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  1. We've done 4 AK cruise/land tours. If only going once, I agree interior of AK is amazing and not to be missed. We did a Yukon tour on HAL, plus Canadian Rockies, Denali w Fairbanks, all were 12 -14 nights including a 7 day cruise and a 7 day R/T Seattle with extra days there for independent touring including the Boeing experience. At minimum the Denali experience is encouraged, especially if Fairbanks can be the starting point. If only seeking a cruise, then Seattle IMHO as a b2b would give you the double ports, I'm not a fan of the open seas in a smaller ship out of LA, Seattle has the pier to port free luggage transport on the return, which is a competitive advantage to me. Enjoy your travel and happy anniversary. PS August is our favorite month to go there.
  2. No surprises my Verizon bill. I kept it on airplane mode and used the ship's wifi. I used FB messenger for video calls home since I use an Android phone.
  3. We've done 4 cruise tours and a Seattle RT, including Yukon and Calgary itineraries. Each was awesome, but if only going once, suggest fly to Fairbanks and do a 13 day cruise tour coming south into Vancouver. Find an itinerary w the train from FB into Denali into Anchorage, spend time in each, then head toward the ship to relax. Our favorite time is early August. Enjoy!
  4. I would do it to for my Anthem cruise in Dec.
  5. I'm booked on the Anthem which visits Port Canaveral on Dec 3. The Port has it on their schedule as 7 am - 7 pm, but RCI has it as Noon to 9 pm. A big difference when trying to plan excursions on our own. Any idea which schedule is correct? Ideally the Port's schedule would allow more time at the Space Center since it closes at 5 or 6 that time of year. TIA for all insight.
  6. I submitted the form for CPAP supplies a couple of weeks ago and within a week I received a confirmation email the supplies would be in the cabin. Plus advice to carry on only the CPAP machine. Which we always do.
  7. We rented a car last month, Hertz is about a block from the pier. Once at the cove, parking at the gift shop/restaurant at the lighthouse is organized and free. If she has a handicap permit even better for her. After leaving the cove, we turned left and went to the Swiss Air Memorial, less than a mile.
  8. We just returned from 13 Day CNE on CB Princess and used USD in all ports, along with our CC. We carry small bills so change is a minimum, but typically returned in Canadian $$. Enjoy your cruise - we loved our itinerary.
  9. We Yes would like to know day one internet special pricing and if any specials are offered for the steakhouse or Italian restaurants. I'm sailing after you! Thanks!
  10. We did this in Seattle too, it is definitely awesome! From the cabin door to our final flight destination at no charge except baggage check fee if that applies to some. It is really a competitive port advantage imo for Alaska cruises.
  11. Formal night men's attire - it's been at least 5 years since we last sailed w Princess (Alaska then, CNE now) and wonder if the anytime dinner dining in the MDR or Crown Grill requires a jacket/tie as an absolute ?? I read a post from 2018 stating 'formal night' dress was boldly emphasized for both locations in the Patter and the CG turned away a patron on FN. We do clean up nice for dinner, but prefer not to take jacket, tie and are not buffet dinner fans. Your thoughts?
  12. LGD

    Coffee Cards

    Thanks. We bring our favorite creamer on board too.
  13. LGD

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    Thanks for the insight!
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