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  1. Well that was excellent advise! I just booked the Raleigh/Tampa leg for $166 :confused::rolleyes::confused:
  2. This is a really specific question that hopefully somebody has a really specific answer for ;). I have used choice air before for one way on a transatlantic cruise, but have never booked the entire trip. Flights are just becoming available for my May 2019 cruise and I have been watching for good fares. Full trip fares (Raleigh to Tampa, London to Raleigh) have been running $2,300 or more. That's not going to happen! I happened to check the London to Raleigh leg, and it is under $500. That means the Raleigh/Tampa leg is $1,800!:eek::eek::eek: That's crazy!!! Any feedback if I'm just looking too early? Should the full booking become realistic in a few weeks? Should I just go ahead and book the return flight and search other methods for the Raleigh/Tampa leg? If you have had similar experiences, I would very much appreciate feedback!
  3. OP, thank you for pointing this out! I'm actually starting at the beginning of the series. Looks like a fun look behind the scenes!
  4. RCCL use to have a daily Indian curry on the menu, which they no longer do. I have found the waiter very enthusiastic about finding a curry for me on a next day basis if I ask. Sometimes my tablemates are happy to join in when we bring it up!
  5. After wasting an hour of my life on the phone with an agent, and then her supervisor, they are claiming the C&A discount is not applicable with the current promotion. I am trying to apply the current promotion to an existing reservation (15 day TA May, 2019). I originally have the 30% off and $100 OBC, but this promotion would bump the OBC to $275, but they will not apply the $350 C&A discount. They applied it on my existing reservation, but will not now. Of course, there is no documentation to show the C&A discount is cannot be combined with the current promotion. Can anyone validate this?
  6. I called RCCL to confirm my booking was received, and all is good! Whoot Whoot! I do not have the opportunity to cruise as often as many on this board do, so I gotta say, I am excited!
  7. Gosh, I just grabbed my favorite corner aft on the May, 2019 Brilliance TA, but don't see it in my cruise planner and have not received an email. I came here to check what is going on, and see RCCL IT gremlins are at it again. I have my fingers crossed I actually got the reservation!
  8. I'm sailing solo, so only one coupon and I have to have connectivity for work. I saw someone say they got on board credit for some coupons (sorry, I can't remember where I saw it, and don't have time to look for it), so was hoping someone had some insight into the D+ coupons for internet. Oh well.
  9. I purchased a Voom package online at a 20% discount for a couple of upcoming cruises. Has anyone had success getting a credit for the 2 day free coupon included in the D+ perks?
  10. Has anyone recently added a 2nd guest to a cabin that was booked solo? If I remember correctly, I should be able to do this without the booking changing, as the solo was essentially charged double. My sister is hinting she wants to join me, but the cabins are currently twice what I paid when I booked it, and I'm not going to essentially pay the same price and lose my double points.
  11. I have seen that before as well. We were curious about it for a couple of days, and had fun making up stories. It ended at the next port day :rolleyes:.
  12. The rocks can also be very slippery. Our last time in Labadee ended up with a trip to the ship medical. My daughter slipped on the rocks at the very edge, and nearly broke her wrist with the fall. On a side note, the medical team was awesome, and it was interesting to see the facility and capabilities. It did turn out to be only a bad sprain, and she was treated very well!
  13. I truly am not trying to be snarky, but I'm curious why somebody would hold off seeking pain relief until an upcoming cruise, rather than finding a qualified practitioner in their local area to address a current issue? It's a fact you will pay top dollar on a cruise, and you do not have an opportunity to build a working relationship with the practitioner. Either massage or acupuncture treatments are usually not one time events when you are dealing with a chronic issue. Get a local recommendation so you can get consistent treatment plan in place.
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