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  1. Thanks for another cruise report, Kieth! Looks like you had another great trip!
  2. I should have added I also get a GeoBlue multi trip policy for additional medical coverage. That will cover pre existing conditions. It’s pretty inexpensive per trip if you can spread the cost over several trips. I might also get Med Jet but I haven’t done that yet.
  3. I add the excursion and says it’s reserved but it’s not in my cart. Like I said, I’ll hand it off to my TA. I normally like to just do those types of things myself, but sometimes I give up. Thanks all!
  4. Thanks Flatbush Flyer…what happens is that the cart shows the full price but when I proceed to checkout, I can see the discount applied. So that part is all set for me. It’s an odd way for O to show that but all cruise lines have suboptimal web sites. I have another glitch about one of the excursions, but the pricing one is solved. I’ll ask my TA bout the other one.
  5. That’s exactly what I was expecting, but didn’t see…but didn’t get.
  6. I have another question. When I selected my excursions, I was planning to the the YW option and selected more tours than the minimum of four for the 25% discount to kick in. But at checkout, the tour price was shown as the same as the YW price, so no 25% discount. What did I do wrong?
  7. I had a very good experience on a small claim on trip interruption a couple years ago with Chase. Just adding another data point. We use it for cruise insurance if the cruise is under the Chase limit.
  8. I tend to agree. At least they announced the situation. When I watched it I told my wife that SS may not have had any input into the content but if SS came off looking bad, that would be the last such invitation for them.
  9. I have an itinerary similar to the OP on another cruise line (Silversea) with similar port/country issues. I haven’t heard from SS either. I wouldn’t be surprised if the workaround is that excursions must be cruise-line operated and no independent exploring. But much can happen in the next few months.
  10. This is part of the health protocol that Silversea requires us to acknowledge. I find it interesting, to say the least, that you cannot board if you’ve been in contact with a suspected case. That seems strict, especially if vaccinated and apparently no exception if you test negative prior to boarding. If you have been in contact with a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19 in the 14 days prior to boarding or on the day of boarding, you are required to contact your travel advisor or Silversea representative, as you will be denied boarding.
  11. ‘That is my recollection as well. I don’t recall ever having paid it, but maybe once in 1990s.
  12. There is quite a “live from” thread on the Crystal board about this cruise. Reports there vary, but there were around 200 passengers on board. in addition to the 5 positive-tested pax, about 25 close contacts were also off-loaded for a night even though they tested negative; then they were re-tested and allowed back on. Except one close contact who tested positive. This was a Bermuda requirement, not Crystal’s. But the resulting confusion and concern of negative close contacts was problematic. I said months ago, the cruising restart will be messy, and this experience in Bermuda is a prime example. Cruise lines and passengers need to be flexible and try to understand various changing requirements, even if they appear to be nonsensical. In spite of all that, we have four cruises booked between now and May.
  13. If the most recent Bermuda Covid-19 plan is from 2020, before vaccines were available, that is most unfortunate. Given the effectiveness of vaccines, much of the plan could be updated. Regardless, it isn’t updated. And as much as we can complain about, that’s the way it is, at least for today. Travel these days, cruising or otherwise, is subject to both outdated and changing rules. We just need to be ready to deal with it all.
  14. Is being disembarked in Bermuda a requirement of Crystal or Bermuda? It would seem Crystal would isolate people in cabins for the duration, especially if all were vaccinated. I understood cruise ships were required to have a few rooms for that, plus the ship isn’t even half full.
  15. I’m not Terry, but I looked into the question of losses in the Big 3. It’s somewhat complicated by the quarterly reporting and that the first quarter of 2020 was not completely affected by Covid-19. Also, the third quarter of 2021 results haven’t been released yet. What I did was look at their regulatory SEC filing for all of 2020 plus the first two quarters of 2021. All three companies lost money in the first quarter of 2020, so whatever profit they had in the first two months was more than offset by losses in the last month. Royal Caribbean Cruises, Ltd., 2020 loss=$5.8B; Q2/2021 loss = $2.5B; total loss= $8.3B NCLH, 2020 loss = $4.0B; Q2/2021 loss = $2.1B; total loss = $6.1B Carnival Corp., 2020 loss = $10.2B; Q2/2021 loss = $4.0B; total loss = $14.2B The Carnival loss in 2020 really stuck out to me, it’s more than other two combined.
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