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  1. Actually RCG - Royal Caribbean Group owns both RCI - Royal Caribbean International and Celebrity. Each line set their protocols within CDC guidelines.
  2. Thanks....and ordering directly from EMed is cheaper.....6 for $150....than ordering through RCI. RCI is charging $69 for 2 and $99 for 3 tests.
  3. Definitely try the Suite experience on Celebrity. Luminae....the Suite restaurant....is heads above Coastal Kitchen and the Retreat area....especially on EDGE class ships is amazing.
  4. Good suggestion. When C&A program was 1st created I don't think RCI realized how successful it would be or that it would morph into the what it is today. It's like they created a monster and are now trying to figure out how to reign it in. I am now Pinnacle but have always been an advocate for those who sail in Suites. They pay for an advertised product and.....especially on the smaller ships....could not get it when there was a CL. What many C&A members are having trouble accepting is that a Loyalty program can change. It's happening in the Airline and Hotel industry and is bound to happy in the Cruise industry as #s grow. Now...with double points...C&A #s will grow even more.
  5. I'm curious if there will be a Panama Canal cruise with passengers?? CDC Conditional Sail order is still in effect. Are they now allowing cruises longer than 7 nights?
  6. My fully vaccinated hubby is recovering from COVID. While otherwise healthy he does have mild COPD and had heart bypass surgery in 2018. I wish he could have at least tried Monoclonal Antibody Therapy when he went to the ER and was diagnosed with Covid but it wasn't offered there or by our Primary Dr. I can't help but wonder if it may have kept him from developing Pneumonia and spending 6 days in the hospital. I will say that the Remdesivir Infusions he rec'd in the hospital made a huge difference and thankfully, he's on the road to recovery. I do agree that I doubt that any cruise line would offer treatment like this.
  7. On the American Jazz 7/25 cruise there were a few tables for 6 but most were for 8. No 2 tops.
  8. My husband has his ups and downs and still requires oxygen 24/7. We know recovery will take time and he's doing what he can to strength his lungs and, hopefully, to reduce his use of oxygen. Thanks for your concern and well wishes.
  9. Thank you for their number. I emailed the CEO on 8/19, in addition to my call and email to Customer Service on Aug 4. No response from anyone. A courtesy acknowledgement of my concerns would have been nice.
  10. As mentioned in my post above it appears that passengers needing to be vaccinated and provide a negative Molecular type Covid test is for certain itineraries and regions. I'm curious to hear what ACL says about crew being vaccinated and if the same guidelines apply to them. As I posted earlier that was not the case on our July 25 American Jazz cruise from Nashville to Memphis. I hope you have a great cruise and experience no Covid related problems. Please post again and let us know how it goes.
  11. Crew were not required to be vaccinated per a couple of online stories. "While most of the ship's crew members are vaccinated, those who are not are set to remain on board in Juneau until they are cleared by health authorities." July 10 USA Today article American Cruise Lines Vaccine required? No Note: American Cruise Lines does not have an across-the-board vaccine requirement for passengers, but passengers on some itineraries in specific regions or over specific time periods may face COVID-19 testing or vaccination requirements. The line says it will communicate directly with passengers about them. Cruise Lines Covid Vaccine Policy I know crew and passengers were NOT required to be vaccinated on our July 25 American Jazz cruise.
  12. Does ACL require crew to be vaccinated? If not....they should.
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