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  1. We've also walked the hallways when it's not so great outside. Where there's a will there's a way.
  2. While we enjoyed the Magic Carpet we found the chairs low, deep chairs to be uncomfortable and not the easiest to get up from. The few regular style chairs were always occupied so we'd sit on a stool at the tall tables.
  3. As a follow-up I wanted to share that I have booked a private tour for 4 of us w/luggage from the cruise port to Abu Dhabi with drop off at our Dubai hotel with Dubai Daily Tours. Excursion from cruise port to Abu Dhabi w/return to Dubai Hotel
  4. Do prescription drugs that are not on the controlled list need to be in original bottle from the pharmacy?
  5. I'll jump in too as we were on the Sept 30 cruise. On EDGE Luminae is on deck 12 forward. The MDR's are on deck 3 and 4 aft. Logistically ordering from the MDR menu doesn't work in Luminae but if there's something you want you can ask the day before and they're happy to accommodate.
  6. Sadly we found these bottles leaked in our backpack (if they weren't upright) when we took them on excursion.
  7. Have them dry cleaned...not washed....if you're concerned about them shrinking.
  8. Would love to see a picture of the canopy if you have one.
  9. Thanks for your response. Do you have any pictures showing the view....suites below?
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