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  1. I like the texture in your photograph: air, land, and sea.
  2. Jun 18 2007 Millennium sailing, 12 Night Venice to Barcelona On Jun 28 2007, Millennium anchored at Villefranche. We took a wonderful private tour with @penorment (Maureen) and her family of 4 that included a trip to Saint Paul de Vence--a charming old medieval town in the French Riviera. While walking through Saint Paul, I took this photo of Maureen's son plucking at this flowering bougainvillea towering above him. It was a wonderful cruise as we disembarked at Barcelona. However 4 days later, on the reverse sailing from Barcelona, Millennium called on Villefranche again but this time her propellers were damaged when she struck a rock. Millennium limped to Rome (Civitavecchia) and after several days of failed repairs the sailing was terminated there. The Jul 12 sailing out of Venice was also cancelled so that she could be dry docked for repair. I imagine someone was in big trouble with headquarters.....
  3. Here is the news article from Yahoo: link Time To Worry? Analysts Just Downgraded Their Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. One thing we could say about the analysts on Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. (NYSE:RCL) - they aren't optimistic, having just made a major negative revision to their near-term (statutory) forecasts for the organization. Both revenue and earnings per share (EPS) estimates were cut sharply as the analysts factored in the latest outlook for the business, concluding that they were too optimistic previously. Following the latest downgrade, the current consensus, from the 16 analysts covering Royal Caribbean Cruises, is for revenues of US$7.5b in 2020, which would reflect a sizeable 32% reduction in Royal Caribbean Cruises' sales over the past 12 months. After this downgrade, the company is anticipated to report a loss of US$1.69 in 2020, a sharp decline from a profit over the last year. Prior to this update, the analysts had been forecasting revenues of US$11b and earnings per share (EPS) of US$8.57 in 2020. There looks to have been a major change in sentiment regarding Royal Caribbean Cruises' prospects, with a sizeable cut to revenues and the analysts now forecasting a loss instead of a profit. The consensus price target fell 10% to US$87.44, implicitly signalling that lower earnings per share are a leading indicator for Royal Caribbean Cruises' valuation. That's not the only conclusion we can draw from this data however, as some investors also like to consider the spread in estimates when evaluating analyst price targets. Currently, the most bullish analyst values Royal Caribbean Cruises at US$165 per share, while the most bearish prices it at US$19.00. So we wouldn't be assigning too much credibility to analyst price targets in this case, because there are clearly some widely differing views on what kind of performance this business can generate. With this in mind, we wouldn't rely too heavily on the consensus price target, as it is just an average and analysts clearly have some deeply divergent views on the business. Taking a look at the bigger picture now, one of the ways we can understand these forecasts is to see how they compare to both past performance and industry growth estimates. These estimates imply that sales are expected to slow, with a forecast revenue decline of 32%, a significant reduction from annual growth of 5.7% over the last five years. Compare this with our data, which suggests that other companies in the same industry are, in aggregate, expected to see their revenue grow 8.6% next year. So although its revenues are forecast to shrink, this cloud does not come with a silver lining - Royal Caribbean Cruises is expected to lag the wider industry. The Bottom Line The biggest low-light for us was that the forecasts for Royal Caribbean Cruises dropped from profits to a loss this year. Regrettably, they also downgraded their revenue estimates, and the latest forecasts imply the business will grow sales slower than the wider market. Given the scope of the downgrades, it would not be a surprise to see the market become more wary of the business. Worse, Royal Caribbean Cruises is labouring under a substantial debt burden, which - if today's forecasts prove accurate - the forecast downgrade could potentially exacerbate.
  4. Jan 4 2019 Reflection sailing, 14 Night Exotic Southern Caribbean This was our very first cruise on Reflection. It also turns out that this was the 85th and for now, final, 14 night Caribbean sailing that was started Dec 2009 with Constellation. We went diving during our port stop at Bonaire on Jan 15. Our first dive was at a location right next to the pier which was also in front of the dive shop. As we walked out to the dive area with our gear, this wonderful rainbow suddenly surrounded Reflection.
  5. Dec 24 2016 Infinity sailing, 15 Night Valparaiso to Buenos Aires Albatross patrols the evening sky above the South Atlantic near the Falkland Islands on New Years Day 2017.
  6. Thank you for that clarification. I guess it's like the NY Giants football team.....
  7. 02/02/02 Infinity sailing, 7 Night Southern Caribbean out of San Juan This was our first time on a Millennium class ship and it occurred only a few months after 9/11. Infinity was only 11 months old at the time and this photo--taken when she was docked at St. Croix on Feb 3--shows her in her original livery.
  8. I know--I have taken that cruise. I am pointing out that it is governed by New Jersey. I am seeing post(s) that say New York will do this and that....
  9. Summit sails out of New Jersey for the Bermuda cruises. I have not been keeping up with what is going on over there exactly but are they doing the same thing as New York? Or if not, is that an eventuality?
  10. Jan 2 2018 Solstice sailing, 12 Night Great Barrier Reef round trip out of Sydney Solstice anchored at Yorkey's Knob when visiting Cairns and did an overnight there. This was the climax to the 3 Great Barrier Reef ports that we would visit. We independently booked a tour with one of the many dive boats that operate out of Cairns during our 2nd day there (Jan 8 2018). In taking the tender back to the ship, we were treated to a pretty double rainbow. It was right off of Solstice's bow as if to indicate that there were more good things waiting ahead of us!
  11. @dani negreanu, your photos are very nice--including the ones from Halong Bay which we hope to visit during our Christmas 2021 Solstice cruise. Did you visit Halong Bay through a Celebrity excursion or did you book it on your own?
  12. Dec 24 2016 Infinity sailing, 15 Nights Valparaiso to Buenos Aires. This photo was taken on Dec 30 at our stop in Punta Arenas, Chile. On that day, we visited Isla Magdalena and saw the wonderful Magellenic penguin colony there. Those guys were everywhere and so was their poo which meant you have to carefully frame your shot! I was lucky enough to see this fellow off by himself in the distance and was able to capture him with a telephoto lens which helped blur the lighthouse in the background. It is a favorite photo of mine because, well I feel like that penguin on some days--especially at work!
  13. Beautiful! (to which you are supposed to reply with, "thank you, but what do you think of Venice?").
  14. @patrioticgirl Gina, that is one stunning balcony!! I’m sorry if you miss out on it but it sounds like that you’ve been lucky enough to have sailed in it already. Oh, and congrats on your retirement earlier this year! David
  15. Gina, It certainly has been a long time--15 years to be exact. I don't know if you are doing well, but I can see you are doing a lot of cruises! I like both of your photos--the colorful buildings in the first shot and the nice use of the curved wall which takes your eyes from the foreground to Horizon in the second. Your story is too funny. I never realized this until now (or I have forgotten), but we also took the same ferry through the canal. However my family and I were seated near the front. I also remember that we never got to meet at the CC Party because you had changed cabins and so you never got your invitation..... I would like to think that our cruising paths will cross some day (not on different ships though because that is called a collision). David March 30, 2015 Miraflores Locks
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