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  1. Jacqui, I cancelled this one (before it was cancelled for me :/) and booked this: Norwegian Breakaway - 16-Jan-22 - 7 day (Western) Caribbean (NCL only says "Caribbean" but last time I did this cruise it was a "Western Caribbean:" Costa Maya, Roatan, Cozumel, Harvest Caye.)
  2. Come on, Bliss! Get on out here to CA and pick me up! 😉 😄
  3. My dining reservations opened 88 days out. Still cannot book shows. 😕
  4. A few years ago, NCL Breakaway left the parents onshore (husband left the ship to look for his wife). Ship waited 30 minutes. Kids were onboard with their uncle. Ship left for New York.
  5. "Hands-free massage treatments?" I'll pass.
  6. NCL moved (some?) final payments to 60 days out. I have a Jan 2021 cruise booked... final payment WAS Sept now moved to Nov. This gave me more time to find a room mate. I will make final payment in Nov and let NCL cancel me.
  7. I'm in a Club Balcony Suite in January. Dining reservations FINALLY opened at 88 days prior. 😳 Shows are still not available to reserve. I've been checking almost every day since 125 days out.
  8. According to the NCL app for my cruise, it's $249. I just chatted with "Kirsten" and asked if it was per person or per cabin. It's per person. 😱 And that with $20 off if it's booked online. 😱
  9. I also love the thermal suite and wonder the same thing. The hotel I stayed at in Vegas recently had closed their Jacuzzis in the pool and spa because of covid, and the sauna in the spa was also closed. If the ship's Jacuzzis, sauna, and salt rooms are not open, I probably will not be purchasing the week pass (unless there's a great big discount).
  10. Thanks for your efforts keeping up this list. 😊 I was moved from the Ryndam/Rotterdam to the Nieuw Statendam for a 7-Day Viking Sagas cruise departing July 11. Looks like the quilting group has not updated their info.
  11. I'm less than 100 days to sailing and it still says, "Not available to book." Maybe NCL is on the fence whether the cruise is a go or not? 😱
  12. I'm one of the lucky ones to meet the awesome lady. I think I sailed twice with her and Morey and Brenda the Wonder Dog. She and Horton came to a Cruisers from CA luncheon. And we met again at a Canine Companions for Independence fundraiser. Once we sailed at the same time but different ships. The ships were at Cabo at the same time but Roz and Horton were not going to tender. I was able to convince a Princess officer to take her a little Hannukah gift. She was so amazed that I got it to her! RIP Roz, and thank you for the memories. (And tha
  13. (I hope this is allowed.) Here's a 10-min video summarizing the 66-page document: https://youtu.be/YPSWq93p1Qo
  14. Thank you, Father. I'm just anxious to book and start dreaming about my cruise. 😉
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