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  1. :cool::cool:yeah but do they have any good bars where folks can get a good drink and be entertained? Like a martini bar for instance?
  2. :cool:Back from Reflection sailing of November 3rd. Submitted review on Nov 18th. Resubmitted two days later. Neither has been published. Is it me or website. Have done others before not first time:cool:JACK HAS JUST SAILED
  3. non issue now. I was on the ship at 11:03. Never believe a boarding time notice and get there early. Your cruise starts the minute that youboard:cool:JACK IS SAILING AGAIN
  4. :cool:Are you really serious? Tipping is based on service, amount spent, food quality. All of these things are the same if you wear a suit or sweat pants. Tip should be the same either way, NOT HOW YOU DRESS:cool:
  5. I have used romeinlimo twice now. They are prompt, have clean new vehicles, and courteous and knowledgable drivers. I have used them from airport to port and back, from train station in Naples to positano, and for day trips around the Amalfi coast. Large or small parties are welcomed. Enrico for Amalfi area is fantastic. I will use them again
  6. :cool: There are not as many places to relax and play cards, if that is what you want. I agree that during meal time you may not want to grab a table near a food location. BUT--other time, the tables in the Solarium are the only peaceful place to play. My biggest problem is people who get on board, immediately run to the buffet, and plop their butts down and wait until their room is ready. Eat, get out, explore the ship. Others want to eat also:cool: JACK IS SAILING AGAIN:cool:
  7. :cool: you can bring all you want, HOWEVER use you head. Make a list ahead of time of what you actually need. This helps keep packing smart. Most people over pack. I use to. Making a responsible list eliminates this:cool:
  8. :cool:You will love Rome. For an ideal trip you need 3 days. One for Vatican, one for Forum Area, and one for Trevi Fountain and Spanish Steps. I have been fortunate enough to have gone there four times. The best trip was a freeby sponsored by the Philadelphia Inquirer. The publisher himself went with us. The food highlight of this trip was a little-hole-in-the-wall restaurant near the Forum Area. Dagiggetto Specialita Romane. They had fantastic food. As far as tips go--In Italy 10-12% is considered fine. Six of us went from Rome to Port for 170 euro. I rounded it off at 200. But it is up to you. Have a great trip. Sailaway Jack
  9. :cool:All transportation in italy (other than trains) is expensive. I used Romeinlimo this past fall for trans to and from rome to port. In addition, they met us (6) in Naples and we took an 8 hour tour to the Amalfi Coast, including Positano where we are returning this September. Vans we clean, drivers great and informative. Enrico, driver from Naples was highlight of cruise. Going back to Italy. Have them picking us up at Naples Train, going to Positano and back, with 8 hour day trip around Amalfil Coast. I trust them completely, and have no problem paying their rates. Drivers speak English and are very informative:cool:JACK IS SAILING AGAIN
  10. I used romainlimo this past fall. Picked us up from airport hotel and drove us (6) to port. Clean vehicle, good driver and on time. Then they picked us up in Naples for 8 hour tour of Amalie coast. Great day and fantastic lunch. Booked then again this fall for positano area excursions. They respond quickly, and I trust them completely
  11. :cool:for many years now, I have been one of Royals greatest fans. This cruise was my worse, and last cruise with Royal. :cool:It started out with Muster Drill. 20 degrees outside, and we waited 25 minutes while some clown told us not to throw marshmellows down the commode. Celebrity in Rome in October (75 degrees) held muster inside. Next problem--Port Canaveral. Took Canaveral Highlights, which my daughter gave us for Christmas. Never left port area. Saw small NASA Tyupe museum, saw Enterprise Car Rentals, saw locks on a river, and stopped at a fish market, where five of us left tour and took cab back to ship. What a joke and waste of money. Then comes Coco Cay. Usually my favorite stop. A tender broke down delying departure. One hour ashore then came the rain. Hopped on tender to return. Saw first tender spend over two hours trying to tie up to ship. It was cold, rocky, people getting sick, and we were sprayed with cold water. Spent over two hours on that tender. NEVER SHOULD HAVE GONE SHORE. Another Anthem decision gone wrong. I blame the captain. Kids--many, but usually they do not bother me. They need to have fun. BUT--as above, they had kid hours in Adult Solarium, but were in there all the time. Security got cussed out by one mother, and they backed down. Kids were in adult hot tub even though they had one dedicated to them. food was generally good except one meal. Ordered Thailand Prawns. Received 6 of the smallest shrimp I ever saw. Temtations Tribute band was best show. Sorry to say this, but Ernest Hemmingway wrote Farewell to Arms---Sailawayjack just wrote Goodbye Royal Caribbean:cool:
  12. :cool:After many RCCL cruises, we tried Celebrity for a Baltic Cruise because I would rather go out of Amsterdam instead of Harwich England. Royal is best suited for families with children (leaving sat on royal with my kids and grandson), but Celebrity is best suited for adults. Menu is great (escargot every meal), martini bar is best on the high seas (better show there than in theather). More refined. Laster went on Eastern Med with Celebrity, and have scheduled a 14 nt southern carib for fall 2017. You become an elite with Celeb which is what Diamond is the same status. Just wish that the two cruise lines would allow you to add total points earned together. Try Celebrity, you will like it:cool:
  13. :cool:Hey Disney sailors, check out the top of this page and see Host Mick regarding Disney Roll Calls. Not too many of you folks are reading and responding to the Roll Calls. Roll Calls let you talk directly with people who are sailing with you on your ship. Compare ideas, set up meetings, share info on hotels, trips etc. Other cruise line roll calls have hundreds of people on them. Disney has very few. Maybe you are new sailors with small children, but it is to your BIG advantage to join your roll call:cool:JACK IS SAILING AGAIN--this time with grandson
  14. :cool:Booked Dream a couple of weeks ago. After booking, the first thing that I usually do is find my roll call. Had to start this one. Since then no action. Looking at other Disney sailings, I must assume that most Disney cruisers are on their first cruise. No too many people are on any roll call, and either do not know what Cruise Critic is, or what a roll call is. SPREAD THE WORD:cool:JACK IS SAILING AGAIN--this time with grandson
  15. :cool:you are right but part of the fun of a cruise is the relationship that I build up with my waiter and assistant. I enjoy talking to them each night and we grow together each night. If I went to a speciality restaurant (which I have), you do not have time to socialize:cool:
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