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  1. Well, the jury's still about about that, but at least not regarding the solo filter option! 😉
  2. The issue is that I do not believe you can search for one guest; I don’t want to have to do a mock booking each time to find the actual price and what cabins are available. My last try, the lowest price cabin disappeared when I changed the mock booking to one guest. It reappeared when I went back to two. other cruise lines allow it, why not Celebrity and Royal (it appears they use the same general web system.)
  3. Thank you for confirming what I thought. I looked on the Celebrity web page for a feedback link, but surprise-surprise, there was none (have to email, it seems.) While Princess rarely has a single supplement other than 100%, they at least let you search for 1 guest.
  4. I've started looking for my next cruise, and I can no longer find the "1 guest" filter on Celebrity or Royal. Seems I have to check each cruise individually, doing a mock booking. Anybody else having this problem (ie, is there somewhere I can actually search for one traveler without calling or talking to a TA? I'd rather do the research myself.) (There's also the issue of the disappearing "lowest cost" cabin rates once I try to book, and change from 2 to 1 guest.)
  5. I was on the Summit in July, and had the same issue with the safes. I used my cruise card to pry it open
  6. When I had to cancel two days before boarding back in May, I was refunded everything other than the basic fare. That included taxes and port fees, prepaid gratuities, on-board insurance (don’t recall what it’s called, cost $25) and my airport to port transportation.
  7. SHIP: Summit Revolution (2019 onwards) - Yes CABIN #: 9006 DECK #: 9 CLASS: Inside AREA: Forward (second cabin from bridge door) BED NEAR: inside wall (perpendicular to ship) QUIET?: No!! BALCONY VIEW: N/A BALCONY SIZE: N/A WIND A PROBLEM?: N/A SOOT A PROBLEM?: N/A Small cabin but OK. Bed against the far wall, perpendicular to the ship. Rocking may be a problem to some. The new sofa was wedged in the corner near the adjacent cabin’s door, hard to get in the bed past the sofa. Good storage (I was solo, but I think there’d be plenty of storage for two.) Cabin was in a good location, one deck below the pool, spa and buffet. Unfortunately, it was directly below the weights in the 24/7 fitness center. Those using the weights frequently dropped them on the floor, with a bang and vibration. One night, somebody decided to do this at about 4AM. In addition to this, there was a frequent rattle somewhere in the wall or ceiling. It sounded like a marble rolling around, and then dropping down the chute. I would stay away from this cabin if you want to sleep. Bathroom was the standard, fairly tight but manageable.
  8. I have done that in the past, however the “no carry” list now includes ALL extension cords. im in an inside cabin, there are two lamps with two v110 and two USB ports each by the bed. An an additional v110, a v220 (uk) and 2 USB ports at the desk. I requested an extension cord and distilled water for my CPAP machine, but once I got to the cabin, it was obvious I didn’t need the cord. (Michael, my steward, was aware of the request and checked with me to confirm what I needed, and brought me the water soon after.)
  9. The Captain just announced that there’s a medical emergency, and we’re heading back towards the US for a helicopter evacuation. Not sure of our current position, but I presume it’ll be somewhere around Maryland or Virginia (don’t think we’re south enough for North Carolina.)
  10. Just a note...on the first night out of Cape Liberty (7/7), the Summit did not have Prime Rib on the MDR menu.
  11. There’s an outside lift starboard side next to the basketball court that provides access to the terrace.
  12. The “do not pack” list includes extension cords. On other lines, I did bring one (one is always in my CPAP case, except this trip since it’s not allowed.) I did ask for an extension cord and distilled water, but clearly do not need the cord anymore. (My steward, Michael, has already delivered the water.)
  13. I have a CPAP machine so I need something at the bed.
  14. First Jim, because of your continuing blog, I already know my way around! Thanks! Now that I’ve been allowed in my room, and have unpacked, besides the four US v110 outlets in the two lamps, there’s one v110, 2 USB ports, and one UK 220 at the desk. There’s two shaver connections in the bathroom. my cabin is all the way forward, and is a bit smaller than the picture on the web page. The bed is perpendicular to the ship, so a bit more sway while at sea. The 1.5 sofa is tucked in against the bathroom wall next to the connecting room door. I’m solo, so plenty of room for me. I only used one of the two closets, and two of the four drawers. A lady who packs a bit more than I did may have some space trouble if traveling with somebody.
  15. Just boarded the Summit. My inside cabin on deck 9 has two lamps, one on each side of the bed, with two USA full outlets each. I did did not check if there are USB ports as well.
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