somewhat jaundiced toward the MS Amsterdam.
  8. With all due respect, I think your concerns are not well founded. After all, it is the Amsterdam, the sister ship of the Maasdam that does the WC's and the Grand Asia, which we took last winter. That ship was in excellent condition, and we had no problems with it. Also, if it is of any interest, the Zaandam still has a full library (I think that they do, anyway) and the Crows Nest, both facilities which we very much enjoy. I would much, much rather sail on a R Class than on any of the later designs.
  9. And how was the ship responsible for your colds? We were on the 2018 Grand Asia. There was no noro virus, and the presence of colds was no greater than I would expect, given the times of the year and the differing climates. It was a wonderful cruise; the ship was in excellent condition; and we hated to get off.
  10. I don't think there is a Grand Asia in 2020. Reports are that there will be one in 2021.
  11. Doesn't the WC usually go somewhere in Asia? i.e. Singapore, India, China, etc.? Was there a Grand SA cruise this year? The Grand Africa had not been offered for several years, and the Grand Asia doesn't usually go every year, although it did sail in '17 and '18. I am looking forward to seeing the itinerary. We had a wonderful trip in '18. The weather was perfect.
  12. What ships have you been on that you have felt vibration?
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