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  1. Does anyone know if they have Pilates classes on the Legend? If so how much do they charge and do you have to sign up to a course of lessons?
  2. Curtdesilets, we're there one or two formal nights on your Alaskan cruise?
  3. Thanks for the info, my hair is very short, so the dryers you describe will be ok :)
  4. DH and I are sailing on the Century on 8th July in a Sky Suite and I wondered what type of hairdryer the suite has, is it one of the pathetic hose ones attached to the bathroom wall, or is it a proper hairdryer that can be plugged in anywhere in the suite?
  5. We are booked on the Century next July and have Suite 1233, did you have any problems from people jogging on the deck above?
  6. I have also just booked cabin 1233 for an Alaskan cruise next summer, does anyone have any experience of this cabin?
  7. Thanks everyone for your info, my bubble is not burst because I know I will get into the concierge lounge with dad, but we actually prefer the Diamond Lounge on the Indy. BTW Debmarie, I was 40 when my parents took their first RCCL cruise and I was 47 when they achieved Diamond Plus status, now I am 50, but will always be 18 at heart :-)
  8. Thanks Cruisegirl1, My online C&A status is still Diamond, so I think I will play the ignorance card for the cruise and see if my online status changes when I am home. The main reason I was wondering was because I am going on the Adventure in October and Diamond+ would give me access to the Concierge lounge as opposed to the nightly Diamond event.
  9. I am travelling on the Indy with my father who is Diamond+ and I am Diamond. The cruise was originally booked for him and my mum, who sadly passed away last August. Our ticket booklet has arrived and my luggage tags say that I am also Diamond+, has anyone else had this happen, and if so were you diamond+ permanently, or just for that sailing?
  10. On days at sea, go for lunch in the MDR, their burgers have always been the best on the ship, but I suppose it could vary from ship to ship
  11. Does anyone know how to delete a duplicate post?????
  12. I so hope you are right. I am booked on the Indy out of Southampton on May 4th and I am travelling with my dad (he was booked to go with my mum, but she passed away last August. We are booked in a balcony so a JS would be great as I can use the wardrobe as a dressing room. Come on upgrade fairy, Dad and I need some TLC x
  13. My husband bought me the Panasonic HDC-TM60 and we have recently returned from a wonderful trip to Thailand, where I took some amazing videos and also took still photos (you can also capture stills from any of the video footage once you transfer the video onto your PC) My husband has a Canon 450S, with four different lenses and I can honestly say that for holiday pictures the Panasonic was much lighter and easier to use, and it took really good 5 meg stills. The zoom is brilliant as is the macro setting. The model I have just has a 16G built in hard drive, and also has an SD card slot. Hope this was helpful
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