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  1. camper49


    Update.... One FCD has been credited to my cc .... Hopefully the other one is following as they were both purchased at the same time.
  2. camper49


    That is what I thought but they have disappeared ...$200... Replaced with a $50 casino credit... These are two Future Cruise Deopsits that we purchased on our 2020 January cruise. I called princess 30 days ago & was told they would be refunded to original form of payment.
  3. camper49


    Where on the Princess site do I find my Future Cruise Deposit listed ?
  4. camper49


    I called & surprisingly got right through! She said the FCD’s would be credited to my original form of payment, but couldn’t say when that would be.
  5. camper49


    Are future cruise deposits refundable before two years?
  6. Can’t believe I used FCC & not FCD in my question ...that being said...does anyone know if a FCD is refundable before two years??
  7. We have two fcc that we purchased on our 02/02/2020 cruise. Now with Corvid-19 & being in our 70’s we choose to no longer cruise. Do we have to wait two years for a refund? I tried an email to Princess...but it was blocked!
  8. Therefore the "Best Sale Ever"
  9. Confused. If you are booked at a certain sale promo & a new one starts ...such as The Best Sale Ever...you don’t have to rebook to get the new sale?? You pay to add the new sale & keep what you have from your previous promo???
  10. Suggestions for January 2021 on a motel for one night. Parking for the week & transportation to & from the port. (Port Everglades) . And reasonably priced. Ty
  11. 😮 we were on Regal 2/2/20. We were very impressed with the cleanliness!
  12. What is the Land Mark Sale?
  13. Yes the Regal food was outstanding!
  14. Just wondering about personal experiences . We just cruise Regal & it was amazing!
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