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  1. We had a 12 night cruise on the Equinox Feb 7/21. We don’t feel comfortable cruising within this timeframe due to COVID. A couple of days ago, I checked Lift & Shift on the Celebrity website. There were two options available, although the same cruise is not offered for 2022. The ports are different, but with Caribbean cruises, we don’t care about the ports. I would have been able to make the request online, but I wanted a specific cabin. I emailed my TA with instructions, and a few hours later, we were booked on the new cruise. Since we booked the original cruise onboard a previous cruise with lots of perks, we were able to keep all of these, along with the original price. We are happy!
  2. We have stayed in S1 corner suites on most of the S class ships. The two on deck 6, as mentioned, are narrower than those on the decks above. That being said, I agree with sippican, and would take it over S suites in any other locations on the ship.
  3. Yes, restrictions might be eased for Nordic countries and select European countries, but North Americans will not be allowed into the country until late August. Most Viking passengers on our July cruise are probably North Americans, and we will not be allowed into the country.
  4. If Norway’s borders are closed, that would include Oslo, and the rest of the country.
  5. Icelandair emailed last week to advise cancellation of our flight to Bergen for our July 6 cruise. I phoned Viking and mentioned that Norway is closed until August 20, and was told they do not have that information. The cruise is still showing as available for booking on their website. Ridiculous!
  6. We still would have to board the ship in Bergen.
  7. It appears that Norway’s border will be closed at least until August 20, so come on Viking, please cancel the affected cruises!
  8. We’re waiting for our July 6 cruise from Bergen to Reykjavík to be cancelled. Wish they would hurry up, so we can cancel flights, hotels etc.
  9. We were on the Solstice in early March when Covid-19 was just beginning to escalate. We were surprised that they were allowing self service at the buffet. We took our own precautions and used paper towels to handle the utensils, but didn’t see anyone else doing this. Don’t think we will ever go back to the buffet. We will be so conscious of germs and contamination after this is over.
  10. You have your work cut out for you! If your credit card is like mine, it will only give you the refund amount - no other information. I would make a list of all the expected amounts to the penny, and check them off as they show up. You can then deal with any discrepancies with amounts that don’t match up. My situation should have been easy for Celebrity - 1 cruise fare only, no other charges. I don’t know how they could have made such a huge mistake. Very concerning.
  11. We were on Celebrity Solstice b2b in March. When the second part of the cruise was cancelled on March 14, we requested a refund. Yesterday, I was pleased to see that the refund showed up on our credit card. It was a large sum, as we were in a suite. I couldn’t remember the amount on our Celebrity invoice, but decided to check. To my surprise, the refund was $2,641.68 less than the amount we paid for the cruise. Celebrity wouldn’t speak to me, so I contacted our travel agent. She said that Celebrity couldn’t/wouldn’t give a reason for the shortfall, but are giving us a refund for the stated amount - in two random payments of $614.00 and $1967.68, which will take at least thirty days, which is fine. i know that Celebrity is under a lot of stress with all the cancellations and refund requests, but an error such as this is unacceptable, so please check your statements, to make sure that you receive the correct refund.
  12. Regal Princess TA from Copenhagen to New York 2017. We loved it so much that we booked the same cruise on the Sky this September, which either we, or Princess will cancel. We have a TA on Discovery Princess Nov/21 - Rome to FLL. We have had numerous other cruises on various lines, including a shortened Celebrity cruise to New Zealand last month.
  13. We are booked on the Sky TA from Copenhagen to New York, and will probably cancel before final payment date on June 6, if Princess hasn’t cancelled it by then. I can’t imagine New York being virus free by September.
  14. We were on the recent Solstice New Zealand cruise which embarked on March 10. Thermal scans (#1) were taken upon boarding. We were very concerned (#5) that people were allowed to self serve at the buffet and we took our own precautions by covering the utensils. As it turned out, one passenger with covid19 was removed from the ship by ambulance at Dunedin. Don’t know if he was diagnosed at that time, or later. We heard that he might have died. We had three sea days before arrival in Sydney. The captain announced that everyone on the ship was well. Another passenger, from Perth later died, and at least eight others were infected, according to the New South Wales health department which phoned us last week. I wonder how many others might have been infected by touching the utensils at the buffet. Hopefully, this will not be allowed on any ship in future. We feel fortunate that our quarantine is just about over, and we have no symptoms.
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