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  1. Love those-great post! I didn’t know we could get dessert delivered to our cabin...will try that next time!
  2. I have absolutely no inside knowledge, but we’re thinking of a river cruise in October-November 2021. On Crystal would be nice!
  3. I postulate that you’re too pessimistic on the 90%. I’m sure there are some but the 90% is too high by a lot. Well, that’s probably very true.
  4. Thank you from me too! I appreciate the effort this takes. Even if I don’t always like the news...
  5. I agree too, but it provides hope that smart people are on the case and might come up with ingenious solutions to the various problems to be solved.
  6. I spoke to him on the phone once. I was the “phone a friend”!
  7. Thanks for posting this. I would love to give this a try, mostly because that would mean i was actually on a cruise! I liked this part in the Q&A: Muster 2.0 offers guests a four-hour window to complete the drill checklist via the mobile app or their interactive stateroom television. That means the whole ship won’t have to shut down, very nice. I was also encouraged to read that you have to visit the muster station and that it has been done and approved by the proper authorities.
  8. Sure. We traveled on a Mediterranean cruise a few years ago. Not on Regent admittedly. Our son was 18. We were in our 40s. We all wanted to see the sites, such as the Pyramids. No way was our son NOT going to the pyramids and no way were we going to let him go bouncing around Egypt without us. Similar on another cruise in the Baltic with our son and now daughter in law. Separate excursions in some ports, sure, I guess but St. Petersburg would’ve have been maybe, just barely, acceptable. The point in traveling together was to have shared experiences, not separate ones. The kids club was a non-factor. Now replace us in the above with grandparents which happens in some cruises, and the age difference is even greater. I hope that clarifies it for you.
  9. Never, probably. That was my point. While children are rare on Regent strict enforcement of this proposed rule will make children, and their parents, nonexistent. Bigger problem on some other lines for sure, but still an issue on Regent and other high end lines.
  10. Not going to work for families. Kids go on one shore excursion, Mom and Dad or grandparents on another? This idea needs a big reset!
  11. Federal health officials are extending the U.S. ban on cruise ships through the end September as coronavirus infections rise in most U.S. states, including Florida. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced Thursday that it was extending a no-sail order that had been scheduled to expire July 24. Read more here... https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/cdc-extends-us-ban-on-cruise-ships-through-september/2020/07/16/66818fec-c7ab-11ea-a825-8722004e4150_story.html
  12. I didn’t see a smiley face in your post but hopefully you’re not serious. Sure, there is truth on the internet but often it’s a needle In the haystack/pixel-stack. And more corruption on the internet than in journalism.
  13. Great idea. I voted for water cooler so there is consistency and a somewhat welcoming/transparent Name for people from other forums (fora?). But I’m fine with the Bistro too. We have ranked choice voting in Maine so Bistro #2 for me!
  14. There’s that too. But even if Maine lifts the quarantine Bar Harbor will still be closed.
  15. Bar Harbor, Maine bans cruise ships for the rest of the year. There is a negative perception that all cruise lines will need to overcome, warranted or not. https://www.pressherald.com/2020/07/08/bar-harbor-cancels-cruise-ship-visits-through-end-of-year/ https://bangordailynews.com/2020/07/08/news/hancock/bar-harbor-tells-small-cruise-ship-firm-it-cannot-resume-visits-this-year/ Quoting from the first link... But Councilor Gary Friedmann said councilors heard from many residents who opposed allowing any cruise ship visits this year. “There’s a sense that they’re Petri dishes for COVID,” Friedmann said. “Our citizens are on edge.”
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