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  1. There has also been an option where a TA can hold a cruise/cabin....initial date was until May 31....in anticipation of an FCC. Are these counted as "new" bookings? IMHO the re-booking of brand new cruises numbers is inflated.
  2. Booking brand new cruises as opposed to re-booking cancelled cruises. Can you share a link to how this was done and how they knew it was a new cruise being booked? Re-booking a cancelled cruise get you a new booking number as does booking a new cruise.
  3. We have Radiance Sept 4 Vancouver-Tokyo-Singapore. I doubtful it will sail and with final payment due next week I won't put out any more $$ just to wait and see if it's cancelled and then get in line for a refund. I emailed M Bayley asking if final payment date could be extended and asked why RCI isn't cancelling cruises that are beyond the July 31 cutoff that they know won't sail. Hopefully others will email mbayley@rccl.com and share their concerns too. It will be interesting to see if I get a response and what is said. I'm not optimistic and am sure the response will be typical corporate speak but will say at least I've given it a shot by sharing my thoughts.
  4. And the lifting of the 14 day quarantine for arriving tourists.
  5. From 11am-11pm you can have complimentary beer, wine and soft drinks in the Suite Lounge. Mixed drinks are available during Happy Hour. No complimentary drinks on Suite Sun Deck.
  6. Not as much privacy and the lifeboat covers are an obstruction to looking at the water. The picture gives a better overview than the video.
  7. I know how you feel. AFTER the July 6 Pursuit cruise was cancelled I got an email saying we owed money for excursions that had been booked with OBC. When I called about it I was told it was a "hiccup".
  8. Interview with Richard Fain on May 21 on the future of cruising. Current and factual information straight from the top. Richard Fain Inteview on the Future of Cruising
  9. Richard Fain's CNBC interview Thursday on the future of cruising. Honest and informative. CNBC Interview with Richard Fain
  10. Not a Problem - July 6 Pursuit cruise was cancelled in latest round of cancellations. I did not receive any email from TA or Azamara and called on Wednesday to ask for a refund. Cruise no longer shows in Cruise Planner. Is that how it's been for others? Funny thing is on Thursday night I got an email showing I owed for Shore Excursions that I had used OBC to pay for. When I called Azamara I was told there was a "glitch" and when a cruise was cancelled OBC was removed. Agent said this is good as it shows the wheels are moving for a refund. Let's hope so.
  11. Richad Fain's May 21 CNBC interview. Check out what he says at about minute 4:50 CNBC interview with Richard Fain
  12. Beer/wine/water from 11am-11pm and cocktails during Happy Hour which can be 4:30-8:00 or 5:00-8:30 Wines can be different than those shown.
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