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  1. Were those non-Celebrity boats actually tenders or is it possible they were for shore excursions? I only saw this on our Great Barrier Reef cruise--for convenience and time efficiency, some of the Celebrity sponsored shore excursion boats actually picked up the passengers from our anchored ship (and they dropped them off there at its conclusion). This easily saved 3 hours of tendering time. Jan 7 2018, near Cairns. Boats lining up in the morning to come along side Solstice to take on pa$$engers for Great Barrier Reef shore excursions.
  2. We saw this as well last year when we cruised the Great Barrier Reef on Solstice. On that sailing, the 3rd party tenders were much bigger, faster, and more comfortable than the ship's own lifeboats and thus they were more efficient in getting passengers to shore and back. Solstice, Jan 7 2018, Great Barrier Reef (near Cairns)
  3. Our ship, Millennium, overnighted in Venice to start our Med cruise. We had already been in Venice for 3 nights before the cruise. On Day 1 of the cruise we went to visit a couple more sights (Scuola Grande di San Rocco and St Mary of the Friars), had a late lunch at a cafe with another Cruise Critic couple who was going on the cruise, and together we took a water taxi to the pier to check in.
  4. My family of 4 have stayed in a single quad cabin on many Celebrity cruises. Each time, any perks were good for 1st/2nd only. Although this has stopped a year or so ago, there were sailings we have booked with promotions that gave the 3rd/4th passenger a classic non-alcoholic drink package and 40 minutes of free internet. This promotion has been replaced by a 50% off 3rd/4th offer.
  5. Celebrity first offered time travel as a perk in 2027.
  6. Travel agent rates do not refer to cruises that you booked thru a travel agent. I believe they are talking about special rates/promotions offered to the travel agents for themselves.
  7. Thanks for your review. I very much enjoyed reading it and it sure made me smile.
  8. thank you for writing your review. I enjoyed reading it.
  9. Yes, Summit will have the same elevator arrangement as Constellation. The mid ship elevators have 4 glass elevators on the port side of the ship. The two outside elevators provide wonderful views of the sea. See the bottom of this post for a couple of pictures that might help.
  10. On each of our cruises, I have seen a few cabin doors decorated. On our Reflection cruise in Jan, I saw one door had candy taped to it! There are more of them on holiday cruises (below is a picture of a couple that I saw on our Infinity holiday cruise).
  11. If not, can you use the $100 OBC on your first cruise to buy a black casino chip and cash that chip on the second cruise?
  12. This offer has been out for a little while: Bonus Captains Club Points And yes, like the others have said, Celebrity has offered bonus CC points, but it is not very often.
  13. No, lanyards are not needed although they are available for sale in the ship's gift shop.
  14. Originally, Silhouette was scheduled to be dry docked after the Jan 3 2020 sailing and was to finish in time for its post-Revolution sailing on Jan 31--a 14 night cruise. The accident that damaged the Grand Bahama dry dock has forced Silhouette to have her makeover in Cadiz, Spain. The extra time required to sail across the Atlantic to the dry dock and back to Florida has resulted in the cancellation of the Jan 31 14 night sailing. We were among the affected passengers. Apparently the extra time that the cancellation of the 14 night cruise provided was more than enough time to get the re-fit done and so Celebrity just added the new 3 night Bahamas cruise which sails on Feb 11. So I guess Feb 11th is when she will be ready to go. This is the 2nd time that Silhouette's Revolution dry dock schedule has changed. Originally she was due to be out of service for 3 weeks with her first cruise after dry dock set for Jan 22. Last Nov, it was decided to lengthen the dry dock schedule to 4 weeks which forced the cancellation of 2 sailings and the creation of the Jan 31 14 night cruise. Silhouette, Port Everglades, Jan 18 2019
  15. We sailed Century in 1996, Galaxy in 2000, and Horizon in 2005. If you have a good memory of what it was like back then, I will tell you that things have changed a lot. Although you should have seen it with the other cruise lines. Ships (like Equinox) have gotten considerably bigger--I think for the better. There are many nice public venues. Cabin room and design have improved considerably. A lot more balconies and fewer outside cabins than on Century (before her refit) and Horizon. The strong aft vibrations that could be felt in the MDR when Century/Galaxy were pulling into or out of port are now gone. BTW, you have missed out on a class of ships built after Century class but before Solstice class. Service and food (particularly in the MDR) have gotten worse. Small service touches like being escorted to your cabin upon embarkation and your tray being carried for you to an empty table in the buffet have been eliminated. Some of that is due to the cuts in staffing. Some of that is due to the larger passenger size. As you should know, Michel Roux's influenced menu is long gone (including the swan puff dessert and many other favorite dishes) since around 2007. The MDR dining experience is no longer the refined affair it once was. The ships now have multiple specialty restaurant venues that require a surcharge. Equinox MDR will not have the magnificent large double deck wall of glass at the stern because Tuscan Grille (specialty restaurant) is now located there although the glass is not nearly as expansive. Stratosphere Lounge, Galaxy, Alaska Inside Passage, Jun 2000
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