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  1. I have been negligent in failing to welcome you to the Celebrity Board on Cruise Critic (coincidentally owned by TripAdvisor). I hope you enjoy your time and make informed decisions for your cruising goals.
  2. You read positive reviews on Cruise Critic and saw favorable YouTube videos. Yet you prefer to put your faith in the negative reviews on Trip Advisor? OK, we all have to do what works for ourselves. But good luck in finding a cruise line which does not have negative reviews posted somewhere. It seems to me that you would do well to avoid Apex since you would embark with a skeptical attitude and perhaps set yourself up for an unpleasant cruise. (I've never been on Apex) Have you looked into the luxury brands like Silversea, Regent, Seabourn? These are all a lot more expensive than Celebrity, so they may not be consistent with your desires. Asking for recommendations from Celebrity cruisers will likely not be helpful to you; if you ask 10 people here, you will get 20 answers... then what do you do?
  3. Yes, I can see this credit online when I sign-in to my cruise. The upper right section of the screen displays Onboard Credit $xxx
  4. As others have rightly mentioned, this topic has come up in the recent past and posts contain useful information. When you read those comments, bear in mind that Celebrity's program is not "once a day". - it is indeed twice a day but with some small modifications that few of us even notice.
  5. This issue seems to be resolved to your satisfaction, but I will add a small note for readers who have similar needs on future cruises. I have always requested an extension cord and distilled water in advance, but these items have never been waiting for me in my cabin. Other cruisers have had different experiences. I have always asked my cabin attendant for these items and they have always been delivered promptly and without any problems.
  6. That is an interesting anecdote, but I am surprised by the Hotel Director's lack of discretion in sharing the details which acknowledge the ship's lack of compliance with local regulations. I have found staff to be "tight-lipped" when things do not go according to expectations.
  7. You should read the "fine print" in the email from Captain's Club, which includes the following: Since Loyalty Match members only receive the Member Level and not the VS Days, they are ineligible for the Venetian Society benefits listed below. • “Sail with Us” referral prior to first Silversea voyage • Complimentary cruises • Milestone recognition
  8. Does not apply to GTY cabins, per the terms and conditions
  9. Your experiences are identical to mine. We have always gotten twice daily service in the Go Green program. I do not know what the evening service consists of, but I have not noticed any difference at all from the traditional service. I do not need the extra points and enroll in the program as a small (tiny) way to minimize our environmental impact and to make the cabin attendant's life a little easier.
  10. Yes. In my opinion, the internet benefit for Celebrity (90 minutes over the duration of the cruise) is better than the "24 continuous hours" offered by RC. Just remember to log off your internet session to preserve your remaining time.
  11. This is a frequent question here. This link from last month will give you more information.
  12. Note that you are likely to need a reservation for the free wine tasting event. On my last cruise, I tried to reserve a couple of days in advance and was put on a waitlist, which I eventually cleared. Our tasting was done in the front half of Blu dining room, so capacity was limited. In times past, the event was held in a section of the main dining room and had a larger capacity. On our 14-day cruise, there were two free wine tasting events.
  13. You probably already know this, but as a reminder to others..... cruise ships frequently cancel their port stops at the Falklands due to weather concerns. I did the research and evaluated options, but was disappointed our stop got cancelled one day in advance. It is important to make sure you will not be charged, or will at least get a full refund, if the cruise cancels that port call.
  14. Was in BA last week and changed US$ the same way you have done in the past - "blue market" money changers on Florida Street. We relied upon credit cards as much as possible, but changed US$ for some small purchases. The exchange rate fluctuated from what it had been couple of weeks earlier indicating a slight strengthening of the ARS peso. We always check the online exchange rates from the Visa credit card site to get an idea of what is a good exchange rate. This Visa site is not the same as the official exchange rate. Blue market exchange rate was better than credit card rate.
  15. Hi. I will be embarking the day you disembark, so I have been following along. I have a question re: photos you took at 06:15 AM. We are not early risers on cruises, so just wondering if we should plan on a very early day 🙂 If we sleep in, will we miss the lighthouse and albatross monument in all their glory? I suspect so, but just wondering.
  16. Some of your wording suggests it is an E-class ship. In that case, see the above comments. I will add you do not need to wait until you board on M and S -class ships. Ask your travel agent, if you used one, to put you on the waitlist for MTD. Whenever I have done that, I have always cleared the waitlist well in advance of the cruise.
  17. It sounds as if "honey" is looking for Fever Tree. Don't count in it - Bring your own mixers if it is important to you, as it should be. Drinking a premium gin with the onboard Royal tonic makes no sense to me. But is it worth the hassle?
  18. Which suite category? The confusion among passengers arises because it makes a difference as to which category of suite you upgrade into, as described above in Post #5.
  19. Nothing new. Staff will not want to see your medications. Notice is a reminder for us to not risk losing valuable items if our checked luggage goes astray. Airlines will make the same suggestion re: carry on luggage.
  20. Thanks for taking the time to post here. It is useful to know for those of us boarding through end of March. BTW did Celebrity ever notify you about the change of terminals?
  21. Since you brought up the topic of pet peeves... I have been silently sighing every time I see Millennium misspelled. 😪
  22. You might find some useful information here. Be aware that if you ask 10 people for recommendations, you will get more than 10 answers. 😉
  23. I am not familiar with AA policy. I have had good luck in the past with United, perhaps at least partially due to my loyalty status with them. Generally, the airline will try to re-book on their own flights, then look for joint venture flights if any, and then look for other airlines in the same alliance. I would suggest you look at AA flights that might work better for you, or perhaps British Airways flights as an alternative. Then present these alternatives to the AA reservation agent asking for their help with your situation. It is useful to try to get the agent to be empathetic and want to help you. Getting angry will be counterproductive. If the first agent with whom you speak is not helpful, then implement the HUCA guideline = Hang Up and Call Again.
  24. Retreat and Luminae will be available. Drinks outside of Retreat lounge are not included. You will earn loyalty points at the level of your originally-booked cabin type (verandah, in your case).
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