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  1. 12 Crew Members test positive on Mein Schiff 6 cruise from Greece
  2. NCL Restaurant Steward Job Description This position is responsible for providing support to the Main Dining Rooms, Buffet and Crew Mess during service and ensuring cleanliness of these areas at the completion of service. Responsible for beverage and table maintenance in an assigned station of the Buffet as directed by management. In order to consistently exceed guest expectations and provide the highest levels of product and services, additional duties and responsibilities may be assigned as needed. (more information in the link above)
  3. Please cite an example. Not every cruise has a $300 OBC offer if you accept a change.
  4. We can always hope that they make it sooner rather than later. We have Ovation b2b Singapore-Tokyo-Seattle April '21. No hints or "leaked" memos about changes in cruises in Asia but I'm hoping that something is said BEFORE final payment. Wishful thinking I'm afraid.
  5. For now everything is rumor and speculation. I think we all know there will be changes. What they are is the $64,000 question that, for now, remains unanswered. I'm hoping RCI is forthcoming with what the changes will be but not holding my breath that it will happen soon.
  6. I posted a link to the group yesterday but my post was deleted. Link does show in quoted post #2. Group is Stand dot earth
  7. To turn signatures on/off go to your CC name in the upper right. Click on the inverted triangle for the Drop-Down menu, click on Settings and you'll be able to either turn on or turn off signatures.
  8. Thanks....I may have been confusing Azamara with other RCG lines. One more reason why I won't book another Azamara cruise until close to final payment when we're assured of going.
  9. Did you use a Travel Agent who kept a cancellation fee? If not, what fee did Azamara directly keep. That's not been our experience.
  10. Mariner was brought here at the wrong time. Like you said H1N1 and the downturn in the economy plus were big factors in not being able to fill a ship that big. We can hope that one day an RCI ship will sail from the left coast.
  11. Any particular reason you won't try Azamara? We've had several wonderful cruises on them. Their ships can get into ports that the big ships can't. Examples....we docked in town in both St Petersburg and Helsinski and cruised up the Thames to dock in Greenwich. They also stay later in port. We had the British Isles booked with them for this July with ticket to The Open. It was Dublin to Southampton. To us it's where we go now and, sadly, RCI isn't doing a similar itinerary.
  12. Agree about no self-service drinks. My understanding is that masks are required in public areas except when you're at a table eating....and, for now, that's how it should be.
  13. Good to see masks on the Mom, Dad and little girl but why not the boy?
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