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  1. I remember that as well. Of course, by the time we found out that it wasn't going to happen, we all had brought our wine on board with us. It didn't go to waste though.....
  2. Unless I misunderstood, I thought Arno's question was--before free movies were taken away--did M class's TV system include (on demand) free movies.
  3. Arno, there were free movies on our stateroom TV during our Jan 2017 Infinity cruise.
  4. Count me among those who are disappointed with this change. My family of 4 still cruise together (23 years and counting) and we will watch a movie or two in our cabin during each sailing. Our son, in fact, likes to check out the free movie selections as soon as we check into our cabin because he likes to watch them late at night during the cruise. We took a Millennium cruise out of Venice in 2007 and we had spent 3 nights in Venice before the cruise. When we got to our stateroom and changed the channels on our TV, we found the movie Casanova playing (2005, Heath Ledger, Sienna Miller, Jeremy Irons), which of course was set in Venice. The timing was perfect as no one in my family had seen it before or was ever interested in seeing it--until we had visited Venice.
  5. This subject comes up from time to time, but the answer in general is yes, you can connect to the stateroom's flat panel television HDMI port to connect a blu-ray player, PC, PlayStation, and even an iPad (with a special Lightning to HDMI converter cable). Sometimes the TVs are set to Hotel mode which prevents you from accessing the TVs controls to switch to a different video source (e.g. HDMI 1) and sometimes the TVs can be switched with no problem. PlayStation connected to stateroom television on Infinity. Dec 28 2016
  6. Very nice. We were just on Reflection for the first time in Jan. She's a great ship. Reflection docked at Bonaire. Jan 15 2019
  7. You may have 2 ABC options. Although she is an older ship, but still a favorite among many CC-ers, Constellation is doing 11 night ABC itineraries out of Tampa (alternates with 10 night E Carib sailings). You may want to look at that as well when the 2021/22 sailings are released late this year. She undergoes a Revolution makeover during her drydock in May 2020 so I would think she would be quite attractive afterward.
  8. We have only done one European cruise so far--12 nights, Venice to Barcelona aboard Millennium--and we loved it. The sailing started with an overnight in Venice (we spent 3 wonderful nights there before the cruise) and we visited Dubrovnik, Athens, Santorini, Naples, Rome, Florence, and Monaco/France. Every port was a highlight and it certainly hits the history, museums, and local food categories that you are looking for. Jun 24 2007, sailing thru the Strait of Messina at dinner time
  9. Good point, I forgot about the 10% pre-cruise discount. That makes my estimate of what it would cost to buy two single device unlimited wifi packages (with 30% Elite discount for the 1st and 50% discount for the 2nd package) to rise to $433 (as opposed to $390). In the end, I think I am going to just choose the wifi package as my one free perk that I can get for 1st/2nd passenger as it is more expensive than the free gratuities (worth $348) that we usually choose. We don't drink enough to make the alcohol package worth our while.
  10. Yes, if it is a snorkeling tour, they will provide all the gear. Which catamaran tour are you specifically talking about? For example, if it is IE05 ("Great Barrier Reef") or IE15 ("Whitsunday's Sailing and Snorkeling Adventure"), then all the snorkeling gear (incl stinger suits if needed) will be provided. For IE05, the gear will actually be provided at the pontoon that the catamaran sails to (photo). Although it is not fool proof, usually the shore excursion description will tell you what to bring. Jan 7 2018, Heart Pontoon located at Hardy Reef. The catamaran is partially visible to the right. It is run by Cruise Whitsundays which is contracted by Celebrity Cruises to run the IE05 (Great Barrier Reef) shore excursion at Airlie Beach. Even though the catamaran picks you up at the ship, it takes 2 hours to get out to the pontoon.
  11. So I just got off the phone with the Captains Club to try--using my 30% Elite discount--to buy an unlimited wifi package for 2 devices for our upcoming 12 night Solstice cruise in December. The wifi packages are currently on sale (20% off). However it appears that my 30% Elite discount doesn't give me an advantage because it can only be used on the non-sale price. In the end, I didn't use my Elite discount. Here is the math: Normal price for 1 device unlimited wifi package is $325. Normal price for a 2 device unlimited wifi package is $487.50 which is essentially marking down the 2nd device by 50%. Currently the sale price in my Cruise Planner for 1 device unlimited wifi package is $260 (20% off). The sale price for 2 devices is $390 When I called the Capt Club, I am told that I can get the 30% Elite discount but only on the single device packages and at their undiscounted price. They cannot apply it to the 2 device package. So my option is to buy 2 single device packages using our Elite discount (my wife and I are both Elite) = $455. This is worse than the current sale price for 2 devices available to anybody ($390). I know if I wait to buy on board, I can go to the iLounge and buy a 1 device package ($325) and apply my 30% Elite discount for a total of $227.50. And I can get 50% off the price for a 2nd device although I cannot use my Elite discount on that--which adds another $162.50. The grand total for both devices is $390 which is the current sale price for 2 devices available to anybody. So my conclusion is that the 30% Elite discount is of value only if you plan on buying a single device package. When you are buying a 2 device package, you are better off just waiting for the packages to go on sale (20% off) which is what I ended up doing. Anyone other Elites out there who have bought a 2 device package with a different (better) outcome? BTW, there will be a few of you who will suggest that my wife and I share a single device package. The reason I am buying a 2 device package is for my family of 4 to share.
  12. Another vote for Murano over LPC for all the reasons stated earlier.
  13. Jan 8 2018, Solstice at Yorkeys Knob (Cairns) If there is an independent shorex that you really want to do at Cairns, your best chance is to do it on the second day there (I am assuming Solstice overnights at Cairns for your particular sailing). Because tendering does not occur at night, you then have two options of getting to Cairns on the morning of Day 2. 1st, you could book a hotel and stay in Cairns for the night. 2nd, you can catch the special early tender that you have to sign up for in advance at Guest Relations (see photo below of the bulletin that we received in our stateroom). I am assuming that Celebrity still arranges for the early tender. As you can see from my photo review, I booked a hotel for our overnight at Cairns for our cruise. However the tendering was stopped early by the Captain because of high winds and we were unable to get off the ship that evening to make it to our hotel. We caught the first early tender and was fortunate enough to make it in time to catch our dive boat.
  14. That's one of the perks of being Elite Plus
  15. To improve your chances of making it to Cairns by 11am, I would talk to the Capt Club hostess because she may be able to assist you
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