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  1. Any took a Viking Paris to Swiss Alps cruise and stayed at the Reaissance
  2. Thank you for your advice. The steps on the ship and getting off the ship shouldn't be a problem. It is the long walk from the ship to town that is a problem since we usually don't go on tours. If it boat docks close to town then we just see a few sights and stores and head back. What can help us out if someone knows how far the ship is from town in the following cities: Trier, Cochem, Koblenz, Mainz, Speyer, and Strasbourg. This would very much help plan our trip. Thank you.
  3. we are looking into a Viking Paris to Swiss Alps cruise and my wife who has walking difficulties would like to know if she would have a hard time with all the excursions and do a lot of people stay on the boat during excursions. She doesn't use a wheel chair she just can't walk long distances.
  4. bestcruise

    Vilking Hild excursion

    thank you for taking the time to answer my questions.
  5. bestcruise

    Vilking Hild excursion

    Who do you see to get on these "gentle walkers" excersions? Do you call Viking before you leave or wait and see someone on the boat? Also, are the streets in the towns mostly cobblestone?
  6. bestcruise

    Vilking Hild excursion

    We are taking the Viking Hild, Paris to Swiss Alps tour and my wife heard that that if you have a hard time keeping up with the regular excursion that they have excursions that walk at a slower pace. Has anybody heard of this and does the Hild offer that? Also, are all the streets in the towns cobblestone or is it just in the old part of town? Thank you.
  7. bestcruise

    Viking river cruise excursions

    I will be taking the Paris to Swiss Alps trip and while I am in Paris I am thinking of taking the following excursions. Panoramic Paris excursion in the morning, Palace of Versailles in the afternoon and Paris Cabaret at night. Since they don't list starting times, I was wondering if any of these excursion over lap and is possible to do all three in one day.
  8. bestcruise

    Viking Paris to the Swiss Alps Cruise

    Do you know what time the bus leave Paris for the Luxemburg excursion?
  9. On the Viking Hild River Cruise, Paris to the Swiss Alps, when you leave Paris and head toward the ship, do you have to take the Luxemburg excursion or can you go straight to the ship instead. I have seen Luxemburg on an earlier cruise.
  10. Would like to know of any good resturants near the Punta Langosta Pier in Cozumel that is in walking distance?
  11. bestcruise

    Cozumel pier

    I will be sailing on the Fantasy leaving New Orleans on 9/17/07 and going to Cozumel (9/20) and Progresso. Would like to know which pier they will dock at in Cozumel and what resturants are close by.