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  1. You could try asking this question on the Port threads too. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/149-other-mediterranean-ports/
  2. It has always been my contention that, for the new cruisers I see P&O aiming Iona at - adventurous youngish couples with no children - Norway is the wrong itinerary. Also, for anyone living more than 2-4 hours away, a week is too short a cruise. They should at the very least have two alternating itineraries so pax can do back to backs if they wish. The children's facilities don't appear to be very different from their existing fleet, so they are not going to compete head to head with RCI or NCL on that score. For many years yet, it is going to be their older existing pax base who have the time and money to cruise maybe twice a year or more and they want warm weather and/or more interesting itineraries. I don't see how Iona is going to fill up every cruise.
  3. I have to agree there. Disposing of the smaller ships and repetitive itineraries has driven me to Saga and Oceania aside from a cheapie bargain in January on Oceana and the Iona maiden.
  4. It is hard to advise since she is still being built. I booked the maiden voyage just to see the ship but seriously doubt I'll book her again as I prefer smaller ships.
  5. Paul Ludlow is P&O CEO.
  6. While I have only managed to get ashore in Guernsey twice out of 4 calls, when I did manage it the seas were pretty OK. On one of the calls I missed they were tendering in the morning only as the forecast for the afternoon was deteriorating so I didn't bother, so only 1 call technically missed and that was on QE2. I note Arcadia is also using a small "bridge" with her tenders and it does make life a lot easier.
  7. Please post on roll-call. Thanks
  8. I don't think anyone knows for sure yet, but generally they are expected later this month.
  9. Please note that slating crew members/officers by name, with no right of reply by them, is not acceptable and such posts have and will be deleted.
  10. If it helps, it is a level walk over asphalt and some cobbles. I would say 20 mins is a slight over-estimate. Probably closer to 10 mins at a normal pace, 20 mins with a walker slowly. The only alternative would be a taxi. If she did the Bruges on your Own, once in the city any walking would be discretionary and at her own pace. There is seating in the squares and plenty of cafes and bars. Has your wife registered with P&O Mobilty? If so she should get specialised port guides with locations of disabled toilets and transport options.
  11. Yes, that has often happened in my experience.
  12. Lots of bargains already on offer for Iona though at the lower grades. Also I see Princess are bringing Island Princess back to the UK - a smaller ship for those missing Oriana perhaps?
  13. I believe Oceana will be the next ship to go but surely not until Iona Mk2 is launched.
  14. Please post in Roll Call sections per new cruise, not here. Thanks
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