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  1. Glad to hear that it worked out so smoothly for you.
  2. Here is Celebrity's definition of Evening Chic attire: Evening Chic Overview
  3. Done. Mine was time stamped Oct 20, 4:32 pm
  4. I would double check that, because I would expect a pro-ration if the trip is shortened which would make you whole and then OBC for the aggravation. I agree that the all the changes taken together including the ports would be very disappointing.
  5. Another option is finding a suite that connects to another cabin. Although it is more expensive than 3rd/4th rate option, it gets you a second full bathroom and more privacy. You can find any connection variations: suites connecting to an outside cabin, a balcony cabin, or another suite. My personal favorite is the Iconic Suite connecting with a Royal Suite. One disadvantage is that if the connecting cabin is not a suite, those occupants may not get access to Luminae nor the Retreat.
  6. We have a Galapagos trip already scheduled for 2023 so we may not be shopping for another cruise for 2023. However I am interested to see if a Panama Canal cruise will be scheduled for Christmas/New Years. So we will see. Either way, it is nice to see excitement in the air returning to this forum.
  7. I have faced this exact situation several times as we have been doing a lot of December cruises. In the end, I usually just book it right away because I don't want to risk losing the cabin.
  8. The Sunset Suite did not have the complimentary specialty dining (table). My guess is that when it is re-designated as a Horizon Suite in May 2023, it still will not have it. But then again, like jagofee said, it is an easy thing to add to help justify the high price for the suite. Personally, I don't see it worth the extra cost over a Celebrity Suite.
  9. During our next cruise my family of 4 will be on Solstice in two adjacent cabins that connect. We will also be opening up the balcony door divider.
  10. We were on Reflection back in Jan 2019. The balcony divider had a hinged door which is very obvious in the photo. You can even see the steel clip that holds the open door in place on the left side of the picture above the left most fin. It's possible the that aft balconies are designed differently, but I doubt it. .
  11. I can understand your concern and frustration. I hope things work out for you. Thanks for sharing.
  12. Hi. My parents live in Paducah. Which specific sailing date are you going to be on?
  13. I should have said that your earlier point was well made--I wasn't trying to sound critical. @Turtles06 posted a review of the post Revolution FV that is very good: But I will warn you that I don't think you will be pleased.
  14. Actually there is even more closet space in 7199 than what is shown in your photo. Although it is spacious, your photo is of a non-corner FV which is slightly smaller than the corner FVs (below). The smaller size translates into one less closet and a shorter desk (pre-Revolution). Turtles06 photo
  15. I guess you can't go wrong either way. We have been in those corner FVs 4 times including 8166 on Summit--but that was because there were 4 of us in that cabin. I can tell you that the corner FV cabin and balcony size is actually larger than what is published by Celebrity.
  16. If you haven't tried it, then I would encourage you to take the aft balcony. I agree that it would pair well with a Greek Isles cruise. I still remember waking up and seeing Santorini for the first time from our aft balcony.
  17. Well I just got my text alert from Celebrity--almost 60 hrs after it was first reported here.
  18. There was a simple quiz activity (1 point) which preceded the WWF webinar (3 points). The recent what's-your-favorite-color quiz (1 point) should post next month.
  19. Same as @WeMissSeaView, received +4 today.
  20. It is not surprising. Using the search function on the Celebrity website is horrible. I have to go to one of my booked cruises and do a mock booking of a shore excursion in order to see the link that takes me to the Terms and Conditions which includes the cancellation information. Unfortunately, using that method does not allow me to send you a URL to the cancellation info itself.
  21. According to Celebrity's website, in general you have 48 hrs in advance of "tour port arrival" to cancel without penalty. There are some exceptions where it is longer.
  22. Yes, when priced as Sunset Suites, Celebrity had them positioned in between CS and RS which would have made them hard to sell. On Silhouette, the four suite converted FVs will be recategorized as Horizon Suites. According to the loyalty chart (post #9), they still are ranked in between CS and RS.
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