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  1. On Ovation you can use a voucher in CK if you're dining within HH times
  2. This is disappointing to hear. Hoping it will change back to how it was before for our upcoming Pursuit cruise in July.
  3. IMHO a former HD on Majesty, who was very generous in what he offered Loyalty members, contributed to the current disappointment in the removal of the Diamond Event as much of what he previously offered on Majesty was inconsistent with RCI policies. Events offered on Majesty were not the same as those done on similar ships such as Empress. Now RCI is trying to have consistency and it's not being well received.
  4. I agree that the CL on Anthem is fabulous and has wonderful views. Yes...it might have been "empty" and the DL "crowded" but with a large # of D+ cruisers, allowing D+ access to the CL on Anthem would have changed increased the numbers in the CL now making it "crowded". RCI is a victim of it's own loyalty program and is working on ways to tame the monster it created.
  5. Not worried....but asked in case you heard anything about delayed boarding or anything else than might impact the sailing. I'll let you know if we experience more movement than we have in the past.
  6. No...won't be on for the TA. I know Andy was able to enjoy some Indian cuisine on Harmony. Hoping for the same on Allure.
  7. We're looking forward enjoying the filet on night 3. Do you know if you can get any Indian dishes in CK?
  8. We board on Sunday. Please post if you hear anything that would affect the Feb 23 sailing.
  9. Yes...we were on Vision in 2017. Great cruises. The restaurant was an unexpected find with many locals and great pricing. Enjoy!
  10. The vouchers were offered to help with the overcrowding of the lounges. The intent was that they be used for drinks during Happy Hour and not to get something "to go" for later or tomorrow.
  11. On our recent trip we stayed at the Argentina Residenza Hotel. It's withing walking distance of many attractions transport stops. Piazza Navona is a few blocks away and Trastevere is across the bridge. We found a great local restaurant there with reasonable prices that is a short walk across the bridge from the hotel. Restaurante Carlo Menta
  12. Can you share how you know the cruises out of LA will be private cruises?
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