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  1. Vantage cancelled me April 8 for June 4 departure. No airfare involved. They said 90 days for refund. Then June 5 they called to offer me a credit. I insisted on refund. That reset the 90 day clock. I emailed them mid June. They said someone would contact me. I haven’t heard yet. So I have stepped up my efforts. I am waiting a few more weeks to contact credit card company.
  2. I have now lodged complaints with the Massachusetts Attorney General's Office and the Better Business Bureau for failure of this company to refund my payment to my credit card after indicating this would occur. I will never again travel with them.
  3. I asked for a refund of deposit Mid March, way before the sailing date of Oct 26. I haven’t gotten anything yet.
  4. Next June 2021 I have a very expensive trip scheduled with a Photography company. I just went to Antartica with them in Dec 2019. I purchased insurance thru Squaremouth.com with Berkshire Hathaway specifically because they cover loss of trip due to bankruptcy of company. That could easily happen with my company now ..
  5. My answer to the OP. I just cancelled Oct 26 2020 15 night cruise before penalty phase kicks in. Supposed to get $1500 deposit back on CC.
  6. I had a cruise booked for Oct 26 from Montreal to Miami. I booked through Vacations To Go and initial deposit was $1500. Balance was due soon, so called VTG and said I was cancelling. Initially the TA said $1000 refund, and $500 voucher, then she called us back and said Oceania said to refund all $1500. I thought when I booked this last year that VTG told me it was completely refundable until balance due, but I did not have that in writing. It said it could take up to 60 days to show up on my CC.
  7. I received an email today that Vantage has cancelled our June trip. Unlike their notices from two weeks ago, now they are just offering vouchers for 2021, and they automatically rebooked us. We cannot go in 2021 and I have requested a refund to my original form of payment. I will wait to see how this turns out. If I don't get a refund, I will not travel with them again.
  8. You will love Egypt. I went last year. Wonderful food and very welcoming people.
  9. You should be hearing from Vantage now. They just updated their website today.
  10. I sure hope they do soon. However, they act so independently of Viking and Avalon, like in limited advertising, that I wonder how they will follow suit.
  11. Thank you. Before I paid the balance March 15, I asked what would happen if Vantage cancelled the trip and they said I could get a refund as long as they cancelled. That was a bit before all this exploded.
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