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  1. We have been receiving frequent HAL cruise notices, and we have always used a TA.
  2. How does one get these casino rates? I assume you have to apply onboard?
  3. You are making assumptions, however, that may or may not be correct.
  4. My thoughts as well. One of the pictures was, I think, of an NCL ship.
  5. Thanks so much, Karen. Much more doable than backtracking over 387 pages.
  6. What a wonderful post! Does anyone know a way to go directly to the beginning of the 2020 Word Voyage and work backward? As it is, it starts in May and goes forward to go backward. Did I say that right?
  7. But we are expecting answers to questions that the cruiseline itself has no answers at this time. How would they know where they are going to be sailing when they don't know when and if they will be sailing, particularly since they just lost four ships.
  8. I know that you are correct, but it does not make me happy. Like Cruisemom, we will probably be looking at other lines with smaller ships. The Vista class is the largest that we want to sail, and even that class is limited in certain ports. Also, if they don't reinstate at least the Crows Nest, we are out.
  9. If HAL wants to continue with interesting itineraries and appealing WC's, which by definition should include ports that the larger ships cannot enter, it will have to consider smaller ships. As a small example, it would have been a real loss to us if we had not been able to view the Shanghai light show from the bow of our ship because we were berthed at a port a half an hour away. Such is the difference between an R class ship and a Vista class. A major part of HAL's attraction is its itineraries.
  10. I was thinking the same thing. A plea to please a very select group of cruisers seems a little . . . tone deaf?
  11. What are the dates that the ship will be "scenically touring" Antarctica? Your cruise leaves four days earlier than the Zaandam did in December, 2019. My recollection is that we left Antarctica on December 29th, so I would think that you would be well north of the 60th parallel by January 1st 2022.
  12. I'm not sure that is the only thing Cunard is missing. For some of us, the Cunard food left a great deal to be desired. Except for the lamb rib (crown?) roast - absolutely delicious!
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